You tend to take a lot of jobs for many important people. Usually they are the sort of jobs which require a fair bit of secrecy, and have gotten you in a bit of trouble in the past. So you've decided to go straight by working for the Prince. One of his assistants, Steele, has only been around a few weeks. You've been trying to make Steele look bad so that you can step in. Try to suck up to the Archon, since he obviously has the Prin


n get made an assistant by helping the investigation, so much the better.

Of course, not everyone is happy with your work. You slip up every so often. One night, you had a particularly good drunk and let slip that you had acquired a fair quantity of cheap cocaine for a Toreador Elder with a drug habit. The Nosferatu, Hawkins, picked up on that tidbit of information and sold it to some malicious Malkavians who started adding other substances to the city's cocaine supply. The Toreador tossed one Malkavian in a nearby river after weighing him down with stones. She is now looking for the person who let the knowledge of her habit slip.

Play the evening as though you are somewhat intoxicated. The effect is starting to wear down, so you will be sober by the end of the evening.

What you have been up to

You have been keeping busy with the usual jobs. Kapp hired you to break into the Tremere chapter house to steal a vial of the blood of Grigori, a Tremere Ancilla. You actually managed to pull it off without anyone seeing. You delivered the blood to Kapp, and he paid you $100,000. $5,000 of the money was in cash, and it was given to you this evening. You delivered the blood around 8:45 to Kapp here at the warehouse then skipped off toward a bar to find a few people to drink. (You are a bit of an alcoholic.) Along the way you met Edward, who accompanied you to the bar because you were going to arrange for there to be a lot of very drunk people there.

Who you know

Edward: A good companion for many of your binges. He's totally out of his mind, but he is lots of fun. He has an unusual delusion of being a Great White Hunter, and thinks that you are the Governor of Borneo.

Steele: This Kindred has only worked for the Prince for a few weeks. Make him look really bad, and you'll have a job for life. You heard that he was a fairly rebellious Anarch, so digging up his past might help somewhat.

Leland: The man who is investigating problems. He is an obnoxious Ventrue, and fairly powerful.

Grigori: This is the Tremere whose blood you stole. Be VERY wary of him, and try to make sure he is not out for revenge.

Hawkins: Bloody Nosferatu only tends to hang around you when you are drunk. He is always pumping you for information.

Terry: A Tremere who occasionally requests your services for the Tremere superiors. This person obviously has something to hide. You noticed the telltale black veins in Terry's aura several years ago that mark Terry as a Diablerist, but decided not to tell anyone in case the knowledge turned out to be useful. You also did some checking around and found that someone drained Terry's sire. Looks pretty bad for Terry. If you need a favor, you know who to go to.

Special Ability: Aura Perception

Twice during the game, Selina may ask any Kindred a yes/no question which that player MUST answer truthfully.