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psilord at 22:34 Dec 13, 2005

Stop watching TV. Seriously. Just get all of your news from the internet where you can get a million different viewpoints and do it on your own terms. The only thing the TV should be used for are movies and when there is inclement weather about.

Alan De Smet at 12:45 Dec 14, 2005

Who's watching TV? I manage to get my bitterness going entirely through the internet and a dash of Wisconsin Public Radio. The only Fox News I see is on the intertron via Media Matters.

On that, while double-checking the Media Matters link, I stumbled across the following: "Now, this is a conservative city, Richmond. I mean, this is not Madison, Wisconsin, where you expect those people to be communing with Satan up there in the Madison, Wisconsin, media." The biggest problem with the Colbert Report is that you can't parody Bill O'Reilly, he's his own parody.

Viv at 15:53 Dec 14, 2005

I'd also like to point out the following: The ancedotes about schools banning Red and Green clothing because of Christmas is wrong.

Al Franken once said the easiest job on earth was being Rush Limbaugh's fact checker. Now I'm starting to wonder if it's also easy at Fox News.

Brian De Smet at 9:57 Dec 15, 2005

I would expect it to be warmer here if we commued with Satan.

psilord at 22:29 Dec 16, 2005

Luckily, I still hate all of humanity and wish it to be soundly whipped to the annihilation chambers and subsequently vaporized.

Trent at 8:29 Jan 20, 2006

All you liberals are destroying this country....use some common sense about issues...don't listen to ANY news and believe it....especially Al Fanken....

psilord at 22:58 Jan 20, 2006

You're a shitty troll trent.

You didn't even misspell 'liberals' as 'libruls' or 'libtards'. How the hell are you going to start something with that? What, did you miss the memo about the talking points you needed to hit today and are just falling back to old and busted methods of encitement?

Notice something very important in the dialogue you've started trent, I'm not simply complaining in some general sense that all the neocons are corrupting their way through hard working America's bank accounts, or the governement is screwing the hell out of the little guy, or anything like that. I'm sure that is what you expected and frankly I tire of it.

However, the real story is that you are simply a closed minded nasty person who at best bays with the other sheep when an imagined wolf is in the field. The ideals you stand for, if any, the vehicle you drive, the companies you invest in, the clothes you buy--none of it is the culprit, trent. You, yes you, personally, are the reason why this country is falling toward dissolution. There are too many people like you, trent. It is that simple.

I'm sure I'll get the usual caterwauling about how all of "us liberals" are somehow destroying this country in great detail and it'll be wrapped up with a good old cup of grammer nazi mixed in.

Well, to this, I have some popcorn and have expertly produced some grammar mistakes.

Viv at 15:16 Jan 24, 2006

Pete -- pass me some of that popcorn. Bravo.

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