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Hell and Glory

May 8, 1999

While staying in Pathik's ballroom, Sarad dreams of being surrounded by cold mist in a mountain valley. As he stands there, ice forms on him. With a start, he wakes to a glowing white ball hovering over him. He rolls away and grabs his long sword. Sarad tries to block the form, but it touches him, chilling him to the soul. After a brief scuffle, it touches him again and flows into his body.

With new purpose, Sarad rises from the ground. He approaches Chendra, who witnessed these events, and asks about a compound in east Prasada. The ascetic doesn't no. Sarad storms into Pathik's room and asks him. Pathik says the place sounds like Ronak's. Sarad storms off, stopping only to ask for a pick and to ask Pathik (who is chasing him) to cremate his body when it is found. Pathik and Chendra piece together that Sarad has been possessed by the uneasy spirit of Count Shailendra Rakshaka, who is missing and presumed dead from the catastrophes. It seems that the spirit believes that Ronak slew him.

The group heads toward east Prasada and are stopped by members of the Prasada Guard. Sarad tries to explain that he is the count. Pathik explains that Sarad is possessed, and convinces the guards to come with them to Ronak's.

At Ronak's, Pathik calls for one of Ronak's guards to fetch him. When Ronak doesn't appear after a few moment, Sarad breaks into the gatehouse. The interior walls of the gatehouse are covered in small holes from which darts are fired, but without effect on the party. Pathik notes that darts are poisoned.

(At this points I left for the evening. The following is just brief notes)

After a fight with Ronak's guards, the Count's body is found bricked in under Ronak's water tower. Ronak is nowhere to be found.