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Leo at 15:59 Jul 14, 2006

I just finished playing through the game and found this review in an attempt to check via googling that I am not the only person completely dissatisfied with the ending.

I would give a better rating nonetheless. Up until the ending I had a lot of fun with the game, although I'm generally not the biggest fan of adventure games. I really enjoyed the diversity of settings the game put me into. It feels a bit as if I had just watched half of a really good movie: altough I didn't get any resolution I really got involved in the settings and story.

Mahaan at 5:58 Jul 26, 2006

Hi there,

I was wondering if you could help me out with a problem. I trying to "PLAY" a secret melody to go over next level, but Im contantly entering wrong melody. There is 3 options, you know what imean ? Which one shall I choose ?

Best regards


Alan De Smet at 11:26 Jul 26, 2006

I assume you're talking about the glyphs in the cave wall?

First I suggest you check out GameFAQS and UHS Hints. Both are great resources I've used when I get stuck.

As for the cave puzzle, the melody is the same melody that the strange creatures in the caves sing. Head back and listen to them for a while. Sadly I don't remember the exact pattern (but the above links may give it).

Jcahb at 3:24 Aug 25, 2006

Ok i just completed this about five minutes ago, and up untill the end chapter or two i was really enjoying this. Nothing that i'd worked for throughout the game actually got resolved, only something that was made apparent ten minutes before the plot closed. There was so much potential there with the worlds and seperate characters, and i feel cheated that nothing was expanded, apart from the endless chatter. Great plot. Terrible ending, absolutely terrible.

Charlotte at 11:37 Oct 2, 2006

Another thing that Zoe failed at, was pursuring a relationship with Damien. He said he'd be heading to Russia if he got away ok, but obviously he didn't reach his destination as it was all there for Zoe to find. I wonder what happened to him? We never even got a hint.

Ben at 20:58 Dec 7, 2006

I just finished this so called game. I don't like reading reviews on a game because I never feel they are how I will feel about a game, and I hate writing reviews on a game because I don't want to change peoples mind about a game, but this game is total BS. I just finished it about ten minutes ago and as I saw where it was going my wife had to remind me the computer cannot defend itself. Well thankfully neither can a CD. The game was so much fun to play and I was totally enthralled with the game, but that ending was such crap. I am always one wishing the bad guys would win in the movies, but after the hard work I put into this game I WANTED TO WIN!!! Not even a hint of a sequel to fix everything. In fact with April and her cohorts getting killed, the Apostle being arrested, and a woman who I figure is most likely Zoe's own mother putting her into a coma, well they pretty much sealed any chance for a sequel. Long story short...GREAT GAME CONCEPT DESTROYED BY HORRIBLE ENDING!!!!

Sam at 16:37 Dec 30, 2006

I finished the game yesterday and I don't understand the other reviews. I loved every second of the game - the fighting was yes pointless and the puzzles easy - but the story was amazing!

In regards to the ending I was slightly displaced - it wasn't bad - I just wanted more, wanted closure! It's like watching Lost actually.

Makes me want a sequel, lets just hope it doesn't take as long this time. I think that's where the stories will be tied up.

Alan De Smet at 21:41 Dec 30, 2006

That's pretty much why I was so angry. I didn't buy a game labelled, "Part 1 of 2" or "Warning: pretty much zero plotlines will be resolved by the end of the game." Zoe's efforts in the game are largely meaningless. The one debatably good thing she did was convince the girl to move on, but in doing so she actually accelerated WatiCorp's plans, which was a net negative for humanity.

I was so frustrated at the game because I was drawn in by the plot and the story, and I was suddenly cut off. The Longest Journey was a great game, but it didn't do well enough to justify a sequel. Dreamfall was only made because they received a government grant; no business would invest in it. Dreamfall got worse reviews and sold fewer copies than TLJ. There will never be a sequel. The story will never be resolved. As such I feel compelled to warn people away from Dreamfall.

C.L. Gonzalez at 10:31 Jan 12, 2007

I played both games and loved them. In fact, I replayed TLJ after Dreamfall and enjoyed just as much. I noticed that TLJ had a fantasy element that Dreamfall seemed to lack, though the world of Stark was more interesting this time round.

