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Dramatis Personae

The initial paragraph of character notes are the initial introductions written by Aaron Pavao.


[Graphic: Agnes' Trump]
Agnes' Trump
© 2003 Katharine Giacomini


Agnes (pronounced "An-yes", and don't you forget it) is the daughter of Bleys and an unknown shadow woman; rumor has it that he was actually married to her at the time. Whatever it was, Agnes seems to have captured his heart, which is even more surprising given the Amberite tendency to hide their true feelings about loved ones to protect them from those who would manipulate or kidnap them. On the other hand, Bleys make certain that Agnes had the proper training in defense, and so no one really messes with the young lady. Unlike her father, Agnes is rather serious and straight-forward, and doesn't take any crap from anybody, and attitude more reminiscent of Benedict than Bleys.

Agnes' colors are blue and silver.

Agnes has an intelligent shapeshifting cat that is usually hidden as her belt.


[Graphic: Allasandra's Trump]
Allasandra's Trump
© 2003 Katharine Giacomini


Allasandra is unique among the grandchildren of Oberon in that she was born and raised entirely in Amber. This daughter of Florimel lives up to her mother's reputation for being the best looking woman in Amber. She is always happy, always enthusiastic, and always dressed exactly the way that would make her the best dressed of the occasion, with the possible exception of Florimel herself. In fact, there is some conjecture around the palace as to whether or not Allasandra has something of a clothing rivalry going; if they do, they both still seem to be the sweetest and kindest two ladies of the castle.

Agnes' colors are pink and silver. She has blue eyes.


[Graphic: Arethu's Trump]
Arethu's Trump
© 2003 Katharine Giacomini


One day, Fiona appeared at the castle, introducing a young man as her son, Arethu, to the Court. That's the most that Arethu has been seen in a formal setting, as he tends to be rather withdrawn and sullen most of the time, with occasional bursts of sociability. When he isn't in his chambers, he can be seen wandering about, usually on the eastern beaches of the City. Those who have seen the inside of his room mention the extraordinary number of hand-made boxes that he makes, and sometimes carries with him, which has earned him the nickname Prince of Boxes from the servants of the household.

Arethu's paper boxes are actually Trump he has crafted himself.


[Graphic: Bergen's Trump]
Bergen's Trump
© 2003 Katharine Giacomini
[Graphic: Bergen's Trump]
Bergen's Trump
© 2003 Alan De Smet
Derived from photograph © Matt Samolis (original)


If ever there was an heir to Random's old drifting and fun-loving ways, it would be Bergen, which is ironic because he is Florimel's son. Born and raised on Shadow Earth, he appeared one day quickly introduced himself to King Random (in a shocking breach of Court Protocol that almost gave his mother a king-sized conniption), took the Pattern, and disappeared once again into Shadow. Which is not to say that he is ever absent from Amber, just that his visits tend to be short. Likeable, but easily bored, Bergen's behavior has started rumors about Random and Florimel.

Bergen's colors are black and white.


[Graphic: Haakon's Trump]
Haakon's Trump
© 2003 Katharine Giacomini


Haakon is the son of Caine, although you'd never tell it from their attitude toward one another. Haakon is a rather quiet and polite, and comes off as charming and nice in a one-on-one conversation, but rather stand-offish in a crowd. Most of the time, he's nowhere to be found, although there is a rumor among the guards that he is often travelling down to the Pattern, but never from it. Florimel has been talking about Caine telling her that he saw Haakon walk the Pattern, use it to return to the start of the Pattern, and walk it again; most people don't believe her, and Caine denies ever saying such a thing.

Haakon's colors are blue and silver

Haakon has Advanced Pattern Imprint.


[Graphic: Kenji's Trump]
Kenji's Trump
© 2003 Katharine Giacomini


Kenji is the son of Random, although you'd never know it except that they share the ability to put on an amazing poker face. Kenji is stern and subtle, often out in a Shadow called Koukoku. Interestingly, he was born about the same time Martin was, giving him a good case for being next in line to the Throne (as good a case as any descendent of Oberon has, given the family history). His attitude is more reminiscent of Benedict than Random, and no one within the shadow of Mount Kolvir has ever seen him so much as crack a smile. He, too, has often visited Amber, but rarely stayed long, citing business in Shadow.

Kenji's ever present assistant, Yamika, doesn't seem to be alive. She dresses in white. She may be some sort of construct. Yamika is immune to damange and able to turn into a white raven.

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