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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Sony: "We still hate our customers"

I've previously established that Sony hates its customers.

I found another example today: Sony terminated all support for their Clie product line, including developer tools, so no one can support their devices.

I purchased a new Sony Clie device several months before Sony's announcement. By the end of the year, Sony had torn down their developer support pages. I can no longer easily get access to the tools necessary to write software that supports all of the features of my Sony Clie. It would have cost Sony close to nothing to simply leave the existing tools up on the web, but they specifically took them down. Indeed lots of links to Sony's pages, like the official ones from PalmSource now go to a domain squatter.

I'm now forced to seek it out from third party sites that are hard to validate.

Buy a Sony product and you'll get high quality support. Unless they decide they no longer wish to be in that market, in which case they'll deny that the product existed.

Sony can suck it.

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