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Monday, March 15, 2004

Your body and Utah

So apparently you can be charged with murder for refusing a Cesarean section birth. (Backup links: 1, 2) The early reports suggest that this woman isn't exactly the epitome of humanity, but who is the state to demand that a woman use a potententially dangerous and clearly invasive proceedure instead of tradition birthing?

Anyone who thinks that various Unborn Victims of Violence Acts "...ha[ve] nothing to do with abortion" are deceiving themselves. Making it more illegal to harm a pregnant woman is just pointless hyper-criminalization that won't make anyone safer. This is about the state demanding control over birth; but the people putting the laws forward are too cowardly to admit it.

Heaven above, states are meddling in the affairs of religion, the president is calling for a Constitutional amendment designed to enforce sexism, and apparently you can support McCarthism and instead of being correctly marked as a loon you're a bestselling author.

Sometimes I really hate people.

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