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Your Mission

The Computer has generated the following mission for your team. It has been carefully designed to ensure the maximum safety and satisfaction for your team.

Paranoia is the Irrational Fear Someone is Out To Get You

(Fear) Dominant type of fear to install in the PCs: The Computer has taken a personal dislike to the PCs.

(Irrational) General kind of weirdness or irregularity that prompts The Computer to assign a mission to the Troubleshooters: Mysterious duplicates or analogues of the PCs or other GREEN HPD&MC junior executive (indifferent bystander, meticulous, obsessive-compulsive)s are active in Alpha Complex.

(Someone) Person, people, organization or agency responsible for the situation: The Indigo leader of a rapidly-growing Production, Logistics & Commissary firm, who plans to expand his personal power and the might of his company. (The identity of the Someone need not be obvious at the mission's outset, and in fact things may play out more appropriately if the Someone is not discovered until late in the proceedings.)

(Out To Get You) General apparent threat posed by the situation, or the consequences if the situation is left unresolved: The "Someone" believes (accurately?) the PCs are assassins sent to kill him; he tries to kill them first. Meanwhile, the PCs must complete their mission. The threat is real.

Mission Alert: A truckling INFRARED vendobot Hot Fun supplier acting as a courier delivers alert hardcopy; seeks 10cr 'tip' for the delivery. Message is intact and correct.

Briefing: Briefing is in crowded dining area (IR: mess hall; R-Y: cafeteria; G-B: dining room; I-U: dining hall). Briefing occurs in a pitch black room, where the only source of light is from the corridor outside the briefing room filtering in under the door. 1 officers present.

This Mission: Investigate accusations of GREEN IR market coordinator planting evidence against BLUE (bureaucratic obstacle, gullible (worryingly lacking in paranoia)).

Outfitting: PLC: "The PLC Paperwork Shuffle": Different batches of forms required to obtain each individual type of standard equipment. In triplicate.

Debriefing: A cavernous spherical reactor coolant chamber (recently decommisioned) with the PCs securely strapped into dentist chairs at wrist, ankle, waist and chin. The booming voice of the unseen officer echoes from strategically placed speakers.

Find weird phrasing, clearly erroneous output, or other signs of filthy commie mutant traitor sabotage? Copy the offending passages and email them to the High Programmer for investigation.

The Paranoia XP Mission Blender Online is based on the Mission Blender included with the Paranoia XP GM's Screen, published by Mongoose Publishing Ltd., and is provided here with the permission of the copyright owners. Copyright © 1983, 1987, 2004 by Eric Goldberg & Greg Costikyan. PARANOIA is a trademark of Eric Goldberg and Greg Costikyan. All rights reserved.

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