Jacob Fyfe


You were sired in the deep Appalachian mountains, where a few Gangrel roam in a place fairly far from most men. The Garou in the area were actually friendly to your clan, until the strip mining started in the hills of Eastern Kentucky. Then they started to refer to members of your Clan as agents of the Wyrm and hunted you down. You came to Atlanta where everyone began to treat you with a fair amount of respect.

It seems that everyone around here thinks that you are a very old Kindred even though you were sired barely 40 years ago. Up in the hills, your folk speak a form of English that hasn't changed terribly much since Elizabeth I ruled England.

So everyone treats you with great deal of respect because you use the language of Shakespeare's day. So far, no one has caught on to how old you really are, and you would prefer that it stayed that way.

What you have been up to

Aside from your assisting the Archon, you have been up to an incredibly lucrative business involving selling Kindred blood to a group of investigators at the CDC. Your three partners in this crime against the Masquerade are Kapp, Krista, and Royce. While the business seem dangerous, the CDC people have no idea that Kindred exist. They are researching rare blood types and seem willing to pay a lot of money. The four of you have netted over $2 million so far. The warehouse owned by Kapp, because of his 'legitimate' trade in guns, provided a perfect cover.

Tonight, however, things started turning bad. Tonight, the 4 of you were to meet at 11:30 to discuss the latest payments for blood from some older Kindred. You arrived at 11:00 to find Kapp in a panicked state. He told you that he learned that some Tremere were trying to take over the operation secretly. That means that they would gain serious control over all of the Kindred whose blood you have collected. Kapp took the precaution of procuring a vial of blood of Grigori, the Tremere who was trying to take over the operation.


he was going to call off the meeting and start moving the operation from the warehouse to a safer place. You left, worried, about 11:30.

You suspect that Royce and Krista are both trying to back out of your operation. You bet also that one of them sold the information to the Tremere. You probably need to slap them both of them before they decide to tell someone else like the Archon. That would be bad news indeed.

At 1:15, the Prince sent you to investigate a Kindred murder which occurred sometime this evening. He ordered you to round up anyone in the vicinity and escort them to the warehouse so the Archon can question them.

As the others arrive, you and the Archon should take them off separately and question them as to what they have been up to this evening. You have permission of the Prince to Blood Hunt anyone who leaves the warehouse before 5:00 AM. As you arrive at the warehouse at 2:00 AM, you have only 3 hours before the evidence will start to get away.

By the way, you have another problem. At 4:30, there are two guys from the CDC who are going to be appearing at the warehouse to pick up a few more vials of blood. Try to make sure that the case is resolved by then, or you are going to be in serious trouble.

Who you know

Leland: The Kindred who is in charge of the murder investigation. You have been working with him for a couple of years. In spite of your friendship, you know he would Blood Hunt you in a minute if he suspected what was up.

Steele: A new assistant of the Prince. He will be the first to suspect you.

Selina: You know this person fairly well in both of your lives. First, she has been hanging around the Archon lately. And Kapp told you that it was Selina who somehow got the vial of Grigori's blood from the Tremere chapter house.

Krista: A woman who took very little money from the operation. You were always very suspicious of her motives.

Royce: Your best companion in the CDC operation. Somewhat short of temper, but dependable in a pinch. You saw his face on a wanted poster. Seems that while he was a mortal, he killed 3 men, and escaped from prison shortly after being put on death row. If he ever gets caught by police officers, he is a dead undead man.

Special Ability: Protean

Your character has the ability to sink into the earth. You may escape from the warehouse at any time, and may return when you see fit.