# Interactive Fiction Mapper (IFM) map for Emily Short's _Bronze_ # Copyright 2007 Alan De Smet, Some Rights Reserved # Released under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License # http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/us/ # More IFM maps: # http://www.highprogrammer.com/alan/games/video/ifmaps/ # This style is used for connecting rooms between different map sections style Connection; room_shadow_xoff = 0; room_shadow_yoff = 0; ps.room_border_dashed = 1; tk.room_border_colour = "grey"; tk.room_colour = "grey90"; endstyle Connection; # This style is used fatal rooms style EndGame; room_shadow_xoff = 0; room_shadow_yoff = 0; ps.room_border_dashed = 1; tk.room_border_colour = "grey"; tk.room_colour = "grey90"; endstyle EndGame; style Hidden; ps.link_dashed = 1; endstyle Hidden; title "Bronze"; map "Ground Floor"; room "Drawbridge" tag Drawbridge; room "Entrance Hall" tag Entrance_Hall dir n exit n s e w sw; room "Guard Tower" tag Guard_Tower dir sw from Entrance_Hall; room "Great Dining Hall" tag Great_Dining_Hall dir w from Entrance_Hall exit n e w; item "feast" tag feast after dinner; room "Law Library" tag Law_Library dir n from Great_Dining_Hall exit n s ne after noguards; item "contract book" tag contract_book; room "Enormous Kitchen" tag Enormous_Kitchen dir w from Great_Dining_Hall exit n e; task "ring gold bell" tag dinner need gold_bell drop gold_bell in Bellroom; room "Servant Quarters" tag Servant_Quarters dir n from Enormous_Kitchen; room "To Apprentice's Workshop" style Connection dir w from Servant_Quarters go down; room "Lower Bulb" tag Lower_Bulb dir n from Law_Library exit s e w; # can NOT wear helm here. # ITEM: giant hourglass. room "To Upper Bulb" style Connection dir n from Lower_Bulb go up; room "Translation Room" tag Translation_Room dir w from Lower_Bulb; #item "quill pen" tag quill; #too heavy to lift. # can read contract book here, but it's too dim. # can read helmet here: demon binding ritual for better hearing. # starved beast item "iron key" tag iron_key hidden; task "feed beast" tag fed_beast need feast lose feast give iron_key; task "ring silver bell" tag lit_trans need silver_bell drop silver_bell in Bellroom; task "read contract book" tag skim_contract need contract_book after lit_trans; task "look up father in contract book" after skim_contract; task "look up self in contract book" after skim_contract; task "look up librarian in contract book" tag learn_glass after skim_contract learn_librarian; task "look up shoemaker in contract book" after skim_contract; task "look up girdle in contract book" tag learn_of_yvette after skim_contract; task "look up harness in contract book" after skim_contract; item "candle" tag candle after lit_trans; room "State Rotunda" tag State_Rotunda dir e from Lower_Bulb exit e w s sw after noguards; link State_Rotunda to Law_Library; link State_Rotunda to Central_Courtyard; # Map of kingdom task "put candle on map. x map. get candle" need candle; # backplot room "Central Courtyard" tag Central_Courtyard dir n from Entrance_Hall; room "Ground Floor Helical Staircase" tag Ground_Floor_Helical_Staircase dir e from Central_Courtyard; # item: immovable gargoyle # TODO up -> Upstairs Helical Staircase room "Parliamentary Chambers" tag Parliamentary_Chamber dir e from State_Rotunda exit w e; room "Cloister Walk" tag Cloister_Walk dir e from Parliamentary_Chamber exit n e w; room "Walk's End" tag Walks_End dir e from Cloister_Walk exit s w; item "embroidery materials" tag embroidery; # ITEM: bench room "Rose Garden" tag Rose_Garden dir n from Cloister_Walk; task "stand on stool. unlock chimes" tag noguards need stool small_key drop stool; link Rose_Garden to Walks_End; room "To Rooted Room" style Connection dir e from Rose_Garden go down; room "Scrying Room" tag Scrying_Room dir s from Walks_End exit n w; item "small key" tag small_key; link Scrying_Room to Treasure_Room need small_key; room "Scarlet Gallery" tag Scarlet_Gallery dir e from Entrance_Hall exit ne e w se; room "Scarlet Tower" tag Scarlet_Tower dir se from Scarlet_Gallery; item "helmet" tag helmet; # Enhances hearing. Allows some basic navigation through the basement. room "Treasure Room" tag Treasure_Room dir ne from Scarlet_Gallery exit e; task "open cage" need iron_key; item "puzzle piece" tag puzzle_piece after last; item "scepter" tag scepter after last; item "cloven shoes" tag shoes after last; room "Gallery of Historical Paintings" tag Gallery_of_Historical_Paintings dir e from Scarlet_Gallery exit e w; # ITEM: painting: "assassination of King Elzibad" # ITEM: painting: "arrival of Princess Lucrezia" room "Room with the Labyrinth Floor" tag Room_with_the_Labyrinth_Floor dir e from Gallery_of_Historical_Paintings; room "To Bear Corridor" tag To_Bear_Corridor style Connection dir s from Room_with_the_Labyrinth_Floor go down; # This is necessary to force portrait layout for this page. room "Bronze, by Emily Short" dir s s from To_Bear_Corridor nolink; map "Upper Floor"; room "Records Room" tag Records_Room exit e; task "look up Elzibad in papers"; # color task "look up Lucrezia in papers"; # color task "look up Ingratitudina in papers"; # color task "look up Yvette in papers" tag more_yvette after learn_of_yvette; room "Upper Bulb" tag Upper_Bulb dir e from Records_Room exit w e sw; join Upper_Bulb to Lower_Bulb go down; room "To Lower Bulb" style Connection dir n from Upper_Bulb go down; room "Smoke-Damaged Chamber" tag Smoke_Damaged_Chamber dir sw from Upper_Bulb need ivory_key; task "x mural"; # backplot room "Burnt Frame" dir s; room "Black Gallary" tag Black_Gallary dir e; item "inkpot" tag inkpot; # bunch of stuff: silver buckle, broken beam, inkpot, preserved goat, green cloth swatch, white apple, stuffed boar, cane, glass leaf, copper snake, parrot perch, dark-colored pendant, gold ring. room "Lie Library" tag Lie_Library dir n; link Lie_Library to Smoke_Damaged_Chamber; task "x stand" tag learn_librarian; #task "put contract on stand. put inkpot on stand. ring glass" need contract_book inkpot glass_Bell; # Suboptimal ending? Frees bound souls, but not Beast. item "storybook"; room "Armory" dir s from Black_Gallary; room "Gallery of Still Life" tag Gallery_of_Still_Life dir e from Upper_Bulb; # Item: painting: "Wedding Treasure" - Shoes, inkpot, helmet, green girdle, cloven shoes # ITEM: painting: "Supper with M" - bread, fruit, spoon task "n" tag smell_2; room "White Gallery" tag White_Gallery dir e from Gallery_of_Still_Life after smell_gone; # ITEM: mechanical chess player room "Bellroom" tag Bellroom dir e from White_Gallery exit e s after smell_gone; # ITEM: iron windchimes (appeared from rose garden?) item "little gold dinner bell" tag gold_bell; item "silver bell" tag silver_bell; item "leather tambourine" tag tambourine after learn_tambourine; item "glass bell" tag glass_bell after learn_glass; item "cow bell" tag cow_bell after more_yvette; room "Apothecary" tag Apothecary dir e from Bellroom; room "Private Parlor" tag Private_Parlor dir s from Bellroom exit e se s sw; # ITEM: jigsaw puzzle task "n" tag smell_1; task "z" tag smell_gone in any after smell_1 smell_2; task "put piece in puzzle" tag learn_pen need puzzle_piece lose puzzle_piece; room "Upstairs Helical Staircase" tag Upstairs_Helical_Staircase dir w from Private_Parlor; join Ground_Floor_Helical_Staircase to Upstairs_Helical_Staircase go up; room "To Ground Floor Helical