You have been one of the Anarchs for as long as you have been in the area. You were sired downtown in an alley near a punk club. You tried to mug another Brujah, who beat you nearly to death, draining nearly all your blood. You looked at him squarely in the eye, and with what was to be your last breath said, "Does that mean you won't give me your money?" He laughed so hard that he nearly forgot to make you stop drinking from the wound he had made in his wrist. You always have been one to make a joke, even in the worst of situations.

You find your new life to be a lot less worry, but you still have your old problem of never having any money. You even once stooped to robbing a liquor store, which turned out as a really bad situation since the guy behind the counter shot you point-blank with a shotgun. You confused him by ripping the security camera off the wall, smashing it, and racing out into the darkness. You heard that the Prince shredded a newspaper when he heard about that one.

What you have been up to

You knew it was a horrible mistake to sell your blood to Kapp. Even when you consider how much he paid you, and in illegal guns to boot. Then you found out about that the Tremere can use your blood to own you and make you do anything they want. So last night, you broke into the warehouse where Kapp keeps his offices and stole what you thought was the vial of your blood. It was the only vial you could find in the warehouse.

Because you weren't quite sure about the vial, you found a Tremere who would test the blood for you. The blood urned out to belong to Woodruff. You found out early this evening, and promptly headed back toward the warehouse to see if you could break in again. You took up position on the roof of a nearby warehouse to see if anyone went in or out. You made it out to the warehouse about 10:30. Sometime thereafter, you saw Jacob enter the warehouse. Even more later, around 11:30, you saw Jacob leave. Within a few minutes, Royce wandered into the building. Within a few minutes, you heard the sound of an argument. Before something bad happened, you left the area. You still haven't gotten your blood back, and are very worried.

So you now have a vial of the wrong blood and no money (you spent it all.) Likely, you are going to need to sell that blood, or even stoop to begging for money.

Who you know

Terry: One of your better friends in the city-if you can count Tremere as friends. Terry is someone who can always be depended on.

Jacob: He is one of the people you saw entering the building. It looks like he is now working for the Archon, which likely means that you are in serious trouble.

Steele: This is a Kindred who recently became an assistant to the Archon. The two of you were fairly good friends awhile back. In fact, the two of you together were responsible for burning down the old Columbia Theatre. (It really ticked off one of the Nosferatu flunkies of the Prince. It won the two of you a fair amount of prestige in the Anarch world.) Mayhap he will have some way to help you out of your jam. If you think that you can still trust him.

Hawkins: You've bought information from this chap in the past. He can turn up some really amazing things about people that they don't want to be known. He spends a lot of time out of town up North getting information.

Royce: He is the Childe of Kapp. This fellow Brujah is large and violent by nature, so you avoid him most of the time.

Special Ability: Willpower

Your strong force of will makes you immune to some special abilities used by other Kindred. Specifically, you are immune to Standish, Krista, Woodruff, and Selina's powers.