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Sunday, October 31, 2004

bin Laden Taunts U.S.

Why is Osama bin Laden running around filming home video? If we're at war with Terror, wouldn't hunting down the head of the terrorist organization responsible for the single worst terrorist attack on the United States be a good place to start? Wouldn't making an example of a man viewed as a hero and role-model for terrorists around the world be a good idea? bin Laden's home videos are in part recruitment tools and morale boosting tools for terrorists.

One thing almost the entire world can agree on is that bin Laden is a danger to everyone and must be stopped. Bush could have rallied that agreement and made Americans and the rest of the world safe. Bush dropped the ball; instead of stopping this powerful figure and investing in a powerful intelligence network to track down bin Laden's replacement, we're stuck in Iraq. Invading Afghanistan made us safer. Failing to capture bin Laden failed to make us safer. Being distracted in Iraq has made us much less safe.

I demand more from my president. It's a simple business decision: if an employee is failing to meet your standards you fire them and try someone new. Bush has failed. Tuesday we fire him. Kerry's resume and interviews show promise; let's give him a chance.

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