# This style is used for connecting rooms between different map sections style Connection; room_shadow_xoff = 0; room_shadow_yoff = 0; ps.room_border_dashed = 1; tk.room_border_colour = "grey"; tk.room_colour = "grey90"; endstyle Connection; title "Sherlock: The Riddle of the Crown Jewels"; # West London map "West London"; room "Chamber of Horrors" tag Chamber_of_Horrors exit e; item "emerald"; room "Madame Tussaud's" tag Madame_Tussauds dir e from Chamber_of_Horrors exit s w; room "Marylebone Road" tag Marylebone_Road dir s from Madame_Tussauds exit w e; room "York Place" tag York_Place dir w from Marylebone_Road exit e s; room "221-B Baker Street" tag Baker_Street dir s from York_Place exit s w; room "Entry Hall" tag Entry_Hall dir w from Baker_Street exit n; room "Vestibule" tag Vestibule dir nw from Entry_Hall go up exit n; room "Holmes's Study" tag Holmess_Study dir n from Vestibule; room "Holmes's Bedroom" tag Holmess_Bedroom dir w from Holmess_Study; room "Parlour" tag Parlour dir n from Entry_Hall exit s; room "Orchard Street" tag Orchard_Street dir s from Baker_Street exit e s; room "Oxford Street" tag Oxford_Street dir e from Orchard_Street exit e; room "Audley Street" tag Audley_Street dir s 2 from Orchard_Street exit s; room "Hyde Park Corner" tag Hyde_Park dir s 3 from Audley_Street exit nw se; room "Kensington Gardens" tag Kensington_Gardens dir nw from Hyde_Park exit se; room "Grosvenor Place" tag Grosvenor_Place dir se from Hyde_Park exit se nw; room "Victoria Square" tag Victoria_Square dir se from Grosvenor_Place exit e ne; room "Victoria Street" tag Victoria_Street dir e from Victoria_Square exit e w; room "Broad Sanctuary" tag Broad_Sanctuary dir e 2 from Victoria_Street exit w e ne; room "To Westminster Abby (Nave)" style Connection tag To_Westminster_Nave dir e from Broad_Sanctuary; room "Parliment Square" tag Parliment_Square dir ne from Broad_Sanctuary exit se n w sw; room "Birdcage Walk" tag Birdcage_Walk dir w from Parliment_Square exit e nw; room "Queens Gardens" tag Queens_Gardens dir nw from Birdcage_Walk exit w ne sw; room "Buckingham Palace Road" tag Buckingham_Palace_Road dir sw from Queens_Gardens exit ne sw; link Victoria_Square to Buckingham_Palace_Road; room "The Mall" tag The_Mall dir ne from Queens_Gardens exit ne sw; room "Trafalgar Square" tag Trafalgar_Square dir ne from The_Mall exit n s w sw ne; item "ruby"; room "Diogene's Club" tag Diogenes_Club dir w from Trafalgar_Square exit e; room "Whitehall" tag Whitehall dir s from Trafalgar_Square exit s n e; link Whitehall to Parliment_Square; room "House of Commons" tag House_of_Commons dir se from Parliment_Square exit nw; room "Clock Tower" tag Clock_Tower dir ne from House_of_Commons go up; item "sapphire"; room "Scotland Yard" tag Scotland_Yard dir e from Whitehall; room "The Black Museum" tag Black_Museum dir se from Scotland_Yard go down; room "The Strand" tag Strand dir ne from Trafalgar_Square exit sw n e; room "Covent Garden" tag Covent_Garden dir n from Strand exit n s; room "New Oxford Street" tag New_Oxford_Street dir n from Covent_Garden exit s e w; room "St. Giles Circus" tag St_Giles_Circus dir w from New_Oxford_Street exit w e n s ne; link St_Giles_Circus to Oxford_Street dir w; link St_Giles_Circus to Trafalgar_Square dir s; room "Tottenham Court Road" tag Tottenham_Court_Road dir n 2 from St_Giles_Circus exit s w; link Tottenham_Court_Road to Marylebone_Road dir w; room "Great Russell Street" tag Great_Russell_Street dir ne from St_Giles_Circus exit n sw; room "British Museum" tag British_Museum dir n from Great_Russell_Street exit s e; room "Manuscript Room" tag Manuscript_Room dir e from British_Museum exit w; room "To East London (Cheapside)" style Connection tag To_E_London_Cheapside dir e 2 from New_Oxford_Street; room "To East London (Fleet Street)" style Connection tag To_E_London_Fleet dir e 2 from Strand; # East London map "East London"; room "To West London (New Oxford Street)" style Connection tag To_W_London_New_Oxford; #room "Cheapside" tag Cheapside dir e 2 from New_Oxford_Street exit e w s; room "Cheapside" tag Cheapside dir e 2 from To_W_London_New_Oxford exit e w s; room "Pinchin Lane" tag Pinchin_Lane dir s from Cheapside exit n w; room "Sherman's Shop" tag Shermans_Shop dir w from Pinchin_Lane exit e; room "Threadneedle Street" tag Threadneedle_Street dir e from Cheapside exit n w se; room "Bank of England" tag Bank_of_England