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Six at 19:13 Aug 25, 2005

I just wanted to say that our Washington DR's license app worked to a "T". It gave me my own DL#, accurately.

Thanks 4 Ur time!

ME at 13:29 Aug 4, 2006


Alan De Smet at 16:23 Aug 4, 2006

First, the Post Gazette has shown themselves to be incompetant at running a web site and broken the link. Here is a link to an archived copy at the Internet Archive.

Hi "ME". I certainly agree: that the girl was doing this was wrong and it suggests problems in her parenting.

Now, a few tips: "ME" is not a terribly good identifier on the internet. If you want to say nothing about yourself, I'd suggest "Anonymous Vistor". If you want to establish a pseudo-anonymous identity online, pick something and use it everywhere. "ME" is too short to be uniquely identifiable. Also, WRITING IN ALL CAPS IS HARD TO READ and traditionally viewed as yelling. I'd stear clear of it. Finally, when breaking up a sentence with commas, the space goes [em]after[/em] the comma, not before.

Alan De Smet at 16:24 Aug 4, 2006

(Go me for screwing up the formatting tags that I designed myself! I should probably set up [em] and [strong] to as aliases for [i] and [b].)

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