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Alan's Email Address

Planning on asking me (Alan De Smet) for a fake ID or to help find someone's address based on their driver's license number? Please read this first.

My email address puts the word "webemail" in front of the @ sign, and "highprogrammer.com" after it.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks to spammers filling my email (to the tune of 100 or more spam messages a day), I'm forced to take defensive measures to make it hard for spammers to automatically read my address off this page.

Note that this is my personal address, suitable for personal email, perhaps about one of the pages here at High Programmer. If you want to contact me about issues relating to my current job working on HTCondor at the Center for High Throughput Computing, see my HTCondor page for contact information.

If you're curious about who Alan De Smet is, you can visit my home page

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