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Thursday, March 04, 2004

The Defense of Suffrage Act

Amazing how quickly things change. We went from gay marriage being some crazy Canadian idea that would never catch on here to something being done (possibly illegally) in several cities. Weird.

A story I saw somewhere: An elderly famous scientist whose ideas were revolutionary is being interviewed. The reporter points out that his ideas were constantly challenged early on. How did the old man deal with his critics? The old man replied, "I outlived them."

I don't have alot of hope for the short term; at best a handful of states will legalize it while the rest will forbid it. A handful of particularlly closed minded states may pass amendments to their state constitutions. But in the long term I've got hope. Some ideas just need new minds to consider them free of prior prejudice.

Anyway, it's a chance to shamelessly flog my article "The Defense of Suffrage Act." I suspect it won't change anyone's mind, but hopefully it's at least mildly entertaining.

Oh, and I guess this is the start of my blog. Whoop-di-do. I'm special, just like everyone else.

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