Roger Hawkins


Being a Nosferatu is such a lonely thing. At least your Clan is close-knit enough that you don't perpetually try to screw each other over like the rest of the lunatics who call themselves Kindred. But you have so much fun raking their secrets over the coals, it almost makes their scorn worthwhile. All of them hate the Nosferatu clan. Just look at the Columbia Theatre. It was a favored Haven of your Clan Elder, until some malicious person burned it down. Your Elder has promised to trade a few juicy secrets for the Kindred who finds out who was behind that one. And you can be so cruel to whoever it is by taunting them that you know and are going to tell it all to someone very powerful.

They could do something to you about all the knowledge that you know, but the other Nosferatu could always make them suffer. Only a really brave or stupid Kindred would touch you. Rub it in.

You are also an agent of the Sabbat. It is a perfect cover, because the clan Nosferatu protects its own. And you can sew false information and rumors to weaken the city severely. No one here is bright enough to figure out what you are doing.

What you have been up to

Kapp hired you to dig up some information on Krista. You found out that she had been working with a group of Hunters called the Arcanum in the past, and had even killed another Kindred in London. You were going to bring a letter from the Prince of London mentioning the Blood Hunt to Kapp this evening.

As you approached the warehouse, you saw Krista fleeing the place in a serious hurry. Stupidly, you slipped into the warehouse. As you approached one area, you smelled a faint smell of lighter fluid. Nervously, you groped around in the darkness, and touched upon a pile of ashes. Lighting a match, you saw a pile of ashes which was laid out in a vague human form. You raced from the warehouse and ran to tell the Prince, lest you be accused of the murder of a Kindred.

You left the warehouse about 12:30, and are just going back with a Ventrue Archon named Leland.

Who you know

Krista: Dangerous. You have a letter telling that she is blood hunted in London.

Woodruff: This Kindred has used your services much in the past. He always pays well and is honorable, although he is very temperamental. He is possibly more guilty than all of the rest. He hates the Gangrel rulership of the city, and is likely trying to overthrow the Prince.

Royce: This man and Kapp were working together on something, as you heard Kapp mention his name once on the phone. It would be worth quite a bit to someone to find out exactly what.

Selina: She is another Kindred with whom you have had many business dealings. She tends to deal more with actual goods than information. She is also an alcoholic, so it is very easy to get information from her. Occasionally people trust her with a secret or two. Recently, she told you about a Toreador Elder who has a cocaine habit. You traded the information to some Malkavians for a nice, unused warehouse.

Special Ability: Obfuscate

Three times during the game for five minutes each time, you may hold your hands in fists ove your head to indicate that you are "invisible." Other players should pretend you don't exist.