Staircase" style Connection dir w from Upstairs_Helical_Staircase go down; room "Green Bedroom" tag Green_Bedroom dir sw from Private_Parlor; # ITEM: royal portrait of the beast's human form. # history: his past room "Crystal Bedroom" tag Crystal_Bedroom dir s from Private_Parlor; task "ring cow bell" tag summon_girdle need cow_bell; room "Gilded Balcony" tag Gilded_Balcony dir s from Crystal_Bedroom; # history: Missing plants room "Guest Bedroom" tag Guest_Bedroom dir e from Private_Parlor; item "stool" tag stool; # ITEM: tapestry room "Empty Bedroom" tag Empty_Bedroom dir se from Private_Parlor; item "shackle" tag shackle; task "use leather tambourine" tag shoes_fit need tambourine;# shoes; map "Basement"; room "Apprentice's Workshop" tag DarkServantQ exit e ne; join DarkServantQ to Servant_Quarters go up; room "To Servant Quarters" style Connection dir nw from DarkServantQ go up; # Once you have a candle blocked. need to wear shoes after shoes_fit room "Central Crypt" tag DarkLaw dir e from DarkServantQ exit e n; # Under law join DarkLaw to Law_Library go up; room "To Law Library" style Connection dir nw from DarkLaw go up; room "Father's Regret" tag Dark3 dir e from DarkLaw exit ne nw se sw w; # Once you have a candle blocked. need to wear shoes after shoes_fit task "open drawers" tag opened; item "ivory key" tag ivory_key;# need candle after opened; # fixed item: harness room "Debtor's Paradise" tag debtors_paradise dir sw from Dark3 exit n nw ne; # odd footstep sounds. link debtors_paradise to DarkLaw; link debtors_paradise to DarkServantQ; # if enter while wearing helmet to learn of hole. "kick floor. x stone. open door." now access down. room "Dank Room" tag Dank_Room dir se from debtors_paradise go down; room "Press Room" tag Press_Room dir n from Dank_Room; # fountain of blood/ink task "fill inkpot" tag inkpot_full need inkpot; room "Tight Passage" tag Dark4 dir ne from Dark3 exit ne w; task "examine inscription. ne. drop stool. put candle on stool. sw. read inscription. ne. get candle. sw" need candle stool drop stool in DarkRose; task "pull cord. go to walk. w. z." tag sindoor_open goto Parliamentary_Chamber; room "Lucrezia's Study" tag Lucrezias_Study dir w from Dark4 after sindoor_open; item "notes" tag notes; task "consult notes about contracts" need notes in any; task "consult notes about inkpot" need notes inkpot in any; task "consult notes about shoes" need notes in any; task "consult notes about girdle" need notes in any; task "consult notes about helmet" need helmet notes in any; task "consult notes about lie library" need notes in any; task "consult notes about rose garden" need notes in any; task "consult notes about mirror" need notes in any; task "x image" tag learn_tambourine; # item: image of lucrezia room "Rooted Room" tag DarkRose dir ne from Dark4; # under rose, chimes nearby join DarkRose to Rose_Garden go up; room "To Rose Garden" style Connection dir n from DarkRose go up; room "Virgin's End" tag Dark6 dir ne from DarkServantQ exit se; item "green girdle" tag girdle after summon_girdle; # Source of sifting sounds. Hourglass above. link Dark6 to DarkLaw; link Dark6 to Dark3; room "Rocky Chamber" tag Dark7 dir se from Dark3; # Source of dripping sounds. Leaking wall from moat. room "Bell Castings" tag DarkE dir s from DarkRose; room "Wax Supply" tag DarkD dir e from DarkE; room "Zoo" tag DarkC dir sw from DarkD exit sw; item "poison vial" tag poison_vial need candle; task "x miniature" need candle; link DarkC to Dark7; room "Bear Corridor" tag DarkLabyrinth dir se from DarkC; join Room_with_the_Labyrinth_Floor to DarkLabyrinth go up; room "To Room with the Labyrinth Floor" style Connection dir n from DarkLabyrinth go up;