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PlayerOne at 6:17 Oct 24, 2006

Comment! I like your site.

yoka at 9:45 Mar 27, 2007

A great job reviewing! Lots of good info. I just purchased this game and I am looking forward to seeing if I feel the same way about it as you do.

Rosemarie and Serena at 17:50 Mar 10, 2009

Also: some of the statements made are patently untrue. For instance -- "The envelope wasn't invented until 1939." Actually, people used envelopes for millennia; it's just that they fashioned them themselves. The first successful mass-produced envelope (minus gumming) was patented by Edwin Hill in 1845. Gumming arrived shortly thereafter, by about 1870. In the Wikipedia article on "envelopes", the year 1939 isn't mentioned at all -- nor is it mentioned elsewhere. I suspect that the makers of this game made up some of their "facts" and "myths" wholesale; so does my daughter Serena!!

braxton perras at 20:33 Aug 16, 2009

what if two players land on the same square and they both get it right?

Fiona at 8:37 Sep 26, 2009

Does anyone have the rules for the version of this game that comes in a tin with no board? I know someone with the game but the rules are missing. Any help greatfully received.

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