Ventrue Archon

You got sent to this Caine-forsaken waste in the New World by your Justicar. You doctored a little information during the trial of a Gangrel so that he was found guilty and Blood Hunted. Unfortunately your Justicar found out that you had created the evidence, and so now asks you to investigate crimes against the Masquerade in a place RUN by the damned Gangrel. Oh joy. You are sure that your Justicar knew this and sent you to Atlanta JUST because you hate the Gangrel, the Gypsies, and the whole lot. And now you have to work for them.

What you have been up to

At 1:15, the Prince sent for you to investigate a Kindred murder which occurred sometime this evening. He ordered you to go to the warehouse while the Prince's men round up anyone in the vicinity and escort them to the warehouse so you can question them. You will be the first to arrive at the warehouse, and so will have a chance to look over the scene before the others start arriving. As the others arrive, you and your assistants should take them off separately and question them as to what they have been up to this evening. You have permission of the Prince to Blood Hunt anyone who leaves the warehouse before 5:00 AM.

As you arrive at the warehouse at 2:00 AM, you have only 3 hours before the evidence will start to get away.

Who you know

Jacob - This person has been your assistant in many situations. Feel free to order him to do whatever you need done. He will help you keep peace for this investigation. He is a Gangrel, but you have to be nice to him because he is one of the Prince's men. Besides, you aren't very sure quite how old he is, but he may even be more powerful than yourself.

Steele - This Kindred has only been with you for a few weeks in the City. He is not as trustworthy as Jacob, but will be your assistant in the investigation. This Kindred is another Gangrel---but you don't have to be as nice to him as Jacob.

Selina - This individual has been trying to get into your good graces for some time. She seems to know something about Steele that you do not.

Grigori - This is an Ancilla of clan Tremere. His presence here likely means that there is a strong Tremere interest here. Not a good sign at all.

Hawkins - This is the person whom the Prince has told you reported the murder. He is likely the best place to start the investigation.

Special Ability: Psychometry

Leland can detect pyschic residue left on objects. You can grasp an item and ask a staff member to explain what you see. You will see the most recent emotionally charged event involving this item from the previous holder's point of view. There is no limit on the number of times you can use this ability.