# Interactive Fiction Mapper (IFM) map for Emily Short's _Floatpoint_ # Copyright 2007 Alan De Smet, Some Rights Reserved # Released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License # http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/ # More IFM maps: # http://www.highprogrammer.com/alan/games/video/ifmaps/ # The game doesn't have a "score", but does track accomplished tasks. # I've assigned each task a score of 1. # This style is used for connecting rooms between different map sections style Connection; room_shadow_xoff = 0; room_shadow_yoff = 0; ps.room_border_dashed = 1; tk.room_border_colour = "grey"; tk.room_colour = "grey90"; endstyle Connection; # This style is used fatal rooms style EndGame; room_shadow_xoff = 0; room_shadow_yoff = 0; ps.room_border_dashed = 1; tk.room_border_colour = "grey"; tk.room_colour = "grey90"; endstyle EndGame; style Hidden; ps.link_dashed = 1; endstyle Hidden; title "Floatpoint"; item "starting item" tag spellbook keep; map "Aleheart Colony"; room "Lakeshore" score 1; # "land on the planet" room "Aleheart's edge" dir w; room "Broad Street" tag Broad_Street dir s; room "Meeting Chamber" dir e from Broad_Street; room "Ruined Vineyard" dir nw from Broad_Street; item "pamphlet" tag pamphlet; task "read pamphlet" need computer pamphlet; room "Kiosk" dir w; task "examine metal box. examine blue. examine pointer"; task "(You can mess aronud with the box to get different interpretations of various recording fruits. The general strategy is 'put X in funnel. turn pointer to social. push blue. turn pointer to story. push blue. turn pointer to scientific. push blue. turn pointer to original. push green. get X')"; room "Clearing" tag Clearing dir s from Broad_Street exit s e n score 1; # "go to the Clearing to meet Valenti" item "widget" tag widget hidden; # provided by Valenti task "wait. wait. ask valenti about colony. ask valenti about colony" give widget score 1; # "find out what Valenti wanted" task "x tusk"; room "Grand Solarium" tag Grand_Solarium dir s from Clearing exit w e n; room "Sanctuary" dir e from Grand_Solarium; task "examine dais" tag peterlong; room "Reflecting Pool" tag Reflecting_Pool dir w from Grand_Solarium exit e w; room "Front Stairs" tag Front_Stairs dir w from Reflecting_Pool; room "Embassy Foyer" tag Embassy_Foyer dir w from Front_Stairs exit s e w n; task "squeeze widget. show pink card to liam" tag liamcard need widget pink_card; item "pale pink fruit" tag pale_pink_fruit hidden; item "white jacket" tag white_jacket hidden; task "squeeze widget. show receipt to liam. z. z. z. z." need widget receipt give pale_pink_fruit white_jacket score 1; # "give the jacket receipt to Liam" room "Hall" tag Hall dir nw w from Embassy_Foyer go up exit n s; room "Office" dir s from Hall; task "open crate"; item "mail packet" tag mail_packet after last; task "read packet" need mail_packet in any; item "gift box" tag gift_box after last score 1; #"acquire a gift box from the goods shipped" item "handheld computer" tag computer; task "put disk in computer" need computer data_disk in any tag compok; task "ask computer about gift" need computer data_disk in any after instructed score 1; # "look up gifts in the computer" # example work - cooperation # personal token - friendship, no project # knife - restrictions task "ask computer about colors" need computer data_disk in any after instructed; # red - superior # white - equality # black - termination # yellow - inferior # grey - neutral task "ask computer about red" need computer data_disk in any; task "ask computer about liam" need computer data_disk in any; task "ask computer about map" need computer data_disk in any after liamcard; task "ask computer about me" need computer data_disk in any; task "ask computer about valenti" need computer data_disk in any; task "ask computer about ambassador" need computer data_disk in any; room "Communications Room" dir w; task "turn on terminal" tag comon; task "read instructions" tag instructed after comon score 1; # "check your messages" task "reply to instructions" after last; task "read hello. read hello" after comon; task "reply to hello" after last; task "read plans" after comon; task "(later!) read apology" after comon; task "reply to apology" after last; task "(later!) read re" after comon score 1; #"check your messages again" task "(later!) read undeliverable" after comon; task "(later!) read brief" after comon; room "Bedroom" dir n from Hall; task "open suitcase. x suitcase" tag opencase; item "yellow paper note" tag yellow_paper_note after opencase; item "fuzzy bunny slippers" tag slippers after opencase; item "silver kiddush cup" tag cup after opencase; task "read yellow note" need yellow_paper_note in any; room "Refreshment Room" dir w; item "scarlet robe" tag scarlet_robe; task "open cabinet"; item "squashed unripe seed" tag squashed_unripe_seed after last; item "ration bars (don't pick up!)" tag ration_bars after last; task "squeeze unripe seed" need squashed_unripe_seed in any; room "Museum" tag Museum dir n n from Embassy_Foyer; task "examine case"; item "pink card" tag pink_card after last; room "Basement" dir e from Museum go down; task "open container"; item "data disk" tag data_disk after last; item "receipt" tag receipt after last score 1; # "find jacket receipt in the recycling chute" room "Utility Room" dir s score 1; #"find a working float unit" item "float unit"; task "get on unit. get on unit." tag floating; room "Receiving Room" dir w from Embassy_Foyer after floating; item "recording machine" tag recording_machine; task "squeeze machine" need recording_machine; room "Research Facility" tag research_facility dir e from Clearing after liamcard; task "examine proposals"; task "examine africa" after last; room "Private Laboratory" dir ne from research_facility; task "show card to her" need pink_card; task "examine man" after last; item "tiny man" tag man hidden; item "vaccine sample" tag vaccine_sample hidden; task "get man" after last give man vaccine_sample score 1; # "acquire vaccine from the research facility" #room "Location" tag L1 exit w ne se; # #room "Another Location" tag L2 dir ne exit n ne; # #room "Location 3" tag L3 dir se from L1; #item "battered lantern" tag lantern; #task "fill jug" tag jug_full_of_water need lantern; #link L2 to L3 go up dir s; # TODO: e to Outside_Gate;