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psilord at 19:13 Aug 25, 2005

We're fucked. Never thought I'd see a civil war in my lifetime.

Alan De Smet at 19:13 Aug 25, 2005

While there is still a possibility of a Kerry win (many states are within the margin of error), it doesn't look good.

I can't bring myself to be angry or much of anything else. I'm just sad in a detatched sort of way. All of that effort and for what? I've started writing my next real post; but finishing it will likely require more anger than I can marshal right now.

Alan De Smet at 19:13 Aug 25, 2005

I feel like all hope has been drained out of me. I look to the future and cannot see anything but a United States is worse condition in four years.

Alan De Smet at 19:13 Aug 25, 2005

News reports are suggesting that Kerry has conceeded by phone call to Bush and will announce his concession publically this afternoon.


I continue to lack any hope for the country.

On the up side, the void left by the hope is being filled with deep, deep anger.

Alan De Smet at 19:13 Aug 25, 2005

*sigh* (AKA: )

It is done.

Alan De Smet at 19:13 Aug 25, 2005

The silver lining on the acid rain cloud:

Baldwin crushed Magnum 63% to 37%. My district continues to show the love for real liberal values.

Feingold comfortably beat Michaels 56% to 44%. My state continues to support real moderates capable of working across party lines to accomplish things.

My districts results for President, Senate, and House: (AKA:

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