I understand the need for a sequel (bet April wasn't really killed) and am saddened to read that that Dreamfall didn't do as well as was hoped and is unlikely to get funding for the final installment.

Kathy at 20:30 Mar 4, 2007

I took my kids to David Copperfield's show "GRAND ILLUSION" in Boise and had the EXACT experience as the person who wrote the original comment on this web site. We only paid $42.75 per ticket and I wouldn't pay $25.00 to see it again. I couldn't have been more dissatisfied. It was obvious to me that he had audience participants who were paid or volunteer actors. It was an extremely low budget show and I was so bummed because I had been looking forward to this show for months. His "tricks" or "magic" were things my kids could do, but I have to admit, the illusions (all 3 or 4 of them) were pretty cool although somewhat low budget as well. We had the opportunity to meet David C. and he was rude, rushed and could care less about his "fans". We asked for an autogtaph and all 5 of us got different scribbles which resembles a scribble a 3 year old would do. He is completely into himself and it shows. I would NEVER see him again. It's a waste of time and money.............

vicky at 13:12 Mar 11, 2007

Please tell me why we are not all demanding our money back from that scam artist David Copperfield. I saw him in Dallas last night, front row, 52.00- it was awful! He groped and goggled every young girl he could and that video crap was just nauseating. Isn't live .....uh.....suppose to be live? Can you imagine the arrogance? Like going to see the Eagles and they play you a video of themselves years back doing a really great make up for the fact that you're getting a lame one. CRAZY!

Michelle at 9:31 Mar 13, 2007

I saw David Copperfield in Salt Lake City March 3, 2007. It was absolutely WONDERFUL! I go to Vegas twice a year and have seen many, many shows. Seems to me most of you missed the point of the distractions and stories. They are distractions, while they are setting up the illusions. Grand illusions probably take a few minutes to set up I imagine. You missed the point about the story of his grandfather, which was foreshadowing of the license plates and the lottery numbers.

None of the assistants were paid participants or pre-planned, as I was one of them! I was SO amazed to be on stage at the end and participate up close and still not be able to figure out how things happened. Salt Lake City is a small venue as I imagine Boise is, thus there is limited capacity for what they can do. That's also why the tickets are HALF the price of Vegas. I paid $120 to see Sigfried and Roy about 7 years ago which was also spectacular, but at $50 in a smaller town that is not an unreasonable price. As just a regular gal who went to David Copperfield's show at the last minute, I thought it was EXCELLENT and have never seen him before. Stop being so jealous that you aren't as rich and famous as he is.

Eva at 10:10 Apr 10, 2007

The thing that I just couldn't get past with his story about his grandfather was that well, to be frank even Copperfield didn't seem all that interested in it. I know the man has stage presence. I've seen him exercise it on tv, but I had the overwealming feeling that he didn't feel like we (the audience) were worth the effort for him to "turn it on". He could have made us care about that story, but it was just too much work for him apparently..

The thing that really upsets me about the whole show is that I have very fond memories of his spectacular stunts from when I was a child (seen on tv as I had no money to buy tickets when I was < 10). I know the man is good and I expected so much more from him. I suppose now that he's rich and famous, there is really no reason to bother being good anymore if he doesn't want to, but it was very disheartening to get a disinterested performance that felt even more padded because of the disintrest. I guess I expect more from a magic show than just magic.

Also, I'd like the ten minutes I spent watching the video about how he's the highest paid magician in the world back. It wasn't even well edited. Gah

Siobhan at 4:50 Apr 25, 2007

I just finish this game just now...I got it over 2 weeks ago and waited to play it, on my b-day (a few hours ago)... I loved it until it fell apart (tears)...Why did they do this to us (pouts)... I don't think I will ever buy a game made by anyone that backed this game. To screw over people who pay good money... to give us such a trash ending.

Stu at 2:48 May 3, 2007

Dreamfall - Incredible. Had a lot of fun playing this game. Thought the creators were trying to make a statement. The problems of increasing technology. The evil of blind faith. Helplessness against the media. Anything. And the game had to potential to say any of these things. The only thing it DID manage to say was, "we ran out of money to finish this one," or perhaps, "funny eh, we wrote half a story." It's like I just read the first harry potter but JK Rowling got tired.

