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Travis at 19:13 Aug 25, 2005

Where's this livejournal of yours you keep talking about?

Ben at 19:13 Aug 25, 2005

Yeah, I wondered that too.

But, through the intercession of Thor (by which I mean 'by the grace of Google') I was able to answer that question:

really long Google link

Alan De Smet at 19:13 Aug 25, 2005

I've rather cleverly hidden my livejournal under an assumed name so that no one can figure it out. Shhhhhhh, don't tell anyone.

Like the picture?

Personally I have a relatively low tolerance for the link-du-jour that dominates most blogs; I'm really only interested in seeing them from friends and aquaintences. I find original content much more interesting. Thus, I put the stupid stuff I figure only my friends will care about in my livejournal while the original content goes into Pontifications. I think I'm putting my best foot forward on the front page of my site, but people who, for some inexplicable reason, want even more Alan can get it.

Upon reflection, I realized that a few of my livejournal posts were more original content than just link-du-jour, so I reposted them here.

Joe at 19:13 Aug 25, 2005

On Friday the Link Du Jour is usually clam chowder.

Norm at 9:49 Feb 2, 2010

Most founding father aka United States Presidents and other Political hero's either smoked or grew pot, research it, it's true

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