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Hell and Glory

August 8, 1999

(80) The bruised party returns to the spiral stairwell. The party exits into the basement. Looking out the window, it appears to be mid-morning. Chendra summons a wall of fog to mask the party, and the party crawls out of the window. As the party walks away, a magical gust of wind clears the air, and a blue figure in the distance looks around. The party returns to Pathiks.

Saheed sends word that the party should give him four hours to recouperate, then visit him. He will again psionically follow the party. After four hours, the party does exactly that.

Heading back to the sewers, the party, Saheed, and the Prasada guard escort are confronted by Edrajala guards. The Edrajala guards demand that the party leaves the area. The Edrajala guards go for reinforcements. Before they return, the party parts ways with Saheed and his escort and moves on.

Returning to the home the party exited from, Chendra knocks on the door, but no one answers. Chendra magically unlocks the door, but it is quickly rebolted inside. Chendra again unlocks the door, and Pathik immediately swings it open with his might girdle enhanced strength. The man standing on the other side is thrown back. Pathik throws the man some money and explains that the party is on a mission from the king to hunt undead in the sewers. He explains the party exited from the man's basement. As the party heads past the man, Chendra blesses him in Brahsipati's name and mentions that the party would prefer if Edrajala didn't know of te party's presence.

(80, 88, 89, 90, 91) The party quickly returns to their previous location at the entrance to the necropolis. Moving in, some of the shelves hold bodies two deep. The brackets for holding torches are all empty. (91, 92) Some areas have shelves, others do not. (93) Further on, Pathik hears chanting ahead. He scouts ahead, and comes jogging back with eight skeletons behind him. Chendra and Omar turn the skeletons, and the skeletons collapse. The party heads right to investigate the source of the skeletons.

(94) Ahead, a red flickering light is faintly visible. The light moves to the left and disappears. After a moment, another light appears to the left and moves to the right. The party shutters their lights. Pathik borrows Omar's ring of invisibility and scouts ahead. (95) He doesn't see anything, but hears metal on stone. The party advances to that point and Pathik scouts again. (96) He sees torchlight to the right. To the left, he hears metal on stone and conversation to the left. (97a) To the left he finds a round room. Deep shelves with corpses legs sticking out are carved from the stone. The floor is pink marble with black stones every three feet. Seven workman dressed in dark colors lower wrapped corpses in the floor where a black stone has been pried up.

(97b) Down the other direction, a lit torch rests in a torch holder. Pathik hears rustling noises further on. The returns to the party to report. (97b) The party takes the right passage. A five foot wide passage leads to the right. (98) Pathik investigates and finds it leads to spiral stairs upward. The stairs go up twenty feet to an open doorway. The doorway opens to a room where a woven rug covers a stone floor. The building smells of incense and death. Exploring he spots a dark clothed old man writing on a clay tablet. He sees shelves with bodies, and a family mouring in a room ove a body. Finding an exit, he locates himself near a graveyard and temple one or two blocks south of Edrajala. He rejoins the party.

(98) Moving on, the party comes to an intesection. A group of men with torches approach from the right. The party backs up and Pathik approaches them. He gives the men a fictional name and explains that he is with a group hunting undead under the wizard's tower, and that the party is lost. The men don't believe him, thinking Pathik and grave robber. They try to grab him. Failing, they escort him out, toward the party. Encountering the party, they mistake Sulam for a captain of the guard or some other official. They apologise. Pathik sneaks away to the north, and the group follows. (99) The party, having caught up with Pathik, asks about paths to Edrajala. The men aren't aware of any.


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