By the way I played Dreamfall on xbox and did not know about "The Longest Journey" with April Ryan. Is it any good?

And a couple more things, other than the obvious ones that I've read and agreed with above -

*the game actually starts with a suspendered-fellow in tibet, Brian Westhouse? *after the excruciatingly long credits, there is a scene with westhouse & .. chavez? What?

I don't know what these writers were thinking. So many teasers of mystery and plot to come, and then, poof, credits. I couldn't believe it.

Elaine at 12:01 Aug 1, 2007

Hello, I need help.

How can past or kill the monster in the caves?

jess at 19:17 Aug 2, 2007

hi, if there are alternate endings, what are they? and you have to sneak past the monsters by hiding behind things and yes, they are doing a sequel. i hope it will give more closure and what exactly is the white dragon's story?

griffin at 4:56 Aug 9, 2007

I loved the games, very nice story but it leave too many damn loose ends if there gonna finish a game why the hell do you make the ending so poor, i played this game alot but the puzzles were to easy in my opinion, i was very dissapointed that the end of the game both the main charactors from The longest journey and dreamfall die =/

Larry at 16:56 Aug 9, 2007

How true! I saw David Copperfield in Vegas and thought his show sucked. The first 45 minutes were his videos and the grandfather video. he performed for 45 minutes and could not care less about the audience. He is over rated and out of sync with his audience.

Tom at 22:46 Aug 17, 2007

Get over it. Most of the criticism of the game is based on the ending. Some of the best literature in the world has a crappy ending - Faust and most Hemingway novels for example. If you enjoyed playing the game, then you enjoyed playing the game even if everything isn't tied into a nice bow at the end. I enjoyed the game greatly, was enthralled by the environments, and liked the fractured storyline. I hope adventure video game designers don't start writing 3d sitcoms.

Thomas at 12:04 Oct 25, 2007

If you want to buy a happy ending, go to a massage parlor. What's all this about being "screwed over" or the game being a "waste of money" just because the ending was a bit melancholy? Yeesh - why must a story be happy and uplifting to be good? If it moved you, if it affected you or gave you something to think about, then hey, it must have resonated at least a bit. Enjoy the sensation - even sadness can be sweet (especially when it's not really yours).

David at 1:54 Dec 26, 2007

I recently read your review on David Copperfield's live act and just came back from seeing it at the MGM Grand tonight. The main thing you gripe about is the seemingly pointless filler video and stories he tells. I also get the lame grandfather story along with a completely random out of the blue 5minute video of one of his older more famous tricks. However, did it ever occur to you that the reason he is doing this is to bide time to setup the tricks that follow the stories? The grandfather story preceded a trick where he made a car appear from under a sheet on a small stage no more than 30 yards long. I came into the show expecting these filler segments that all the reviews I've read were complaining about. However, I also noticed that everytime Copperfield does it, the trick that follows is always one that either would seemingly require complex backstage preparation or involve very large objects such as the car.

Alan De Smet at 12:35 Dec 26, 2007

David, you have a good point in that the video and stories may be filler to keep us occupied while large or complex tricks are set up. I can understand that. But if that's case the filler needs to be better. Hire some writers to write better jokes. Hire some comedians to help you improve you delivery. Do some low prep magic tricks. Don't bore us with the grandfather story. (The story was a good lead in to the trick itself; the story just needed to be aggressively edited down.) Don't show us video montages of yourself. As a grand illusionist, Copperfield is amazing. As a whole package entertainer, he fails to justify his ticket price.

Tommy at 9:55 Feb 6, 2008

I saw David Copperfield on February 1, 2008 at the Beau Rivage in Biloxi, MS ($60 ticket). I would give the show a 6 out of 10 rating. This is the second time I've seen him perform live. The first time was the "Dreams and Nightmares" show in the same city 10 years prior. I came away 10 years ago totally amazed. As hard as it is for me to admit...I wasn't thrilled with this latest presentation "An Intimate Evening of Grand Illusion". Sadly, it lacked heart and showmanship from Copperfield. His illusions were great but he rambled through them and came across as being extremely bored at performing them. His patter was given at break-neck speed and at times almost unintelligible. His attempt to be funny with the "volunteers" was a bit sarcastic at times. I know he's done this show a "bazillion" times but if he's not going to give us 100% then he can't expect another ticket purchase from me....Sorry David.

