# This style is used for connecting rooms between different map sections style Connection; room_shadow_xoff = 0; room_shadow_yoff = 0; ps.room_border_dashed = 1; tk.room_border_colour = "grey"; tk.room_colour = "grey90"; endstyle Connection; style Hidden; ps.link_dashed = 1; endstyle Hidden; title "Moonmist"; map "Ground Floor"; room "Courtyard" tag Courtyard exit e s sw nw; room "Foyer" tag Foyer dir s 2 from Courtyard exit n s e; room "Drawing Room" tag Drawing_Room dir e se from Foyer exit nw w; room "New Great Hall" tag New_Great_Hall dir w 2 from Drawing_Room exit n w e nw; link New_Great_Hall to Foyer dir n; room "Ground Floor Cooridor" tag Ground_Floor_Cooridor dir w 2 from New_Great_Hall exit n s w e; room "Dining Room" tag Dining_Room dir n from Ground_Floor_Cooridor exit s; room "Sitting Room" tag Sitting_Room dir s from Ground_Floor_Cooridor exit n s; room "Sitting Passage" tag Sitting_Passage style Hidden dir s from Sitting_Room exit n w; room "To First Floor: Tower Passage" style Connection tag To_First_Floor_Tower_Passage dir w; room "Junction" tag Junction dir w from Ground_Floor_Cooridor exit s w e; room "Old Great Hall" tag Old_Great_Hall dir w from Junction exit n e w; room "To First Floor: First Floor Cooridor" style Connection tag To_First_Floor_First_Floor_Cooridora dir w from Old_Great_Hall; room "To Basement" style Connection tag To_Basement dir s from Junction go down; room "To First Floor: Gallery" style Connection tag To_First_Floor_Gallery dir nw from New_Great_Hall go up; room "To Basement" style Connection tag To_Basement2 dir nw from Courtyard go down; link Courtyard to Old_Great_Hall dir sw w w w s; room "Hedge Maze" tag Hedge_Maze dir e from Courtyard exit n ne e se s sw w nw; room "Garden" tag Garden dir ne from Hedge_Maze; map "First Floor"; room "First-Floor Cooridor" tag First_Floor_Cooridor exit n ne e se s w nw; room "To Ground Floor: Old Great Hall" style Connection tag To_Ground_Floor_Old_Great_Hall dir n from First_Floor_Cooridor go down; room "Jack's Bedroom" tag Jacks_Bedroom dir w from First_Floor_Cooridor exit e s; room "Study" tag Study dir nw from First_Floor_Cooridor exit se; room "To Second Floor: Second Floor Cooridor" style Connection tag To_Second_Floor_Second_Floor_Cooridor dir s from First_Floor_Cooridor go up; room "Library" tag Library dir ne from First_Floor_Cooridor exit sw ne; room "Office" tag Office dir e from First_Floor_Cooridor exit w; room "Tamara's Bedroom" tag Tamaras_Bedroom dir se from First_Floor_Cooridor exit nw e; room "Tamara's Landing" tag Tamaras_Landing style Hidden dir e 3 from Tamaras_Bedroom exit ne n se w e; room "Library Landing" tag Library_Landing dir n 4 from Tamaras_Landing exit e w s; link Tamaras_Landing to Library_Landing dir ne nw n n; link Library_Landing to Library dir w sw sw; room "Ian's Entrance" tag Ians_Entrance dir e from Library_Landing exit w e s; room "Hyde's Entrance" tag Hydes_Entrance dir e 2 from Ians_Entrance exit w e s; link Hydes_Bedroom to Hydes_Entrance style Hidden dir n; room "Midpoint" tag Midpoint dir e from Hydes_Entrance exit w e s; room "Dead End" tag Dead_End dir s from Midpoint exit n; room "Wendish's Entrance" tag Wendishs_Entrance dir e from Midpoint exit w e s; room "Wendish's Bedroom" tag Wendishs_Bedroom dir s from Wendishs_Entrance exit n e; room "East Hall" tag East_Hall dir e from Wendishs_Bedroom exit w e s; room "Iris's Bedroom" tag Iriss_Bedroom dir e from East_Hall exit e w; link Wendishs_Entrance to Iriss_Entrance dir e e e s; room "Vivian's Entrance" tag Vivians_Entrance dir e 3 from Tamaras_Landing exit n w e; room "Your Entrance" tag Your_Entrance dir e e e e e n from Vivians_Entrance exit n s w; room "Iris's Entrance" tag Iriss_Entrance dir n 2 from Your_Entrance exit w n s; room "Gallery" tag Gallery dir s w sw from East_Hall exit se e ne w nw; room "Vivian's Bedroom" tag Vivians_Bedroom dir w from Gallery exit e s; room "Your Bedroom" tag Your_Bedroom dir e e e from Gallery exit e w; room "West Hall" tag West_Hall dir nw w n from Gallery exit w e; room "Hyde's Bedroom" tag Hydes_Bedroom dir e from West_Hall exit n w; room "Ian's Bedroom" tag Ians_Bedroom dir w from West_Hall exit n e; link Vivians_Entrance to Vivians_Bedroom style Hidden dir n; link Iriss_Entrance to Iriss_Bedroom style Hidden dir w; link Ians_Entrance to Ians_Bedroom style Hidden dir s; room "To Ground Floor: New Great Hall" style Connection tag To_Ground_Floor_New_Great_Hall dir se 2 from Gallery go down; room "Tower Passage" tag Tower_Passage dir se from Tamaras_Landing exit nw w e; room "To Ground Floor: Sitting Passage" style Connection tag To_Ground_Floor_Sitting_Passage dir e; room "Jack's Passage" tag Jacks_Passage dir w 6 from Tower_Passage exit n e; link Jacks_Passage to Jacks_Bedroom style Hidden dir n n; map "Second Floor"; room "Chapel" tag Chapel exit n; room "Second-Floor Cooridor" tag Second_Floor_Cooridor dir n from Chapel exit n s e w se; room "Game Room" tag Game_Room dir n from Second_Floor_Cooridor exit s; room "To First Floor: First Floor Cooridor" style Connection tag To_First_Floor_First_Floor_Cooridor dir w from Second_Floor_Cooridor go down; room "Lumber Room" tag Lumber_Room dir se from Second_Floor_Cooridor exit nw; room "Fighting Deck" tag Fighting_Deck dir e n from Second_Floor_Cooridor go up exit s; map "Basement"; room "To First Floor: Junction" style Connection tag LINK_10a; room "Basement" tag Basement dir s from LINK_10a go down exit n e w; room "Kitchen" tag Kitchen dir e from Basement exit w; room "Servants Quarters (out of play)" tag Servants_Quarters dir e from Kitchen; room "Dungeon" tag Dungeon dir w from Basement exit s e nw; room "Path" tag Path dir nw from Dungeon exit se n; room "Dead End?" tag Dead_Endq dir n from Path; room "To Ground Floor: Courtyard" style Connection tag To_Ground_Floor_Courtyard dir se from Basement go up; room "Secret Tomb" tag Secret_Tomb dir s from Dungeon go down exit n;