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Shannon at 21:09 Jul 12, 2007

Unfortunately you are frustrated with the idiots who have no idea how to advertise so not to frustrate others, the ones who put the flyer under a rock, blah blah blah.

I would like to inform you that I am one of the dummies who uses the products, for weight maintenance, and one of the added bonuses along with that is EXTREME relief from my arthritis that has plagued me for many years. Product user 4 years. It was from my Mom that I was referred to Herbalife, who has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in her back. Conventional medicines didn't help only drugged her into submission to deal with the pain. Within one month of starting on the weight maintenance program, she had COMPLETELY gone off the prescriptions as well as almost overdosing daily on extra over the counter pain meds. Product user 7 years My brother has ADHD, while he does have the occasional outburst from time to time, completely improved from the violent outbursts from the past...Herbalife HAS helped. Product user 5 years. As well, a cousin of mine who has Lupus, started on the weight maintenance program, and she too has been symptom free for the three years she has been taking it. I'd like to add, many more firsthand witness reports to you, but I really don't think you're interested.

Perhaps, Alan, I should mention that monthly I spend roughly $54, the same plan that my Mom is on. Herbal remedies are getting increasingly popular since modern science hasn't done much except medicate one problem and cause a completely different one. I read your rant...and was greatly disgusted with the moron that turned you so sour on an AMAZING company that has helped so many of my loved ones, as well as me.

Peter Keller at 23:07 Jul 15, 2007

I would seriously question a method that is be used to treat ADHD, Lupus, and the pain from osteoarthritis when it was actually intended to be a weight loss dietary supplement--it can't even be legally classified as a drug, which means Herbalife can't say that their supplements may be used to treat or cure any disease.

And while the FDA looks like it has approved the herbal remedies that Herbalife promotes, it really only means that you are assured of getting the actual herbs at the stated amounts in the doses instead of wood pulp.

Not much research has really been done into the real effects of various herbs and while that weight loss supplement might be helping you lose weight, it could be halving the life of your kidneys, or making you more susceptible to Alzheimer's disease. Who knows because the studies are few and far between. For example, very recently scientists have discovered that selenium supplements in the 200 mcg range has a high correlation with a formidable diabetes risk. Neat eh? People have been taking that stuff for years because no one thought it was bad for you. I guess people do now....

People in first world countries like the USA have to almost go out of their way to eat a diet which doesn't give them all of the vitamins and minerals they need. Taking supplements without understanding why/how they work or why you would have to take them definitely leads to very expensive urine and very well might result is damaging effects on the body.

Wanna lose weight? Eat less, exercise more. It is a very simple thing to conceptualize, but surprisingly hard to accomplish. But really, that is all you need.

Also, people aren't really all that upset about the product itself, they are far more upset about the multi-level-marketing scheme that Herbalife appears to promote. 30 minutes with google would show that the canvassing of neighborhoods with hundreds of thousands of fliers happens more times than you'd like.

Eva at 14:29 Aug 14, 2007

Wow Shannon. I'm not sure you could have been talking about things that are more unrelated to Alan's post if you had tried. Oh wait you did. Jeez. This is not your livejournal, put your herbal medicine thoughts somewhere relevant.

Also, I call BS on your assessment of modern medicine. Speaking as someone who is only alive, healthy, and happy because of modern medicine about five times over I don't think you've given it a fair shake. There is no magical way to lose weight without risk or work. Expecting that from modern (or alternate) medicine is just silly.

selena at 5:43 Sep 23, 2016

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