Cole Tuplin at 5:26 Feb 9, 2008

I pretty much agree with the first comment, Leo, and I want to add that if you let the credits run, it shows Brian Westhouse from the Journeyman before he went to Arcadia doing something completely irrelevant with someone named Chavez. Is it a hint to the sequel? And in the cave with the melody, I was confused on what the pebbles are for.

Elemental at 6:13 Feb 18, 2008

I just finished the game. My mistake was that I've never played the first part of this saga, I think it's just called "The Longest Journey" (?)

Anyway, the storyline was a bit cliché and the ending... it was horribly bad! Seriously, don't play this game people! I've never felt like this, never felt that game completely let you down.


It was totally unfair, that every "light side" chraracter died, vanished or was captured at the end. And how about the evil side? Only that green slug was killed and he probably was replaced by other. Seriously, what have the creators of this game have been thinking?!

Steve at 18:59 Feb 21, 2008

We just saw his first show of a three-day stop here in Atlanta. I agree that most of the time he seemed like he was on auto pilot with his delivery. The several illusions he did were good and my kids, both under 10, enjoyed the show. But that taped opening montage of how great he is was unnecessary. (a little modesty would go a long way.) We paid $55 for the were priced at $45 and $55. The video trickery illusion was interesting, although I had read about it on line, which makes me wonder why he said "you can come to my show on another night and it'll be a different person who's dream I make come true." The glaring error in the "live feed" from Perth was that it was around 7:45 AM (5:45 PM in Atlanta) when he first showed the shot, just 45 minutes after sunrise in Perth and the shadows were relatively short. Th sun can't rise that fast! OOPS!

NatasaSt at 3:02 May 31, 2008

That Chavez is from the first sequel. He was helping April to shift.

Tj at 22:42 Jun 13, 2008

I agree with the review completely. I thought it was a great game, but they stopped half way. Maybe they should call it "Dreamfall, the longest half journey". Anyway there was too many things left unanswered, but maybe I missed some. Here is a list: Who was the old white lady that told the girl to contact Zoe? What happened to westhouse after the black blob thing got him and what was that black blob thing? Did westhouse kill the white dragon, and if so why? Why did the white lady tell the girl that zoe saved April? What happened to Damien? How come Reza turned up at the end and why did zoe say he was someone else? What was the point of Kian at all?

Dont you think its weird that Zoe convinced the little girl to go, when it was the only thing that threatened waticorp releasing the dreamer?

Nanette at 16:19 Jun 26, 2008

I loved this Yes, the ending was a little disappointing, but you know there's going to be a sequel. Dreamfall itself was a sequel - to The Longest Journey (which I haven't watch...err...played).

TJ: the black blob was the Undreaming, which is what I think the sequel is going to be about - Brian Westhouse fighting to stop the Undreaming. I think most of your other questions will be answered in the sequel. If they don't make it, I'm coming after them. And yea, I agree with you. Faith was the only thing preventing Waticorp from releasing Dreamtime. I'm actually yelling at the screen "Don't do it! It's a trick!" I thought Zoe was smarter than that.

How is this for a theory? The thing Eingana is growing in is the top of the Azadi tower. Remember the storm around it at the end? The two worlds are connected there and that's how dreams are leaking from Stark to Arcadia.

Hector at 0:17 Jul 2, 2008

It was nice to read from here.....Thanks

A post has been hidden because it's spam. This post was link spam. It's still available (just hidden), if you really want to see it..
A post has been hidden because it's spam. This post was link spam. It's still available (just hidden), if you really want to see it..
A post has been hidden because it's spam. This post was link spam. It's still available (just hidden), if you really want to see it..
Dreamfall at 8:27 Aug 22, 2008

