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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Our Long National Nightmare Continues

The election is now over. Bush won with 51% of the popular vote. 59 million Americans voted for him. 59 million Americans voted for homophobia, secretive government, laziness, ignoring science, distortion (2), destroying world opinion of us, unnecessary war, fear, and failure to actually make us safer.

59 million Americans voted for lies and fear.

59 million Americans voted for evil.


Reports are that "moral values" are a key driving factor. How does that work? How can you look at this morally bankrupt administration and vote for them as the party of values?

I'm boggled by the results. Considering the ramifications makes it worse. Republicans have control of the Senate and House. Bush and company are going to seriously damage America. It will take decades to repair.

I'm almost out of hope. Instead of starting repairs now we'll be sinking further.

At least I have anger. It can be an adequate substitute for hope. I'll have lots of "We told you so"s ready over the next four years for the pro-Bush and the apathetic. George Bush can go fuck himself. Karl Rove and Dick Cheney can go fuck themselves, repeatedly, with something sharp.

(As an added bonus many voters chose to enshrine homophobia in their state constitutions. Quick clue to the clueless: constitutions are good places to put organizational details and to protect rights. It's a crappy place to put limits on people. Take the U.S. constitution; it focuses on guaranteeing rights, not limiting people. The best example of limiting people is the 18th amendment: prohibition. That worked great, didn't it? At one point similar arguments of immorality were used to argue against allowing mixed ethnicity marriages. Can you picture if anti-mixed-race-marriage laws amended into a state's constitution? It would be an embarrassment to future generations. Don't make this mistake. Avoid making your state constitution something to be embarrassed by.)

(2004-11-05: Minor edits based on ben's comments.)

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