style Connection; room_shadow_xoff = 0; room_shadow_yoff = 0; ps.room_border_dashed = 1; tk.room_border_colour = "grey"; tk.room_colour = "grey90"; endstyle Connection; title "The Lurking Horror"; map "Computer Center"; room "Terminal Room" tag Terminal_Room exit s; item "key"; room "Second Floor" tag Second_Floor dir s from Terminal_Room exit n w nw se; room "Kitchen" tag Kitchen dir w from Second_Floor exit e; item "food"; item "coke"; room "Third Floor" tag Third_Floor dir nw from Second_Floor go up exit nw se; room "Roof" tag Roof dir nw from Third_Floor go up exit se; room "Computer Center" tag Computer_Center dir se from Second_Floor go down exit nw nw se n; room "Smith Street" tag Smith_Street dir n from Computer_Center exit s e; room "Smith Street" tag Smith_Street_2 dir e from Smith_Street exit s w; room "Temporary Lab" tag Temporary_Lab dir s from Smith_Street_2 exit n se; #DARK item "flask"; room "Elevator" tag Elevator dir w from Computer_Center go in; room "Basement" tag Basement dir se from Computer_Center go down exit w e; room "Temporary Basement" tag Temporary_Basement dir e from Basement exit w e; item "gloves"; item "crowbar"; link Temporary_Basement to Temporary_Lab dir nw go up; room "Dead Storage" tag Dead_Storage dir e from Temporary_Basement exit w e; #DARK room "Ancient Storage" tag Ancient_Storage dir e from Dead_Storage exit sw; room "Brick Tunnel" tag Brick_Tunnel dir sw 3 from Ancient_Storage go down exit ne s n; room "Cinderblock Tunnel" tag Cinderblock_Tunnel dir s from Brick_Tunnel exit ne; room "To Main Building: Lab" style Connection tag TO1 dir ne from Cinderblock_Tunnel go up; room "Renovated Cave" tag Renovated_Cave dir n from Brick_Tunnel exit s sw; room "Before the Altar" tag Before_the_Altar dir sw from Renovated_Cave go down; item "plate"; item "knife"; room "Areo Basement" tag Areo_Basement dir w from Basement exit w e; item "forklift"; room "Stairway" tag Stairway dir w from Areo_Basement exit nw se; room "To Areo Building" style Connection dir nw from Stairway go up; room "To Subbasement" style Connection tag TO2 dir se from Stairway go down; map "Subbasement"; room "Subbasement" tag Subbasement exit ne nw; room "To Stairway" style Connection tag TO3 dir ne from Subbasement go up; room "Tomb" tag Tomb dir nw from Subbasement; room "Steam Tunnel" tag ST10 dir sw 2 from Tomb go down exit e w; room "Steam Tunnel" tag ST9 dir w from ST10 exit e w; room "Muddy Tunnel" tag Muddy_Tunnel dir w from ST9 exit e sw; room "Large Chamber" tag Large_Chamber dir sw from Muddy_Tunnel go down; room "Steam Tunnel" tag ST11 dir e from ST10 exit e w; room "Steam Tunnel" tag ST12 dir e from ST11 exit e w; #DARK room "Steam Tunnel" tag ST13 dir e from ST12 exit e w; room "Steam Tunnel" tag ST14 dir e from ST13 exit e w; map "Main building"; room "Areo Lobby" tag Areo_Lobby exit s w; room "To Areo Basement" style Connection tag To_Areo_Basement dir w from Areo_Lobby; room "Infinite Cooridor" tag IC1 dir s from Areo_Lobby exit n s w e; room "Infinite Cooridor" tag IC2 dir e from IC1 exit w e; room "Infinite Cooridor" tag IC3 dir e from IC2 exit w e n; item "socket"; room "Infinite Cooridor" tag IC4 dir e from IC3 exit e w; item "axe"; room "Infinite Cooridor" tag IC5 dir e from IC4 exit n s w; room "Engineering Building" tag Engineering_Building dir s from IC1 exit n; room "Massachusetts Avenue" tag Massachusetts_Avenue dir w from IC1 exit e; room "Fruits and Nuts" tag Fruits_and_Nuts dir n from IC5 exit se; room "Cluttered Passage" tag Cluttered_Passage dir se from Fruits_and_Nuts go down exit se; room "Brown Basement" tag Brown_Basement dir se from Cluttered_Passage exit nw ne; item "boots"; room "Brown Building" tag Brown_Building dir ne from Brown_Basement exit ne s; room "Small Courtyard" tag Small_Courtyard dir s from Brown_Building exit n; room "Top Floor" tag Top_Floor dir ne from Brown_Building go up exit s; room "Skyscraper Roof" tag Skyscraper_Roof dir s from Top_Floor go out exit s; room "Inside Dome" tag Inside_Dome dir s from Skyscraper_Roof cmd "climb" exit n; room "Chemistry Building" tag Chemistry_Building dir s from IC5 exit n s; room "Department of Alchemy" tag Department_of_Alchemy dir s from Chemistry_Building cmd "knock" exit n s; room "Lab" tag Lab dir s from Department_of_Alchemy exit n;