Oh my god guys you really don't know how a good game must be played ? It is obivusly why Helena Chang killed Zoe , she saved her she was affraid that Wati Corp could've make tests on her to she beeing Faith's sister. And what ? you preffered to be an oridinary ending ? To see Zoe healthy and Reza back April alive and so on ? OMG woudlve been so ordinary . They made a special game , and i don't agree that he doesn't recomands the game it's verry good the game , it's not ordinary.I played both games and the game have sense ending to of course . It was a good game and perfect ending (the one with the weird guy and the "plane fo dreaming " had to be last but doesn't matters) the game was PERFECT but PERFECT i don't know why everyone disagrees i reapeat how woudlve you feel if wouldve end like all games :Zoe healthy , Reza back , April alive ?This is what they were thinking : they didn't want an ordinary ending , they wanted something special and by the way i think Helena Chang was the "white lady ";).Best games i ever played(The Longest Journey and Dreamfall)

Alan De Smet at 14:05 Aug 22, 2008

Dreamfall: Have you considered that if, "everyone disagrees," maybe everyone is looking at you wondering why you're the odd one out?

As I said in my review, the protagonists have 6 goals between them. They accomplish one of them (save the girl); in the process letting loose a greater evil (the release of the Dreamers). The one you accomplish happens in a cutscene without player interaction. April and Kian, on the other hand, accomplish nothing. The protagonists actions had a negligible effect upon the world around them, invaliding their, and the player's, very significance as protagonists. As a stand alone story this is only "special" in the way that school districts have a second, short, school bus for "special" students. It's garbage.

This is not to say that I want a fully happy ending. Suggesting that there is only the ending we got and happy daisy land is an insulting strawman argument. Great stories can end in death and failure. Some of my favorite movies are Terry Gilliam's tragedies like Brazil and Twelve Monkeys. But those stories still have significance; the protagonists made hard decisions and suffered the consequences. More importantly, the major plot lines tied up. Dreamfall failed here.

There is one view that redeems this. As part one of a two part story it works. It would be logical that the game end on a low point. But that's not what was sold to me. The box didn't have "Part 1 of 2!" on the box. It would be like Lucas shipping The Empire Strikes back with zero clue that there would be a third movie. So the series would appear to end with Luke screwing up and being maimed for the attempt, Han being captured, and things generally looking bad for the rebellion. As a stand alone movie, Empire was terrible. Instead it shines because there was the understanding up front that the story wasn't done.

So, a new player perfectly aware that the game is incomplete and that further resolution may come from the coming Dreamfall Chapters* may be satisfied. But that's not who I was. That's not who most players were. Many of us bought Dreamfall based on the strengths of The Longest Journey, a game that managed to be quite satisfactorily self contained.

* This of course assumes that Dreamfall Chapters actually ships, that it shows up soon enough that you remember what happened in Dreamfall, and that they actually write an ending instead of stringing players along until they run out money from the suckers at the Norwegian Film Fund. Betting on future video games shipping is a fool's gamble unless the game is named Halo. I say this with the bitterness of someone who bought into Shenmue, which also failed to finish its story.

Dreamfall sucks! at 7:45 Jan 25, 2009

I completely agree with the review, the ending is HORRIBLE! Okay, it's original, but so what? Even it's not oridinary doesn't mean it would be good, heck no! The game that ends in failure IS a complete failure. There are practically three main characters (Zoe, Kian, April). Two of them got killed in the end and the remaining one got imprisoned. The bad guys did win, what kind of ending is that? Sheesh!

Dreamfall at 12:26 Jan 29, 2009

Ok i think i said you once how would've you fell with an ordinarry end but i also checked more forums discussing April's death and i got an idea : in the longest journey 1st part April swallows a thing that allows her to breathe underwater and she also helped there , underwater , some creatures so i am thinking that maybe those creatures will save April(if there will be any 3rd part).And yes only 1 goal was accomplished but it's still good I mean not everything is shiny and happy in the world and Dreamfall wanted to show that , that good guys don't win always and that Zoe actually sacrificed for Faith because she was aware that the Dreamer was very dangerous and I still consider that was a better ending than Zoe finds Reza and so on but you all said quick everyone dies (my theory of April's survival)and nothing confirmed that Zoe dies(even if it's most probably)but I hope they will make a 3rd part so they clear up what had happen.

