# Interactive Fiction Mapper (IFM) map for Infocom's _?????_ # Copyright 2006 Alan De Smet, Some Rights Reserved # Released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License # http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5/ # More IFM maps: # http://www.highprogrammer.com/alan/games/video/ifmaps/ # This style is used for connecting rooms between different map sections style Connection; room_shadow_xoff = 0; room_shadow_yoff = 0; ps.room_border_dashed = 1; tk.room_border_colour = "grey"; tk.room_colour = "grey90"; endstyle Connection; # This style is used fatal rooms style EndGame; room_shadow_xoff = 0; room_shadow_yoff = 0; ps.room_border_dashed = 1; tk.room_border_colour = "grey"; tk.room_colour = "grey90"; endstyle EndGame; style Hidden; ps.link_dashed = 1; endstyle Hidden; title "The Meteor, a Stone, and a Long Glass of Sherbert"; map "Prologue"; # room connections are nopath because you're trapped on top of the elephant # and move according to time. item "fedora hat"; item "hand telescope" tag telescope; item "guide book" tag guidebook hidden; item "sherbet" tag sherbet hidden; room "Watling Street"; # all "after last"s here are just to get the right number of moves to advance. task "x wall. look through telescope at woods. x elephant" need telescope; # general education task "x amilia. amilia, give me the book" give guidebook after last; task "z" give sherbet after last; task "x sherbet. drink sherbet" after last; task "z. z. z. z. z. z. z. z. z" after last goto Customs_Post; room "Customs Post" tag Customs_Post dir n nopath; task "x flag. z. z. z. z" goto Watling_Street_2; room "Watling Street" tag Watling_Street_2 dir e nopath; task "z. z. x bridge. look through telescope at bridge"; #learning task "look through telescope at bird. consult book about paradise. chirrup. coo" need telescope guidebook after last score 1; # distract Amilia task "pull left ear. pour sherbet on elephant" need sherbet lose sherbet after last score 1; task "pull left ear" after last goto Customs_House_Bedroom drop all score 1; map "Middle Game"; room "Customs House Bedroom" tag Customs_House_Bedroom; item "jade figurine" tag jade_figurine score 1; task "e. get in bed. sleep. get up" tag slept; room "Upstairs Landing" dir e after slept score 1; room "Kitchen" tag Kitchen dir s go down exit e; # e is locked item "ham" tag ham; item "hamper" tag hamper; item "apple" tag apple hidden; item "hunk of cheese" tag cheese hidden; item "clove of garlic" tag garlic hidden; task "open hamper. get all from hamper" need hamper give apple cheese garlic in any; task "smell apple. eat apple" tag apple_poisoned need apple; # move the stove task "x stove. pull stove"; task "tie rope to stove" need rope after last lose rope score 1; # need rope lose rope score 1; task "throw rope over hook" after last need ham score 1; # need ham to get it out of the way task "pull rope" tag open_chimney after last score 1; # oooh, a hole. Let's go down. task "throw rope down chimney. d" after open_chimney lit_lantern need brass_lantern goto Cellars score 1; room "Blocked: Locked" style Connection dir e from Kitchen; room "Living Room" dir w from Kitchen; item "brass lantern" tag brass_lantern keep; # light! task "light lantern" tag lit_lantern need brass_lantern in any; item "jewelled scarab" tag jewelled_scarab hidden; task "open case" give jewelled_scarab score 1; # score is for getting scarab # our trunk is here: Add opening and getting items, including the rope; item "trunk" tag trunk; item "coil of light rope" tag rope hidden; item "formal credentials" tag credentials hidden; task "open trunk. get all from trunk" in any need trunk give rope telescope credentials; # nopath because you need the rope to initially go down. Later you can # use the ladder to go up. room "Cellars" tag Cellars dir s from Kitchen go down nopath; # actually same rope as above, but I can't figure out how to please IFM. task "memorize piroo. piroo rope" need spellbook after read_book; item "coil of light rope" tag rope2 after last; room "Low Junction" tag Low_Junction dir s exit s nw; task "(automatic)" tag learned_jilnix after learn_of_magic; # summon flying insects room "Bubbling Pool" tag Bubbling dir nw; item "platinum egg" tag platinum_egg hidden; task "search leaves" give platinum_egg score 2; task "drink water. z. z" tag learn_of_magic score 1; room "Passage Under the Wall" dir s from Low_Junction; task "give apple to snake" tag kill_snake need apple lose apple; room "Topmost Ledge" tag Topmost_Ledge after kill_snake dir s exit e sw; # roots, 10' away # "jump" -> "Top Braches" room "Top Branches" tag Top_Branches dir s cmd "jump" cmd from "(special: get the ladder and 