dir n from Threadneedle_Street exit n s; room "Bank Vault" tag Bank_Vault dir n from Bank_of_England exit s; item "topaz"; room "King William Street" tag King_William_Street dir se from Threadneedle_Street exit nw se; room "The Monument" tag Monument dir se from King_William_Street exit s nw; room "Lower Thames Street" tag Lower_Thames_Street dir s from Monument exit n s e w; room "Upper Thames Street" tag Upper_Thames_Street dir w from Lower_Thames_Street exit e w; room "The Embankment" tag Embankment dir w from Upper_Thames_Street exit n e; room "Thames" tag Thames_1 dir s 2 from Embankment exit e; room "Thames" tag Thames_2 dir e from Thames_1 exit e w; room "Thames" tag Thames_3 dir e from Thames_2 exit e w; item "opal"; room "Traitor's Gate" tag Traitors_Gate dir e 4 from Thames_3 exit w; room "Fleet Street" tag Fleet_Street dir n from Embankment exit s w; room "To West London (The Strand)" style Connection tag To_W_London_Strand dir w 3 from Fleet_Street; #link Fleet_Street to Strand dir w; room "London Bridge" tag London_Bridge dir s from Lower_Thames_Street exit n; room "Swan Lane" tag Swan_Lane dir ne 2 from Lower_Thames_Street go down exit w; room "Bar of Gold" tag Bar_of_Gold dir w from Swan_Lane exit e; # Tower of London room "Tower of London Entrance" tag Tower_of_London_Entrance dir e from Lower_Thames_Street exit w e; room "Drawbridge" tag Drawbridge dir e from Tower_of_London_Entrance exit w e; room "Byward Tower" tag Byward_Tower dir e from Drawbridge; room "Outer Ward" tag Outer_Ward dir e from Byward_Tower exit n s w; room "Inside Traitor's Gate" tag Inside_Traitors_Gate dir s from Outer_Ward exit n s; link Inside_Traitors_Gate to Traitors_Gate dir s; room "Bloody Tower" tag Bloody_Tower dir n from Outer_Ward exit n s; room "Tower Green" tag Tower_Green dir n from Bloody_Tower exit e ne se; room "Bowyer Tower" tag Bowyer_Tower dir ne from Tower_Green exit ne; room "Torture Room" tag Torture_Room dir ne from Bowyer_Tower go up; room "White Tower" tag White_Tower dir e from Tower_Green exit ne; room "Dungeon" tag Dungeon dir ne from White_Tower; room "Wakefield Tower" tag Wakefield_Tower dir se from Tower_Green exit se; room "Jewel Room" tag Jewel_Room dir se from Wakefield_Tower; join To_Broad_Sanctuary to To_Westminster_Nave; join To_E_London_Cheapside to To_W_London_New_Oxford; join To_E_London_Fleet to To_W_London_Strand; room "." tag SPACER_NORTH dir n 3 from To_W_London_New_Oxford nolink; room "." tag SPACER_SOUTH dir s 5 from To_W_London_Strand nolink; room "." tag SPACER_WEST dir w from SPACER_SOUTH nolink; # Westminster map "Westminster"; room "To London (Broad Sanctuary)" style Connection tag To_Broad_Sanctuary exit e; room "Nave" tag Nave dir e from To_Broad_Sanctuary exit s e se ne; room "South Aisle" tag South_Aisle dir s 2 from Nave exit n e s se; room "Jericho Parlor" tag Jericho_Parlor dir s from South_Aisle exit n w; room "Jerusalem Chamber" tag Jerusalem_Chamber dir w from Jericho_Parlor exit e; room "North Cloister" tag North_Cloister dir se from South_Aisle exit nw; room "South Transcept" tag South_Transcept dir e 2 from South_Aisle exit e nw w; link South_Transcept to Nave dir nw; room "Poets' Corner" tag Poets_Corner dir e from South_Transcept exit n w; room "South Ambulatory" tag South_Ambulatory dir n from Poets_Corner exit n s e; room "Sanctuary" tag Sanctuary dir n from South_Ambulatory exit n s w; link Sanctuary to Nave dir w; room "North Ambulatory" tag North_Ambulatory dir n from Sanctuary exit n e s; room "Evangelist Chapel" tag Evangelist_Chapel dir n from North_Ambulatory exit s w; room "North Transcept" tag North_Transcept dir w from Evangelist_Chapel exit sw e; link North_Transcept to Nave dir sw; room "North Chapel Aisle" tag North_Chapel_Aisle dir e 2 from North_Ambulatory exit s e w; room "Henry V Chapel" tag Henry_V_Chapel dir s from North_Chapel_Aisle exit n s w ne; room "Confessor Chapel" tag Confessor_Chapel dir w from Henry_V_Chapel exit e; room "South Chapel Aisle" tag South_Chapel_Aisle dir e 2 from South_Ambulatory exit w n; link South_Chapel_Aisle to Henry_V_Chapel dir n; room "Innocents Corner" tag Innocents_Corner dir e from North_Chapel_Aisle exit w sw; link Innocents_Corner to Henry_V_Chapel dir sw; # Notes: # Emerald: 20-6-87 # Sapphire: 2:00am # Ruby: Wear a carnation # Opal: Password: Swordfish # Topaz: Bar of Gold # Garnet: Give me to Akbar # # The London Fire was in 1666