Dreamfall at 11:20 Jan 30, 2009

And anyway i wanted to mention and that maybe Zoe accomplished only 1 goal but it was the most important :to send Faith on her way , that actually freed her soul so i consider was the most important .;)

Dreamfall at 6:48 Jan 31, 2009

And if anyone still plays i want to ask some questions :if you noticed that you know when you go in Russia and find that datacube in that room where Faith used to live in , if you look(from the room ) on the window you see the snowy landscape from visions , and i just wanted to mention if anyone else noticed and 1 more question :when at the ending you meet Helena Chang when she asks your help she says at a moment:"even if they hadn't kill your friend--";Zoe:How you know all this ?...."that means Reza is alive ?and what was with the guy at ending which came as Reza and she said he is not him ?if anyone has some ideas ?

Dreamfall at 8:24 Feb 8, 2009

And one more question : Was Helena Chang the "white lady " about Faith was talking ?

sammy at 11:14 Feb 18, 2009

The Copperfield show is only 1 hour & 15 minutes, with ten minutes of it being video filler. He opens the show by talking about how he's gonna vanish himself & reappear on the other side of the planet, but does'nt deliver. The show is more gags & video than magic out of the little magic he does manage performing. He should retire, or take a couple years off 2 make a new show, or he'll just continue losing more fans by boring them & himself with the same show for 7 years. The only thing that does'nt change is the prices, they keep getting higher every year. His website is equally as lacking, as it was last updated in 2001!!! He used 2 be great & put on 2 hour shows with several grand illusions & no filler. Now its the complete opposite. He's clearly past his prime & his passion is long gone. Even as a die hard fan, I will not waist my money on this non-magical show again.

Christina at 10:44 Mar 7, 2009

I really liked the first one as well! I think it was better than the second one as far as story line goes. The ending was interesting. I think it's because they're going to come out with a new game off of this one to explain things. The ending was meant to make us curious and lure us into buying the second game. But it's been a while and I haven't heard anything about a new game coming out. So, the ending would be just retarded if they don't come out with a second game, but reasonable if they do. And also, if you keep watching for a while you'll see a character (I can't remember his name) from the first game crawling in a blizzard or something. So, I really think it's likely they're coming out with a new one. But I haven't heard anything of when this new game will come out or if it will or if it even already has. If anyone knows anything of a new game please e-mail me at Thank you.

Dreamfall at 7:07 Mar 22, 2009

It's not necessarily a given that the elderly woman at the end of TLJ is April, though she's sitting with what appears to be an elderly Crow(even i think she was her). At any rate, she's referred to as Lady Alvane. That last name sound familiar? That's right: Kian Alvane. I assume April and Kian hook up at some point in Ragnar Tornquist's mind. So I don't think April is dead.

pissed at 14:13 Mar 25, 2009

What can I say. I loved the first game and the dreamfall up until the ending. What a disappointment. Having played hours of great gameplay, to basically see the writers say "we've run out of money and are not even gonna answer the questions that the whole game has been about".

How the hell did April end up getting killed in such an unsatisfying manner, I mean she was depressed and miserable, you kinda wanted her to get on with her life, see her pals Emma and Charlie again (who incidently completely vanished from the story after Zoe was meant to report back to them.

Then the last dragon being killed, who the hell done that? Westhouse was the only one who had passage there and why would he do that?

Then seeing as Zoe had gone all that way to find her ex, you don't even get a glimpse of what's actually happened to him!

You don't hear from your pal again whatever her name is. Then Damien who is meant to be meeting up with Zoe, it's just too much storyline that has gone to waste.


Dreamfall at 12:49 May 3, 2009

'pissed' you are right that are a lot of unanswered questions but i belive that April isn't dead (my theory upper) and Liv(her friend) says in a text-message she's fine .Damien said he has to go and left Zoe the datas but still it's true : there's is a lot of storyline gone to waste and let's just hope Funcom is working on The Longest Journey 3.

Dreamfall at 0:26 Aug 30, 2009

Good news guys there will be a 3rd part :Dreamfall Chapters , which rumors say it might be out on 05/01/10 !!!