'put ladder on ledge', then 'u')" length 2 go down; # special movement 100 to avoid it. item "bow" tag bow; item "arrow" tag arrow; # Can "put ladder on ledge" to bridge back to topmost ledge. "up" goes back. # w - leads to "trianglar shape" task "in. memorize piroo. piroo house" tag open_house need spellbook after read_book; task "w. look through telescope at cavity. memorize chiaro. chiaro arrow. fire enchanted arrow at cavity" tag lit_triangle need telescope spellbook arrow bow lose arrow after read_book seen_dark score 1; room "Treehouse" dir e after open_house go in score 1; item "arrow" tag arrow2; item "arrow" tag arrow3; item "golden fir-cone" tag golden_fir_cone score 1; room "Branches Near the Cave Floor" tag Branches_Near_the_Cave_Floor dir s from Top_Branches go down; # a ladder is here. Need to get down. "hang ladder" to replace. room "Cave Floor" tag Cave_Floor dir s cmd "(special: may need to 'hang ladder' if it's missing. then 'd')" cmd from "u" exit sw s e; room "North Edge of Pool" tag North_Edge_of_Pool dir ne from Cave_Floor; task "open trunk" after lost_stuff; item "arrow" tag arrow4; join Cave_Floor to North_Edge_of_Pool go nw; room "Shattered Temple Rampart" tag Shattered_Temple_Rampart dir s from Cave_Floor; item "black scroll" tag black_scroll hidden; # hard to get, possible avalanche task "tie rope to scroll. tie rope me me. w. get scroll" need rope2 tag avalanche give black_scroll goto Furrow_and_Workings; task "x scroll" need black_scroll in any; task "put black scroll in spell book" tag learned_azzev need spellbook black_scroll lose black_scroll after read_book; # scroll is azzev (view the past) # avalanche reveals evil arched doorway task "x doorway. memorize ruther. ruther doorway" after learned_ruther need spellbook tag safe_arch after read_book; room "Upward Burrow" tag Upward_Burrow dir s after safe_arch; task "push egg down" goto Lily_Pod after lit_me after egg_1; room "Egg Chamber" dir ne go up; task "memorize chiaro. chiaro me" tag lit_me need spellbook after read_book in any; task "push egg down" tag egg_1 goto Upward_Burrow after lit_me; room "Furrow and Workings" tag Furrow_and_Workings dir sw from Cave_Floor; item "small drum" tag small_drum; room "Enclosed Stream" tag Enclosed_Stream dir e from Cave_Floor; item "tin ore" tag tin_ore hidden; task "put drum in water. put drum in water. get ore" need small_drum give tin_ore; item "lead ore" tag lead_ore hidden; task "memorize ruther. ruther tin" after learned_ruther need spellbook tin_ore lose tin_ore give lead_ore in any after read_book; item "diamond" tag diamond hidden; task "memorize ruther. ruther lead" after learned_ruther need spellbook lead_ore lose lead_ore give diamond in any after read_book; room "Low Crawl" tag Low_Crawl dir sw from Topmost_Ledge exit w s; item "flat stick" tag boomerang; room "Shambles" tag Shambles dir w from Low_Crawl; # garbage covered with icky bugs. task "search mound. jilnix mound" after learned_jilnix; item "parchment book" tag spellbook hidden; # chiaro - light, jilnix - insects, piroo - unfasten item "note" tag the_note hidden; task "search garbage" after last give spellbook score 1; task "examine parchment book" tag read_book need spellbook give the_note after read_book; task "read note" need the_note; room "Half Cave" tag Half_Cave dir s from Low_Crawl; item "shard of pottery"; # useless. task "look through window" tag seen_dark; task "look through window" tag learn_elixer after lit_triangle; # the elixer is made by tearing a broad leaf, then grinding it up with an arrow room "Dark Doorway" tag Dark_Doorway dir e from Topmost_Ledge exit n se; room "Long Curved Ledge" tag Long_Curved_Ledge dir se; # Iron ring. Ledge 40' below # Can't get IFM to do this "correctly", so hack task "tie rope to ring. tie rope to me. jump. untie rope. ne. get ingot. sw. throw stick at rope. z. z. get boomerang. u. untie rope. get rope" need rope2 boomerang give ingot_of_silver score 1; # score 1 is from the ingot #task "tie rope to ring. tie rope to me. jump" need rope2 boomerang lose rope2 goto Tiny_Recess safe; room "Tiny Recess" tag Tiny_Recess dir ne nolink; #task "throw stick at rope. z. z. get boomerang. u. untie rope. get rope" need boomerang give rope2 goto Long_Curved_Ledge safe; room "Dead End" dir ne; item "ingot of silver" tag ingot_of_silver; room "Pale Corridor" tag Pale_Corridor dir n from Dark_Doorway exit s e; # blocked by a ghost # The items given are on the ground, but guarded by hime task "give egg to man" tag treasure_1 need platinum_egg lose platinum_egg score 1; task "give scarab to man" tag treasure_2 need jewelled_scarab lose jewelled_scarab score 1; task "give figurine to man" tag treasure_3 