You are one of the Gangrel who help the Prince keep peace in the city. You have only been working for the Prince for a few months, however. Before working for the Prince, you hung out with the Anarchs, and rebelled quite a bit. The Prince would be really distressed to find out that you were the one who set fire to the old Columbia Theatre. (The Nosferatu elder is seriously in league with the Prince, and you found out that one of the Nosferatu's favored havens was located upstairs there.)

You are starting to regret having to put up with working for the Elders. It is not very much fun, really. So you've been testing the waters a bit by occasionally telling one of your superiors to shove it when he asks you to do something you don't like. Worst that could happen is that you'd be back on the streets having fun.

What you have been up to

At 1:15, the Prince sent for you to assist the investigation of a Kindred murder which occurred sometime this evening. He ordered round up anyone in the vicinity and escort them to the warehouse so the Archon can question them. As the others arrive, you and the Archon should take them off separately and question them as to what they have been up to this evening. You have permission of the Prince to Blood Hunt anyone who leaves the warehouse before 5:00 AM. As you arrive at the warehouse at 2:00 AM, you have only 3 hours before the evidence will start to get away.

Who you know

Leland: He is the leader in this investigation. As you have only been around him a few weeks, follow his orders to the letter. You've heard some rumors that he did something really nasty to another Gangrel over in Europe. Unless you are really brave, however, don't mention it to his face.

Jacob: He is another assistant to the Prince. He has been around the Archon much longer than you, but there is something which you do not trust about him. He is also quite old, so you need to be very careful around him.

Selina: This little pond scum has been trying to convince the Archon that you are unfit for the job, so she can get it herself. Hanging is too good for her.

Rimer: This Kindred seems to be very adept at getting himself into situation over his head. The two of you know each other from your Anarch days, and were fairly good friends. He helped you burn down the theatre.

Special Ability: Potence

Steele's incredible strength allows him to defeat any other Kindred present in melee combat. All you have to do is state that he is attacking another Kindred. That Kindred will then be wounded and unable to take any action for 10 minutes. Note that if another Kindred uses a gun, then a normal game of rock, scissors, paper will be played.