Fredda at 7:42 Oct 20, 2009

I downloaded this game a long time ago and finished it... looks like I did good in not buying it. It was worth playing the game... But did the Draic Kin need to die! :C she was so cute :3 I mean, this game! I was like getting feelings for all the Character, I really thought that it would be like a ''Hero's return'' in the end^^' looks like it was too Random for me to figure out. My god! Now I remember that I got like a rage against the game! I took a knife and start cutting apples hanging in the tree's just to get off with the rage! Screaming like a week about it... ''NAAAAH!!! NOOOO!!!! HOW!!!!! WHY!!! WHY DID IT NEED TO BE LIKE THIS!!!'' XD

Chester at 11:45 Jan 2, 2010

Yeah, I´m just another poor guy who played through the entire game, liking it a lot despite the total lack of real adventure-type ou any other kind of gameplay, and got extremely disappointed at the ending.

Seriously, right now, i don´t recommend anyone to play it, YOU WILL feel cheated in the end. Maybe when the next one comes out, then you should play all the three together.

Dreamfall at 6:57 Feb 9, 2010

My opinion is to play it because was an epic story and it didn't have a random ending.About Dreamfall Chapters it seems that Ragnar Tonquist has a script but he didn't start 'producing' the game.It seems that Dreamfall Chapters Isn't Funcom's Highest Priority but not canceled... yet.Anyways The Longest Journey was realeased in 1999-2000 and Dreamfall in 2006 so it took them 6 years to make the 2nd part maybe for the third it will take less.

Sabracad at 0:13 Feb 21, 2010

Have to agree on the OP's thoughts on the ending. Would've probably given a 5 or 6 rating on the game though, purely for the graphics team. I don't mind watching a movie where a few plotlines aren't completely tied up, but this ending was ridiculous, plus you only invest 2 hours max in most movies!! I'd list all the unanswered questions, but I'd just be wasting more time.

Dreamfall at 10:11 Feb 28, 2010

Well ask anything and i can give you an answer :P

nordic at 17:09 Mar 14, 2010

Never found out what happend to Reza, what happened to westhouse as he was touched by that undreaming thing, who was that cloaked man you were following in the underground of arcadia, there are thousands of logic failures, the game sucks especially with leaving the player clueless in the end. I like alternate endings but they should be logical.

So the Game sucks !

Greetings from Germany

Dreamfall at 5:42 Mar 28, 2010

OK we find out from Peets or how was his name that Reza is dead , all that could've happened to Westhouse is he died :P

Obcidian at 22:28 Jul 15, 2010

Ok, same comment as everyone from start to about the end of the Russian lab... EPIC. The ending...... FAIL majorly WTF!!

Anyways, 1st Westhouse didn't die.... you really should pay more attention Dreamfall since your claiming it was an epic game, ending and all. Westhouse said he was trapped for a long time but then got freed. Reza was claimed to be dead by 2 characters, ugly fat green blob and by Chang, hell she even suggested it twice. Aside from the main characters, I'm wondering what happened to the white dragon, the last cut seem suggested she ended up getting caught but by what? wasn't she save where she was? and before that when she met westhouse, she mentioned she had a strange feeling about him and at the same time he was acting a bit weird. Many, just maybe, the reason westhouse manage to escape was because his body got taken over by whatever was killing off the other dragons and he's the one that the white dragon was talking to before her final scene.

In the end like it was mention many times, the was no logic to the ending at all, to many loss ends and yes we know there’s a sequel in the works... but come on couldn't they have done a bit better job about the ending, I think I rather be left hanging on a cliff then to just have the thing end so cheap like.... this just isn’t right lol

Dirt Napper at 2:04 Sep 4, 2010

I saw David Copperfield in 1986. It was really during the peak of his fame and renown. We had very high seats in the theater balcony and unfortunately some of the illusions were spoiled as I could see what was going on from that angle. Even as a kid I was bothered by David's smarmy, lecherous act. And even then in his prime his shows were filled with video interludes. I'm sure this is just because of the time it takes to set up the illusions. A lot of the things being said about his current show are as true as it's always been. One universal complaint I have seen in hundreds of reviews online is that he seems bored and disinterested now, which is very sad. I also think maybe getting older it might be time to drop the sleazy act towards women.