need jade_figurine lose jade_figurine score 1; task "give cone to man" tag treasure_4 need golden_fir_cone lose golden_fir_cone score 1; task "give ingot to man" tag treasure_5 need ingot_of_silver lose ingot_of_silver score 1; task "(automatic)" tag no_ghost after treasure_1 treasure_2 treasure_3 treasure_4 treasure_5 score 1; link Shattered_Temple_Rampart to Furrow_and_Workings oneway; room "Antechamber" tag Antechamber dir e after no_ghost exit s; task "open coffer"; item "old document" tag old_document after last; item "colour chart" tag colour_chart after last; task "x document" tag learn_of_stone need old_document in any; task "x chart" need colour_chart in any; room "Chamber of the Philosopher's Stone" dir s; item "spotless scroll" tag spotless_scroll; task "put spotless scroll in spell book" tag learned_ruther need spellbook spotless_scroll lose spotless_scroll after read_book; task "x spotless scroll" need spotless_scroll in any; # ruther transmute pure chemical elements room "Lily Pod" tag Lily_Pod dir w from Cave_Floor nolink; task "open trunk. put all in trunk. close trunk" need trunk; # protect goods from water task "examine creature" after last; task "squeeze stinger" after last score 1; task "z. z. z. z. z" tag lost_stuff after last goto Stony_Shallows drop all in North_Edge_of_Pool; room "Stony Shallows" tag Stony_Shallows dir w nolink; item "broad leaf" tag broad_leaf; item "burnished lantern" tag burnished_lantern; task "light lantern" tag lit_burnie need burnished_lantern; room "Other Half Cave" tag Other_Half_Cave dir n after lit_burnie exit nw; item "stock-keeper's note" tag stock_keepers_note; task "read stock-keeper's note" tag math in any need stock_keepers_note; # 2585 # 10173 # 12758 # 0111 # 09063 # 2585 # 7588 task "search stores. open door" tag find_secret_door; link Other_Half_Cave to Half_Cave after find_secret_door; room "Wheel Cave (South)" tag Wheel_Cave_South dir nw exit ne nw; room "Wheel Cave (East)" dir ne exit nw sw; item "white scroll" tag white_scroll; # ploor: inter-nation peace. task "x white scroll. put white scroll in spell book" tag learned_ploor need white_scroll spellbook lose white_scroll in any; task "memorize ploor. ploor" after learned_ploor need spellbook in any score 1; room "Wheel Cave (North)" dir nw exit sw se; # a rack with 7 unwritten vellum scrolls item "unwritten vellum scroll" tag unwritten_vellum_scroll_1; item "unwritten vellum scroll" tag unwritten_vellum_scroll_2; item "unwritten vellum scroll" tag unwritten_vellum_scroll_3; item "unwritten vellum scroll" tag unwritten_vellum_scroll_4; item "unwritten vellum scroll" tag unwritten_vellum_scroll_5; item "unwritten vellum scroll" tag unwritten_vellum_scroll_6; item "unwritten vellum scroll" tag unwritten_vellum_scroll_7; room "Wheel Cave (West)" tag Wheel_Cave_West dir sw exit se ne; # meteor/lodestone, chimney task "memorize ruther. ruther meteor (this is optional, but if you skip it you only get the okay ending)" tag chalk_meteor after learned_thrale learned_corpax; task "memorize corpax. corpax" tag escape_ready need spellbook after learned_corpax; link Wheel_Cave_West to Wheel_Cave_South; room "Clotspinner's Workshop" tag Clotspinners_Workshop dir e; # swivel 1-180 (37.12) # anvil item "dull green paste" tag paste; task "tear leaf. grind leaf with arrow" need broad_leaf arrow3 lose broad_leaf give paste in any; task "feed paste to clotspinner" need paste lose paste score 1; task "show credentials to clotspinner. z" after last need credentials; task "man, yes" after last; # he sa # morglop - darkest motives. amilia is evil. task "put diamond on anvil" tag diamond_placed need diamond drop diamond; task "turn swivel to 172.88. put scroll in swivel. get newly. read newly. put newly in book" tag learned_thrale after diamond_placed need unwritten_vellum_scroll_7 lose unwritten_vellum_scroll_7 score 1; # thrale - help old men. task "memorize thrale. thrale man" score 1 after learned_thrale; task "turn swivel to 127.48. put scroll in swivel. get newly. read newly. put newly in book" tag learned_corpax after diamond_placed need unwritten_vellum_scroll_6 lose unwritten_vellum_scroll_6; #corpax small bore tunnel through light stone # TODO: formed by corpax anywhere in wheel (probably more locations) #room "Woodland Cave" tag Woodland_Cave dir n from Wheel_Cave_West go up; # ruther # tin -> lead -> diamond # arsenic -> green # meteor -> chalk -> meteor map "End Game"; room "Woodland Cave" tag Woodland_Cave score 1; join Wheel_Cave_West to Woodland_Cave after escape_ready; room "Forest Glade" dir n; room "Into the Woods" dir n; task "smell"; room "Under the Culvert" dir ne; task "drink water"; task "n" finish; # Tada!