# Interactive Fiction Mapper (IFM) map for Infocom's _Enchanter_ # Copyright 2005 Alan De Smet, Some Rights Reserved # Released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License # http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/ # More IFM maps: # http://www.highprogrammer.com/alan/games/video/ifmaps/ # Spells # blorb - protect small object # cleesh - turn to small amphibian # exex - move faster # filfre* - fireworks. # frotz - light # gnusto - copy spell into spellbook # gondar - quench an open flame # guncho* - banish victim to another plane # krebf - repair willful damage # kulcad* - dispel magic (cannot be gnustoed) # melbor - protect magic users from harm by evil beings # nitfol - converse with beasts # ozmoo - survive unnatural death # rezrov - open locked # vaxum - friendship # zifmia - magically summon a being # * Too powerful to gnusto # This style is used for connecting rooms between different map sections style Connection; room_shadow_xoff = 0; room_shadow_yoff = 0; ps.room_border_dashed = 1; tk.room_border_colour = "grey"; tk.room_colour = "grey90"; endstyle Connection; # This style is used fatal rooms style EndGame; room_shadow_xoff = 0; room_shadow_yoff = 0; ps.room_border_dashed = 1; tk.room_border_colour = "grey"; tk.room_colour = "grey90"; endstyle EndGame; style Hidden; ps.link_dashed = 1; endstyle Hidden; title "Enchanter"; item "spell book" tag spellbook keep; map "Outdoors"; room "Fork" tag Fork exit w ne se; room "Outside of Shack" tag Outside_of_Shack dir ne ne exit n ne; room "Inside Shack" tag Inside_Shack dir n; item "battered lantern" tag lantern; item "jug" tag jug keep; task "open oven"; item "loaf of bread" tag bread after last keep; room "Trail" tag Trail dir ne from Outside_of_Shack exit se; room "Trail Head" tag Trail_Head dir se exit ne se; room "Shady Brook" tag Shady_Brook dir ne; task "fill jug" tag jug_full_of_water need jug; room "Eastern Fork" tag Eastern_Fork dir se from Trail_Head exit e sw nw; room "Western Road" tag Western_Road dir e exit e w; room "Village Outskirts" tag Village_Outskirts dir sw from Eastern_Fork exit sw; room "Deserted Village" tag Deserted_Village dir sw exit n sw ne s; item "scribbled scroll" tag scribbled_scroll hidden; task "s" give scribbled_scroll; task "examine scribbled scroll. gnusto rezrov" need scribbled_scroll spellbook lose scribbled_scroll tag learned_rezrov in any; room "Witch's Hut" style Connection dir s nopath; room "Mountain Trail" tag Mountain_Trail dir n from Deserted_Village go up; room "Lonely Mountain" tag Lonely_Mountain dir n go up; room "Loop" tag Loop dir sw from Deserted_Village; room "Dusty Trail" tag Dusty_Trail dir nw; link Dusty_Trail to Fork dir nw; room "Long Road (many)" tag Long_Road dir w from Fork; link Long_Road to Long_Road go up dir w; # TODO: e to Outside_Gate; room "to Outside Gate" style Connection dir e from Western_Road nopath; map "Castle"; room "to Western Road" style Connection; room "Outside Gate" tag Outside_Gate dir e exit e; task "memorize rezrov. rezrov gate" tag rezrov_gate need spellbook after learned_rezrov score 20; # opens e exit. # TODO: w to Long Road room "Inside Gate" tag Inside_Gate dir e after rezrov_gate exit n s e; room "Courtyard w" tag Courtyard_w dir e exit e w s; room "Courtyard c" tag Courtyard_c dir e exit n e w s ne se; #task "e" goto Cell; # captured. room "to Temple" style Connection tag Temple_fake dir e exit e w nopath; room "Pebbled Path" tag Pebbled_Path dir n from Inside_Gate; task "memorize frotz. frotz lantern" need lantern spellbook score 20; # lantern is now a light. room "Tower" tag Tower dir n exit e s n; # n is up room "Jewel Room" tag Jewel_Room dir n go up; item "ornamented egg" tag egg; item "shredded scroll" tag shredded_scroll hidden; item "faded scroll" tag faded_scroll hidden; # zifmia (summon) task "examine egg. push button. turn knob. push slide. turn crank. pull handle. get shredded scroll" tag egg_open need egg give shredded_scroll in any score 5; # 5 for opening the egg Hints claim 10 # TODO: Egg is a TREASURE for the adventurer task "memorize krebf. krebf shredded scroll" need spellbook after learned_krebf need shredded_scroll lose shredded_scroll give faded_scroll in any score 10; # hints claim 5 task "examine faded scroll. gnusto zifmia" need faded_scroll spellbook lose faded_scroll tag learned_zifmia in any; room "Hall of the Mirrors One" tag Hall_of_the_Mirrors_One dir e from Tower exit e ; room "Hall