It is worth noting that I met him after the 1986 show and was a very pleasant guy who had none of the sleazy smarmy personality of his stage presence. Perhaps he is older and bitter now and doesn't like his audience, but it was enough for me to see that his personality on-stage is indeed an act.

A few years later I saw him at a local restaurant after one of his shows. A cheap 24 hour family-type restaurant, and he was with Claudia. He seemed very shy and seemed to bury himself in Claudia's white fur coat. He looked at people like everyone was some kind of potential threat. But he had a very huge bodyguard standing by.

I have never seen a recent show. Last time he came through my neck of the woods it was sold out when I went to get tickets. The previous time, my only companion didn't want to go and I didn't want to go alone for some reason. Maybe it's better I have missed his shows if he really has sunk this low.

In any case, I know your blog is an old post but I found it very interesting to read, along with the comments.

Obcidian at 12:33 Nov 6, 2010

obcidan wtf ?did you even pay atention to the beginning ? yeah that guy who got sucked up was Brian.Second what does David Copperfield has to do with this ?.Third i can see all the logic i mean it's a cliff hanger that involves all characters.

Dreamfall at 12:36 Nov 6, 2010

Yes sorr that comment with name obcidian is by me i copy pasted your name and instead of putting it before 'wtf?' i put it at user name.

Alan De Smet at 11:35 Nov 11, 2010

Dreamfall: comments for several of my articles are directed here. Why? Because this comment system is attached to my blog, and I have a single blog post announcing my reviews of Dreamfall and Copperfield's show. It's clumsy, but it works.

TouChe00 at 12:37 Jan 2, 2011

I bought this game off of XBOX Live. The game was a great game but on the last day of playing I was on my couch and it was about 3am in the morning and the end came. I sat there starring at the screen wondering did I do something wrong (which I did not). I have never felt so much failure in playing a video game. Emotionally I was drained. I understand not making all the goals(and there was six) but one of the six goals is unacceptable. They could make another game and offer Willy Wonka Gold Tickets in every game and I still would not play it. The developer of this game must have been going through a divorce wher his wife just banged his two best friends at the same time, he ran over his cat in the driveway and he just found out that impetant. This ending ranks as the worst I have ever played and I have been a serious gamer for 20 years.

TouChe00 at 18:15 Jan 2, 2011

Ok I appologize for attacking his personal family. I was just trying to say that the game ended in a depressing state so I figured the develope rmust have been in a depressing state of mind,

Copperfield at 16:39 Mar 3, 2011

Dirt Napper: It's interesting what you say about David Copperfield being shy. I follow him on his Twitter account and I get the sense that he's afraid of what people are going to think of him. He'll retweet something and delete it if it shows anything about him.

I heard from someone that DC has several children from several women. The women have their lifestyles paid for so they won't go to the media. I started thinking, would it not better if he were honest? He's not married to any of the women so it's not like he's cheating on them. He's allowing himself to be taken advantage of by these women.

Just following him for two months over Twitter, I've come to this conclusion: He seems afraid and he seems unhappy. It almost makes me sad.

George at 3:51 Apr 1, 2011

I just finished the original "The Longest Journey" 2 weeks ago followed by playing this game and I feel that the 30 hours or so that I put into these games (combined) was a total waste after that idiotic ending.

It would have all been a little easier to swallow if the end had said "To be continued..." but the developer obviously couldn't do it because they weren't too sure they would produce a sequel.

What a joke! I want my time/money back!

sara at 18:02 Nov 20, 2011

I loved the game, it was really fun. But the ending totally ruined everything...

myri at 13:22 Apr 16, 2012

that lady alvane could also be zoe:

1.remember how she says, at the very end of TLJ, it had been a long time since she remembered "april ryan" ? unless she is refering go herself in third person, it could be that it's someone else, kian's wife, talking about april..

2.remember how crow tells zoe "from now on, i'll be your sidekick", after both of them are mad at april for not wanted to help them out? in that last scene from TLJ we see him in lady alvanes house.

let's hope they release those sequel episodes soon!! it's been 6 years already!!!

Alan De Smet at 13:50 Jun 16, 2014

Turns out I was wrong in my prediction that Chapters would never arrive. It just took 9 years. And apparently 7 years is long enough for me to forget how angry I was at it and back the Kickstarter.

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