You spent much of your mortal life angry at one thing or another. You migrated to a punk lifestyle because you found a similar energy and violence in the entire movement. You got more violent until one night you beat a bouncer to death because he ejected you from a club. You were arrested and sent to prison for 10 years. After 2 years, you had killed another 2 men and crippled another during fights in prison, and you were sentenced to be electrocuted. You managed to escape from prison and you now have to keep a low profile, because your face still turns up on wanted posters occasionally.

You met Kapp, who seemed to like your energy, and so he made you one of his kind. Kapp has been a fair sire, but you worry about him because he is entirely too softhearted and often does not have his priorities straight. In fact, most of your time as his Childe was spent arguing with him in one way or another.

What you have been up to

You have been up to an incredibly lucrative business involving selling Kindred blood to a group of investigators at the CDC. Your three partners in this crime against the Masquerade are Kapp, Krista, and Jacob. While the business seem dangerous, the CDC people are only researching rare blood types, and seem willing to pay a lot of money. The four of you have netted over $2 million so far. The warehouse owned by Kapp because of his 'legitimate' trade in guns, provided a perfect cover.

However, the operation has not been quite as lucrative as it should be, considering the incredible danger of breaking the Masquerade. As such, you have tried to arrange for the operation to provide blood to the Tremere. This is an unliked practice, but it certainly isn't as dangerous as selling blood to the CDC. Kapp did not seem to like the idea at all, so you told Terry about your whole operation. Terry seemed quite impressed and agreed to set up a trade to the Tremere.

Things did not get much better. This evening, you were to meet at the warehouse at 11:30. Jacob had larrived and left earlier, and Krista was running late as usual. Kapp told you that most of the money on hand had been used to procure a vial of blood of a high-ranking Tremere. You were furious at Kapp's actions, and in a Frenzy staked him to the floor. Fortunately, you did not go over the edge and actually kill Kapp, but left him lying there on the warehouse floor as a sort of punishment. You knew that Krista would be along shortly, and she would likely unstake the twit. You left, rather than face killing Kapp in another Frenzy.

You would really like to find out how Kapp found out about the Tremere. The Tremere were supposed to keep everything a secret from him. Likely that sleaze Jacob somehow found out, and warned him. That is why he left before you showed up at the warehouse tonight.

By the way, you have another problem. At 4:30, there are two guys from the CDC who are going to be appearing at the warehouse to pick up a few more vials of blood. Try to make sure that the case is resolved by then, or you are going to be in serious trouble.

Who you know

Jacob: He is working for the Archon as well as involved in selling blood to the CDC. For that reason, you can't trust him much.

Krista: This lunatic who you have been working with, actually seems to not mind that the blood is going to the CDC. She doesn't seem very interested in the money the operation is pulling in. Likely, she has to be the murderer of Kapp. See that she pays for her crime without destroying the blood ring.

Terry: A useful Tremere who you told about your operation. This Tremere might know what the Elder Tremere think about the situation.

Roger Hawkins: You found his name on a spare notepad in Kapp's office. The two were up to something together. You can be sure of that.

Special Ability: Fortitude

Royce only sits out for two minutes when he is defeated in combat.