of the Mirrors Two" tag Hall_of_the_Mirrors_Two dir e exit e ; room "Hall of the Mirrors Three" tag Hall_of_the_Mirrors_Three dir e exit e ; room "Hall of the Mirrors Four" tag Hall_of_the_Mirrors_Four dir e exit e ; task "memorize zifmia and vaxum. (wait for adventurer). zifmia adventurer. vaxum adventurer. show egg to adventurer. e. e. adventurer, open door. (note the adventurer may grab a map. use 'adventurer, give me the map' to get it back)" tag illusion_revealed after learned_zifmia learned_vaxum need spellbook goto Guarded_Door score 45; # 10 for zifmia, 35 for opening the door # gotta do this all in one shot, because the adventurer is easily distracted room "North Gate" tag North_Gate dir e exit s e; # n is rusted shut task "memorize rezrov. rezrov gate" tag rezrov_n_gate need spellbook after learned_rezrov; room "Forest" tag Forest dir n after rezrov_n_gate exit e s; item "crumpled scroll" tag crumpled_scroll; # krebf (repair) task "examine crumpled scroll. gnusto krebf" need crumpled_scroll spellbook lose crumpled_scroll tag learned_krebf in any; room "Swamp" tag Swamp dir e; # frogs task "memorize nitfol. nitfol frogs" need spellbook; task "look under lily pad" after last give damp_scroll; item "damp scroll" tag damp_scroll after last; task "examine damp scroll. gnusto cleesh" need damp_scroll spellbook lose damp_scroll tag learned_cleesh in any; room "Courtyard n" tag Courtyard_n dir ne from Courtyard_w exit se e; room "Courtyard ne" tag Courtyard_ne dir e exit w se; room "Courtyard q1" tag Courtyard_q1 dir se exit e w; link Courtyard_ne to Courtyard_c dir sw; link Courtyard_n to Courtyard_c dir s; link Courtyard_n to Courtyard_w dir w oneway; link Courtyard_s to Temple_fake oneway nopath; link Courtyard_n to Temple_fake oneway nopath; link Courtyard_q1 to Temple_fake nopath; room "Closet" tag Closet dir s s from Courtyard_w exit n s; task "cut rope with dagger" need sacrificial_dagger score 25; task "open box" after last; item "vellum scroll" tag vellum_scroll after last; # melbor - protection from evil task "examine vellum scroll. gnusto melbor" need vellum_scroll spellbook lose vellum_scroll tag learned_melbor in any; task "memorize melbor. melbor self" tag melbored after learned_melbor; room "South Hall" tag South_Hall dir s exit n s e w; room "Dungeon" tag Dungeon dir s se go down exit n; task "open door" tag open_cell; room "Cell" tag Cell dir n after open_cell; task "read walls. pull block" tag secret_cell; room "Secret Passage" tag Secret_Passage dir e after secret_cell exit w; # up is unfinished passage item "silver spoon" tag silver_spoon; # TODO: is TREASURE for adventurer item "stained scroll" tag stained_scroll; # exex (faster) task "examine stained scroll. gnusto exex" need stained_scroll lose stained_scroll tag learned_exex in any; room "Tower" tag Tower_sw dir w from South_Hall exit n e nw; # nw is up room "Bedroom" tag Bedroom dir nw go up; task "get in bed. get up. examine bedpost. push button" score 20; item "gold leaf scroll" tag gold_leaf_scroll after last; # vaxum (friend) task "examine gold leaf scroll. gnusto vaxum" tag learned_vaxum need gold_leaf_scroll lose gold_leaf_scroll in any; room "West Hall" tag West_Hall dir n from Tower_sw; link West_Hall to Inside_Gate; room "Library" tag Library dir s from North_Gate exit s; # TODO: Can't spend too much time here, or you get caught. item "dusty book" tag dusty_book; task "read book" tag skimmed_book need dusty_book; task "read legend of terror" after skimmed_book need dusty_book in any; # learn of the terror task "read legend of great" after skimmed_book need dusty_book in any; # learn of the implementers Helfax item "frayed scroll" tag frayed_scroll hidden; task "examine tracks. reach in hole" give frayed_scroll score 15; # notice rat hole wall. # TODO: Hints claim 25. Is this missing score? task "examine frayed scroll. gnusto gondar" tag learned_gondar need frayed_scroll lose frayed_scroll in any; room "Gallery" tag Gallery dir e e e from South_Hall exit e w; # portraits of dimwit flathead and the wizard of frobozz. task "look behind lighted" score 25; # TODO: Can NOT have light. TODO 25 points is tentative item "black candle" tag black_candle after last; item "black scroll" tag black_scroll after last; task "examine black scroll. gnusto ozmoo" tag learned_ozmoo need black_scroll lose black_scroll in any; room "South Gate" tag South_Gate dir e exit s e w n; room "Meadow" tag Meadow dir s exit se n; room "Beach" tag Beach dir se; # turtle and broken shells. task "memorize nitfol. nitfol turtle. turtle, follow me. nw. n. e. u. memorize exex. exex turtle. turtle, se, get scroll, nw. thank turtle. get brittle scroll" give brittle_scroll need spellbook after learned_exex goto Engine_Room score 25; # TODO score is tentative room "East Hall" tag East_Hall dir n from South_Gate exit n s; room "Banquet Hall" tag Banquet_Hall dir n exit s e; room "Kitchen" tag Kitchen dir e; room "Junction" tag Junction after melbored dir n from Banquet_Hall exit n s w e; # e is up link Courtyard_q1 to Junction after melbored; link Library to Junction after melbored; room "Courtyard s" tag Courtyard_s dir se from Courtyard_w exit n w e ne; task "memorize ozmoo. e. ozmoo self. z. z." tag sacrificed give sacrificial_dagger after learned_ozmoo need spellbook goto Sacrificial_Altar safe score 35; # TODO: Need to blorb the brittle scroll if you have it. Everything else is dumped in Cell_s. You're on a time limit. Really must "d. s. get all. n. w." immediately. Actually can do this from any entrance. link Courtyard_s to Courtyard_c; link Courtyard_s to Courtyard_se; link Courtyard_s to Courtyard_w dir w oneway; room "Courtyard se" tag Courtyard_se dir se from Courtyard_c exit ne; link Courtyard_se to Courtyard_q1; room "Tower (SE)" tag Tower_se dir e from South_Gate exit e ; #e is up; room "Engine Room" tag Engine_Room dir e go up exit se; room "Control Room" tag Control_Room dir se nopath; item "brittle scroll" tag brittle_scroll; # kulcad (dispel) # Cannot learn, too complicated. room "Guarded Door" tag Guarded_Door dir e e from North_Gate exit n; room "Landing" tag Landing dir e from Junction exit e w; room "Winding Stair" tag Winding_Stair dir e; task "memorize gondar. memorize vaxum. kulcad stair. examine ornate. izyuk self. e." need spellbook after learned_gondar learned_vaxum goto Warlocks_Tower; # TODO: score 20? # TODO: got 50 somewhere just prior to this. Defeating the terror? getting powerful? room "Warlock's Tower" tag Warlocks_Tower dir e from Winding_Stair; task "gondar dragon. vaxum shape. guncho krill" need powerful_scroll score 50; # TODO: WIN! # TODO: link Winding_Stair to Winding_Stair go up dir n; link Winding_Stair to Winding_Stair go down dir se; #link Winding_Stair to Winding_Stair dir d go down; room "Bottomless Pit" dir s from Winding_Stair go down; room "Map Room" tag Map_Room dir n from Guarded_Door after illusion_revealed; item "map" tag the_map; # B J # | / \ # | K V # | / \ # R---M F # \ / # H P item "purple scroll" tag purple_scroll; # filfre fireworks item "pencil" tag pencil; room "to Translucent Room" style Connection dir s from Dungeon go down nopath; map "Translucent Room Maze"; room "to Dungeon" style Connection; room "Translucent Room B" tag TRB dir s go down exit s; room "Translucent Room R" tag TRR dir s s exit se e n; room "Translucent Room M" tag TRM dir e e exit w sw ne; task "connect p to f. z. disconnect m and v. disconnect p and f. connect m to p" need pencil the_map tag connect_m_to_p; room "Translucent Room H" tag TRH dir se from TRR exit nw ne; link TRH to TRM; room "Translucent Room V" tag TRV dir ne from TRM exit nw sw se; room "Translucent Room J" tag TRJ dir nw exit sw se; room "Translucent Room K" tag TRK dir sw exit ne; room "Translucent Room F" tag TRF dir se from TRV exit nw; room "Translucent Room P" tag TRP dir se from TRM after connect_m_to_p; item "powerful scroll" tag powerful_scroll; # Random tasks task "drink water" after jug_full_of_water need jug score 15 in any; # first drink when thirsty. task "eat bread" need bread score 10 in any; # first bite when hungry. join Western_Road to Outside_Gate go e; join Dungeon to TRB go down; map "Temple"; room "Cell" tag Cell_n; room "Temple" tag Temple_Real dir s; task "open south door" tag south_cell_open; room "Cell" tag Cell_s dir s after south_cell_open; item "my stuff"; # TODO: mark as no take. # TODO: item bones? room "Sacrificial Altar" tag Sacrificial_Altar dir ne from Temple_Real go up; item "sacrificial dagger" tag sacrificial_dagger; join Temple_Real to Courtyard_c go west after sacrificed oneway; join Temple_Real to Courtyard_q1 go east after sacrificed oneway; join Temple_Real to Courtyard_c go west after melbored; join Temple_Real to Courtyard_q1 go east after melbored; room "to Courtyard" style Connection dir e from Temple_Real nopath; room "to Courtyard" style Connection dir w from Temple_Real nopath;