I'm making my resume available on the web because it has occasionally been convenient. While I'm always willing to seriously consider an interesting opportunity, I'm not actively seeking employment at this time and I enjoy living in Madison, Wisconsin.

Alan De Smet

Contact information removed for privacy reasons. You can contact Alan De Smet via email.


Over eighteen years of professional experience as a software engineer developing software for Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X. Significant experience with C, C++, Perl, and other programming languages. Experienced with a wide variety of technologies including HTML, Javascript, the STL, and grid computing.


GOES-R Programmer (Instrumentation Technologist)

Space Science and Engineering Center - University of Wisconsin

April 2016 – Present

Madison, WI

Systems Programmer

Center for high Throughput Computing - University of Wisconsin

April 2002 – March 2016

Madison, Wisconsin

Maintained and extended cross-platform suite of software for bulk processing of workloads in a cluster. Developed grid computing software for distributing workloads between multiple sites. Added IPv6 support to existing grid computing system. Worked with external groups of scientists to develop, extend, and maintain multi-tier, international computing grids. Developed and maintained software in C, C++, Perl, Python, and Bourne shell. Taught CS 368: Introduction to Python. Developed and presented tutorials on use and administration of HTCondor software. Organized and managed HTCondor Week conference. Wrote grant reports. Used CVS, Subversion, and Git as version control systems.

Software Engineer


May 2001 – May 2002

Madison, Wisconsin

Designed and developed bioinformatics software for Windows platforms. Developed custom MFC widgets for reuse throughout desktop application. Developed a charting system appropriate for interactive examination of million point data sets. Implemented industry standard algorithms for genetic sequence analysis. Ported portions of MacOS software to Windows. Commended for high quality documentation.

Software Engineer


April 1999 – May 2001

Madison, Wisconsin

Designed and developed multiple software programs portable between Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Developed digital signature and verification systems, a modular installation and upgrade system, a license management system (key server), an audio playback system for MP3s and WAVs, an integrated development environment, and 3D applications. Extended existing compiler, byte-code interpreter, and web browser plug-in.


Evermore Entertainment

May 1997 – March 1999

Madison, Wisconsin

Developed Windows based entertainment and utility software in C++. Significantly customized Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) for project needs. Developed InstallShield based installer.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

University of Wisconsin – Madison

1993 – 1997

Madison, Wisconsin


C, C++, Perl, Java, JavaScript (EMCAScript, JScript), Unix shell (Bourne shell), Python, Windows, Win32, Unix, Linux, Standard Template Library (STL), SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite), HTML, CGI, 3D, dynamic web sites, portability (cross platform development), user interface, Git, CVS, gcc (g++, egcs), HTCondor (Condor)