You are one of the leaders of clan Tremere in the city. This means that you collect fair amounts of everyone's blood, since you can do fairly nasty things to those whose blood you have. The Justicar who he serves sent some along to the Tremere in Atlanta to help keep him in line. Seems that he got a Gangrel wrongfully destroyed, and so the Ventrue Justicar thought that Leland might need a little help staying in line. Apparently Leland hates Gangrel passionately.

What you have been up to

Terry came to you a few days ago telling you of a wonderful opportunity. A mixed group of non-Tremere have been collecting blood and selling it to a group of interested mortals. One of the members of the group was becoming nervous at selling to mortals, and suggested that you send some of your agents to buy the blood instead.

You agreed to the idea and started the arrangements to buy the blood. However, earlier this evening a vial of your blood was stolen from your chapter house. Fearing that perhaps Kapp has figured out what you wished to do, you sent Terry down to see if that is what had happened.

Later this evening, you heard that agents of the Prince were rounding several people up and escorting them to the warehouse where Kapp did his business. You decided to go down there yourself, to make sure that the investigation doesn't turn against the Tremere. You hope that your blood is not in the warehouse. That would be difficult to explain.

In addition, you fear that the little plot you and and the Ventrue Alexander Parkhurst, may have been discovered. You found that Alexander was not happy with the current Prince, and saw himself in the position. You offered to have a little 'accident' meet the Prince, all you needed was a vial of the Prince's blood. You haven't received an answer from Parkhurst yet.

Who you know

Terry: This is a trustworthy, if overenthusiastic, agent of yours. If Kapp did find out that you were planning to do something about taking blood from his ring, the only way you can think of for him to find out is through Terry. The two of you need to have a long talk soon.

Royce: Terry says that this man is the one who decided to tell the Tremere about the blood sale to the CDC. Terry swears that she never mentioned your name to this man.

Leland: The primary investigator in this case. You've never liked him much, as he has interfered in several lucrative blood trades.

Selina: An incredibly useful free agent and information source. She may have some idea who stole your blood.

Woodruff: This Ventrue is your contact, and is supposed to provide you with a sample of blood from the Prince so that you can drive him from the city.

Special Ability: Blood Sense

You have the ability to identify the owner of a sample of blood. To use this ability, take the prop vial of blood to a staff member and ask for it to be identified.