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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Live Role-Playing Chess at Origins and Gen Con 2004!

The LRPC team ( Aaron Pavao, Brian De Smet, Michael Zenke, and myself) will be running Live Role-Playing Chess at both Origins and Gen Con Indy this summer!

Got nothing better to do? Come play LRPC! No experience necessary, we teach the rules. Live Role-Playing Chess is loud, chaotic and amusing. Think Chess is boring? Maybe traditionally, but we're taken lots of liberties. Each session is just two hours long, and you get two games for that price. We try to get everyone who wants to play in. Each session is $3.00 (of which we see zilch) and generic tickets are welcome.

Inexplicably, Origins actually invited us this year so we're one of the Origins 2004 30th Anniversary Celebration! Special Events (sorry for the cruddy Origins links; blame them). They're footing housing and badges for us. Cool. In exchange we're running a mind blowing 24 hours of LRPC. We're apparently running games at: Wednesday (June 23rd) 8:00 pm, Thursday (June 24th) 2:00pm, & 4:00pm, Friday (June 25th) 10:00am, noon & 7:00pm, Saturday (June 26th) 10:00am, noon & 7:00pm, and Sunday (June 27th) 11:00am, & 1:00pm. This handy web page will get you the most up to date times; just pick Live Roleplaying Chess from the Game System section. LRPC is under Special Events. We're a bit confused about the Wednesday game session; it may be that we're running the game for boring people hanging around on-site registration, so if you show up to the convention the night before, come visit us!

The LRPC team got busy and didn't register to run LRPC at Gen Con. Then Gen Con called us to ask why we weren't there. Wow, we're famous. And here I thought we just gave them ulcers. So, by popular demand we'll be running three sessions at Gen Con. We've got games at 4:00pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (August 19th, 20th, and 21st). Up to date information can be gotten from the online catalog, just search for "Live Role-Playing Chess".

We hope to see you there!

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