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Geoff Schindler at 7:11 Jul 6, 2010

Because investors don't care about the quality of a product as long as it returns a profit. As shitty as the film was, The Happening actually returned a sizable profit.

Also producers and investors don't really care so much about the quality of source material as much as they care about its target demographics and its spending power. Avatar: The Last Airbender, regardless of how well written the animated series was, is considered to be a draw to small children only who drag their parents to see crap all the time.

derrick at 4:06 Jul 14, 2010

i agree. They can also just use the demographic(airbender) to use the kids to buy their toys and in hindsight...very shrewd using kids like that...

Dave Hall at 13:04 Aug 23, 2010

At this rate, if he releases another movie, it will have a negative Rotten Tomatoes rating -- the first of its kind!

Art Luciano at 8:38 Sep 18, 2010

Add Devil to the list...Suuuuuuckkkkedd!!!

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