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Kathleen at 19:13 Aug 25, 2005


Alan De Smet at 19:13 Aug 25, 2005

Spammers continue to say the funniest things:

A spammer wrote:

From: "rickie krumvieda" <>

Subject: Prrogrram disc of hiigh quallity and rreasonable prrice!

Just compare the prices and functions. The complete version provides the same function and feature as the rettail version.Don't walk away from these great ddeals on leading COMPUTER prrograms. With one key code, the disc provides the same function as the rettail prrogram disc.

It goes on from there. Wow, "hiigh quallity" software at "rreasonable prrice"? I hope you didn't use that same software to spell check your spam.

Amusingly, this is a further sign that anti-spammers are winning. The old "cheap software" scams used to be correctly spelled and gave specific product names and prices. The spam filters quickly caught on. Now to evade the filters they can't name products, give prices, or spell like a normal human being. Hell, they can't even using the word "software". The resulting message is far less compelling; who'd trust someone who spelled like that? The spam wars aren't over (and probably won't be), but at the moment the anti-spam forces are doing quite well. Huzzah!

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