Edward Charles Winslow Standish


What you have been doing

You have finally done it. After 5 years of trekking around these jungles of Borneo, you have discovered a prize called the Great Hand of Omegon. It was so easy, you found it on the ground. Now all you need to do is find the one man who needs to possess it, and is willing to pay a high enough price for it. Of course, don't let anyone but the buyer touch the amulet. If they are not the true owner the Amulet will possess their spirit, and they will be more doomed than those dudes in the last scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark. You must make sure that the buyer is pure of heart.

It was a long search through the jungles. You would occasionally talk to the Native Chieftain who lived here in his village's stock house. He told you tales of how his tribe would sell their blood to the white man in return for baubles.

You observed their trading for awhile and found it fairly useless. You did notice that another tribe led by Grigori was trying to take their blood to use against them. Chieftain thanked you for this information. He then responded with one of his amazing insights into human nature which you found was his speciality, "Remember, Edward, people never look at the last page of a notepad until all of the paper is gone."

Or course other bad things have happened. Two weeks ago, one of the Painter Tribe came down with the Flu and blamed one of the other Great White Hunters for passing it to her. She threw him in the river unjustly for that crime. You know because it was your fault. You made sure to add the nectar from the Berries of Madness to the drug which she occasionally takes. You don't like her tribe very much either.

This evening was amazing. You were feeling very annoyed at your failures, when the colony Governor asked you out to a Tavern to drink with her. She had just acquired a nice sum of money. There, you and she observed the customary native ritual of drinking the blood of a few of the patrons at the bar, and the Governor got smashed as usual. She finally told you that she got all of her money by stealing some of the blood of Grigori's tribe and selling it to the Native Chieftain.

Needing some money, and discouraged from your search for the Great Ankh, you headed back to the Chieftain's home to see if you could help in his fight against the Grigori's tribe. And there on the ground, you found the great amulet!

You were surprised by some of the Rebel Soldiers, who came and took you to the Chieftain's stock house, and are now keeping you as a sort of prisoner. See if you can find someone to help you break out. Perhaps even one of these gentlemen will be pure of heart and be the one to buy the Amulet.

(Add to this Schizophrenic fantasy with your own tales of a Great White Hunter looking for prizes in the jungles of South America and Borneo.)

Who you know (And by what names you know them)

Kapp (The Native Chieftain): A man who gave you much guidance in his quest, and who obviously killed himself in the native ritual of immolation. Perhaps you need to get some of his ashes to smoke in your pipe as a token of respect.

Selina (The Governor): This woman is the Governor of the colony. You and she are quite good drinking partners, and you find it very nice that she always tries to observe native rituals. You've heard rumors that the Governor is actually one of the Painter Tribe in Secret.

Grigori (The Leader of the Enemy Tribe): This is not a very trustworthy man. He has been trying to steal the blood of your friend's tribe. Likely, he will inject the blood into some chickens to weaken the spirit of the warriors of the Chieftain's Tribe.

Krista (The field biologist): One of those incredibly boring nerdy types, the Biologist is at least a decent lady. She doesn't seem to know a thing about butterflies though, so you think that she may be hiding something. Perhaps she is not even a biologist at all.

Hawkins (Sasquatch): He isn't hairy enough by far, but he's definitely a South American descendant of Bigfoot. You need to get he and Krista together to see if she can tell anything about him. The only problem is that he wants to see everyone in this room destroyed. He seems to want to take over the world to make it safe for Sasquatch kind. Make sure to warn everyone.

Special Ability: Curse of Sutekh

Three times during the game, you may name an emotion to another player which that player must role-play for five minutes.