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catlover at 23:52 Feb 20, 2009

hey, great littler article. i'm just some drunk bastard googling in the middle of the nighti found your article . cats are so wroth the effort to have. they are such awesome little fur ,monsters. i'm happy that your cats puplled through and now y9ou haave them! they are somwe! cats of

Viv at 14:47 Feb 23, 2009

And that my friend, is a really nice summation of what love is.

bob at 21:25 May 31, 2010

I also like you have cat allergies and like you live with non-allergenic cats itís nice to read an article such as yours that is so well written and speaks from heart to heart.

dallas at 12:39 Jul 10, 2010

this article convinced me to finally get a cat. thanks, man.

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