Terry Priest


You are a minor occultist in that Atlanta area. You got your first real taste of power right before the Tremere embraced you to make sure that they could claim you as their own. You took to your Tremere training with an amazing lack of caution. You burned down a fair part of a chapter house once, and another time fell into torpor when you sucked all of the blood out of your body. Your incaution has led you to do worse things, though. After you finished your studies, you had an argument with your Sire, and decided on the spot to kill and drink your Sire to gain power. Sure it was stupid, but you've had somewhat of a suicidal attitude all your life.

What you have been up to

Royce approached you one day and told you that he was involved in a ring of people who had been acquiring blood from Kindred and selling it to the Atlanta Center for Disease Control. He suggested that maybe the Tremere would be interested in buying the blood, instead. It would have to be done without the knowledge of the ring's leader, named Kapp. You passed this information to your superior in the Tremere. Grigori began to make the financial arrangements. You talked to this gentleman at the CDC named Jim Ritchie and found out that he was one of the people who pick up the "rare blood" from the warehouse. He made you a bit nervous since he professed some knowledge of the occult, but it looks like he has not gotten very far at all.

Tonight, however, a vial of Grigori's blood was stolen. Grigori was absolutely positive that Kapp knew about the plot. Grigori sent you to recover the blood and deal with Kapp. You went down to the warehouse right at midnight and found Kapp staked and lying in the warehouse floor. As you looked carefully about, you could see no one, so you decided to deal with him in the most devious manner. You found a bottle of lighter fluid, soaked Kapp, and lit him. You never touched Kapp, and no one saw you in the warehouse. It looked as if you had committed the perfect murder.

You are having a few second thoughts about the murder as the Prince's men escort you back to the warehouse. You might have missed something, like the amulet you were wearing earlier this evening. You don't seem to have it on you. It is a pretty distinctive amulet which is shaped like a hand with several mystical runes hanging from it. If it is still around here somewhere, you had best find it. It is not a magical amulet, but you have gotten very used to wearing it nearly all of the time.

Who you know

Grigori: He is your superior. You are not yet sure if you should tell him about the murder. He might either cover up anything you might have missed, or happily turn you in to save his own skin. How much can you trust him? You do have a very useful letter from a Ventrue Elder to Grigori which sounds pretty incriminating.

Royce: He is the person who told you about the blood ring. He will at least help you keep quiet about the ring, as he is the one guilty of selling Kindred blood to mortals.

Rimer: An old friend of yours, even though he used to be one of the more rebellious Anarchs. He usually seems to dig up a fair bit of information. He looks even more nervous than you tonight, however.

Hawkins: You heard that he was the one who found the body. If anyone knows anything that can prove that you flamed Kapp, it is he.

Special Ability: Underworld Contacts

You have a concealed gun on your person. You should receive an index card labeled "GUN" with this sheet.