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Alan De Smet at 19:13 Aug 25, 2005

Three posts in one month. Clearly something is wrong with me.

Travis at 19:13 Aug 25, 2005

You took the words right out of my mouth. Bush deserves to be fired. Kerry isn't great, but we need to give someone new a chance. Even Republicans should vote for Kerry. He'll be taking over a Republican majority in the House and Senate, so there will be some better balance in Washington.

psilord at 19:13 Aug 25, 2005

Homeland security being brought out for a trademark infringment? Um....

Alan De Smet at 19:13 Aug 25, 2005

The Nation's "100 Facts and 1 Opinion: The Non-Arguable Case Against the Bush Administration" is exactly what it claims to be. It's exactly the sort of thing I was shooting for with my post. Read "100 Facts" here:

Erich at 19:13 Aug 25, 2005

> Three posts in one month. Clearly something is wrong with me.

Must be the angry goo that's going around.

European at 19:13 Aug 25, 2005

Sorry yanks, but Kerry is nothing better than Bush. Whichever you vote for, big business will still control your country under the fake cover of democracy. If I was an american I would not vote at all. (By the way, the situation is quite similar in the EU. Lots of people, the majority i believe, did not vote in the union parliament referendum this year since they believed it wouldn't make any difference.)

psilord at 19:13 Aug 25, 2005

International Companies act just like a living organisms which try as hard as they can to survive. When America is all dried up, Oil Companies, Nike, Coca-cola, Walmart, etc will simply move to greener pastures in Europe, Australia, China, it doesn't really matter. You think you're safe from large companies? Sorry, you aren't. People die after 50-90 years and their fortunes are blown to the four winds by their greedy and shut in children, companies live for hundreds of years, amassing gigantic fortunes that rival GDPs of entire countries and altering the meme of societies in order to survive(as in the case of DeBeers and diamonds, which frankly are worthless, with a designer marketing ploy which skyrocketed the price and demand). We are seeing the slow takeover of humanity by an evolution of beings that exists on paper, in the mind, in bank accounts, and on hard drives.

Instead of a human changing its environment optimizing its food intake, the company optimizes its resource consumption. Humans are insignificant in comparison to the new superbeing of the Company. We are merely the cells that line its body. When we are layed off or die, it is as if you have cut a fingernail from your hand. New People are reborn and the holes are filled, just like new skin cells form a scar when you've been cut.

And just like a cell in the body, we have no idea, no comprehension, of the magnitude and motives of the whole, we simply go to work everyday, move a few pieces of paper from one side of our desk to the other, and go back home again. It is no different than a single plant cell converting sunlight into sugar.

Sometimes, one cell can becomes altered and form a cancer which kills the body, or become a social meme which spreads and kills the body. But companies have been around a long time, and have many antibodies, like the Patriot Act, and Homeland Security. These anitbodies protect against incorrect social memes and try to preserve the Companies by removing the invaders. However, there is also the converse of a mutation in the meme of the human cells which evolve the company into a state where it reacts better to its environment.

Laugh at my insanity if you will. It helps with the denial--but not much.

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