Charles Woodruff


You have always been one of the fortunate members of the royalty of the Old South. Of course the other Ventrue tend to look down on your lot because your kind never had formal titles, but you had all the power. Of course, the Gangrel Prince and his lot took that power from you so now you are left with nothing.

Now you plan to do something about that. You've convinced a more respected Ventrue, Alexander Parkhurst, to make a grab for the throne. When Grigori, one of the sneaky Tremere, offered his "services," you pushed Alexander to agree. Should this deal go through, your position here would improve greatly. All you have to do is come up with some way to get a sample of the Prince's blood, and the Tremere will do the rest.

Until then, you keep yourself happy with raging at the wretched Gangrel, and being your somewhat arrogant self. You deserve the power taken from you-it is yours by right of the Clan who embraced you.

What you have been up to recently

While you were in a bar a few nights ago, you barely felt the small prick of a hypodermic needle. You did not even realize what was happening until you saw Krista racing away. Because having some of your blood fall into the hands of the Tremere is a very bad thing, you have been following her. Last night, you cornered her in an alley. When you threatened to tear her heart out, she agreed to let you meet with her boss to buy back the blood. She also swore that no Tremere were involved.

You came to the warehouse earlier this evening around 8:00. You met Kapp and Krista, who told you that the blood had been stolen from them. You began to scream, and came very close to a Frenzy. You vowed revenge in a hideous fashion on those two as you stomped out of the warehouse. Killing them is not a good idea. Making them pay for their crimes is.

Who you know

Krista: The wretched creature who needs to have something bad happen to her. She seems overly nervous and rightly so, as you have sworn revenge for her theft of your blood.

Hawkins: A very useful contact in the city. He seems to be able to turn up all sorts of useful information.

Edward: Another very useful information source. You alone seem to know that this raving lunatic has flashes of amazing insight. The only problem is deciphering what he is trying to say.

Terry: This Tremere turns out to be a really useful lead as to what the Tremere have been up to of late. Terry might know if the Tremere have managed to find your blood.

Leland: This is a Ventrue Archon from Europe who treats you as all of the other European Ventrue treat you. He probably has not even noticed that you two are of the same Clan. And because he is obviously a Gangrel sympathizer, he will find some way to make you look bad.

Special Ability: Dominate

Twice during the game you can give another character a non-lethal order which they must carry out.