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Poppet drawing of Alan and Eva

Alan and Eva
(By Eva, July 5th, 2004)

Who is Alan De Smet?

I'm a software engineer and gamer. In the spring of 2002, I joined the Condor Project, now known as the Center for High Throughput Computing, were I primarily work on HTCondor. I'm also part of the traditional table-top game company, Sancho Games. Prior to joining Condor, I've worked for Accelrys's Bioinformatics division (previously GCG, the Genetics Computer Group); Hypercosm, a web 3d company; and Evermore Entertainment on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons support products. I graduated from with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from University of Wisconsin at Madison. While in college, I spent alot of time working on programming projects in the Undergraduate Projects Lab.

I won "Best Object Orientation" in the 1998 IOCCC. More information is available here.

A lot of people know me for my involvement with Madison By Night. Aaron Pavao and myself founded the Madison By Night live-roleplaying troupe and ran it with a great deal of help for two years.

If you care, you can email me.

If you want more information, you might check out my timeline of significant events in my life, or my resume.

What web stuff have I done?

A sampling of my online work:

What sort of person are you?

Well, it's really complicated.

Of course, most people are really complicated. That's good.

You get to know someone in the "real" world by meeting them a few times, talking with them, and taking the random bits of information you get and forming a wholly inaccurate opinion.

Well, it's the dawn of a new millenium and the web is the wave of the future. To make your virtual reality experience even more real, thanks to the magic of the web, you can sample random quotes that have have meaning to me and form your very own wholly inaccurate opinion. (If you're really bored, you can read all of my quotes at once.)

You might also take a look at my relatively up to date bookmarks which reflects in some way my interests and hobbies. You might also want to look at some articles I relate to: "Love and Unix: An Undying Affection", "Don't call me 'Generation X,' Call me a child of the eighties", and "Child of the '80s". My new collection of rants might also give you some insight.

Assuming I have too much free time and need some way to kill a half hour, where would I go?

Well, simply making it here is a good start, but from here you could go to My Links Page which includes all sorts of places which generously waste bandwidth to bring you pictures and information on unimportant subjects.

I love the Web.

Alan De Smet or Alan DeSmet?

De Smet is correct. Databases and search engines often have problems with the space in my last name. Of course, by including both spellings above, it's more likely that a search engine will find it, even if you misspell it DeSmet.

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