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Joe at 19:13 Aug 25, 2005

What? No session notes from last Thursday? When we faced a deadly Dubbeight in the land of Seaspanne?

Druegan at 4:22 Dec 7, 2005

Lorraine Williams... evil evil woman..

She ran TSR into the ground, and I will forever hate her for it.

Now WotC, on the other hand.. I was willing to give them a chance.. they seemed pretty cool and all.

But man.. they completely NERFED AD&D.. God.. it's like AOL for gamers now... I mean, back in the day, the 'net used to require half a brain... then AOL made their debut and it was all retarded 14 year olds as far as the eye could see.. Well, now it seems everything is falling to the ubiquitous "D20" system... So many games just keep being bought out by the WotC juggernaut, and then made shitty in order to conform to the everpresent "D20" standard..

It's kinda like GURPS.. except Steve Jackson did it right.

It makes me sad, really.. There used to be variety in gaming. Lots of different systems.. now, it's like everything is blurring together, and WotC is the new gaming Wal-mart, or Microsoft.

Seth at 15:36 Dec 28, 2006

Great story. I grew up in Watertown and was always a huge TSR fan, well, until 1994 when I got a girlfriend and then my brother got all my AD&D stuff. . . I'm pretty happy to come back to D&D now over ten years later and see that WotC has done a good job with the game. I enjoy 3rd edition as much as the 2nd edition game I played in high school. It was great to read about that visit to TSR. I always wanted to visit, and now I'm glad I never did--what a depressing-looking building.

John Sussenberger at 14:22 Mar 24, 2008

Great article, I've been an avid fan of Core Rule since its first days and ALWAYS had great correspondence with anyone on the team. When I heard that 3rd Edition was going with a different company I was pretty upset.

I had the great opportunity to meet Peter several days before GenCon, he was sitting in the mall in Milwaukee playing Magic with his father. What a great gamer :)

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