Krista Davies


You have always been a fairly absent-minded lady in life. You tend to forget about appointments until the last minute and frequently leave important bits of information lying about everywhere. How you managed to get a degree in biology is a mystery. And when one day a strange man swapped blood samples with one you were analyzing, you did not even notice. Eventually, the man made you one of his kind, so that you could continue to study the blood of Kindred. At least until some morning you forget that you have to be back home by sunrise.

What you have been up to

You have been up to an incredibly lucrative business involving selling Kindred blood to a group of investigators at the CDC. Your three partners in this crime against the Masquerade are Kapp, the Royce, and the Jacob. While the business seem dangerous, the CDC people are only researching rare blood, and seem willing to pay a lot of money. The four of you have netted over $2 million so far. And the warehouse owned by Kapp because of his 'legitimate' trade in guns, provided a perfect cover.

At first, the CDC seemed to be entirely interested in simply trying to find out what Kindred were. You have always wished to have a group of mortals with enough scientific equipment to find out what made you tick. You worked with the Arcanum in London--and even defended a member of their order from a rogue Kindred. This unfortunately got you Blood Hunted, and you had to flee London. No one in Atlanta knows of your past, because they would have already tried to drag you back to London. Lately, you have begun to suspect that another group of Hunters is funding the CDC research to make a disease to destroy Kindred once and for all. You tried to get Kapp to stop the sale of blood, but he refused to listen to you.

Tonight you went to the warehouse around 8:15 to meet Kapp and a chap named Woodruff. The CDC has been requesting blood of older Kindred, so you decided to try an experiment and see if you could get some by using a hypodermic. Woodruff noticed you, and followed you. Two nights later, he cornered you in an alley and demanded his blood back. You agreed to have him meet Kapp, where he could buy his blood for an agreed-upon price. Last night someone broke into the warehouse and stole the vial of Woodruff's blood. When Kapp told Woodruff this at 8:15 this evening, Woodruff was absolutely furious and swore revenge upon both of you.

You went to the warehouse shortly after midnight to try and dissuade Kapp once more from selling blood. As you entered the warehouse, you saw the last remains of a stake burning in what appeared to be a burning Kindred. Fearing for your life, you prepared to flee from the city.

The only useful tidbit of news you know is that your Clan Elder is out to find the Kindred who told the Malkavians about her cocaine habit. She has already done something nasty to several Malkavians.

Who you know

Jacob: He is your partner and crime, as well as an assistant to the Archon. He is your best hope to keep the deal with the CDC out of the murder investigation. If he fails, you could all end up dead. At first you thought that he was an exceedingly old and powerful Kindred, since he speaks an ancient-seeming version of English. It made you curious, and so you did a bit of prowling through some Linguistics books, and discovered that the dialect of English that he speaks is not Shakesperian, but rather from the Appalachian mountains.

Royce: This fiery individual is one of your partners in the blood ring. He is definitely in this for the money.

Woodruff: This person is probably very angry at both you and Kapp for losing his blood. Watch him closely.

Edward: This individual often hangs around this block of warehouses. You have talked on occasion, but there is usually not very much point in it. Still, you are at least friendly toward one another, which is better than the rest of these wretched Kindred. You also noticed that Kapp spent an inordinate amount of time talking to this lunatic, you wish that you knew why he bothered.

Special Ability: Presence

You have the vampiric ability to inspire awe in others. You may approach a group of people and make them pay attention to you to the exclusion of all else for five minutes. You must keep talking about some topic for this time.