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Important Dates in Alan's Life

(Dates marked with ?? aren't known... I'm working on it.)

March 16, 1975 - Born.

? - ? - St. Joseph's grade school (Shawnee, Kansas) [Edgewood High School Logo]

?? - Spring 1989 - Our Lady Queen of Peace grade school (Madison) [Edgewood High School Logo]

Fall 1989 - Spring, 1993 - Edgewood High School (Madison) [University of Wisconsin Logo]

Fall, 1993 - Began college at the University of Wisconsin at Madison

1994 - 1995 (??) - Co-founded and ran Madison By Night live role-playing game.

1995 (??)- Co-founded Sancho Games.

Spring, 1997 - Graduates University of Wisconsin at Madison with Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. [Evermore Logo]

May 16, 1997 - Interviewed at Evermore Entertainment. Later that same day I was offered a position.

May 19, 1997 - Accepted position at Evermore. [AD&D Core Rules 2.0 Cover Art] [AD&D Core Rules 2.0 Expansion Cover Art]

May 27, 1997 - Began work at Evermore. While there I would develop significant portions of the "AD&D Core Rules CD-ROM 2.0", and work on portions of the 2.0 Expansion product. [Hypercosm Logo]

March 1, 1999 - Interview with Hypercosm.

March 2, 1999 - Accepted position at Hypercosm.

March 26, 1999 - Last day at Evermore. [Hypercosm Studio Box]

April 1, 1999 - First day at Hypercosm. While there I would develop significant portions of Hypercosm Studio (the integrated development environment) and the Hypercosm Player installer and updater.

June 10, 1999 - Win "Best Object Orientation" in 1998 IOCCC. The program in question was written in spring of 1997, waited for the unusually long delay in the next IOCCC before being submitted in 1998, and finally received an award in 1999.

Spring 2001 - It becomes clear that Hypercosm is going to fold soon. I begin looking for a new job.

April 16, 2001 - First interview with Genetics Computer Group.

April 24, 2001 - Second interview with Genetics Computer Group.

May 1, 2001 (approximate) - Offered position at Genetics Computer Group.

May 7, 2001 - Last day at Hypercosm. [Genetics Computer Group Logo]

May 14, 2001 - First day at Genetics Computer Group. While there I would write the protein and nucleic acid analysis and plotting portions of Discovery Studio Gene 1.0

May 14, 2001 (approximate) - Hypercosm lays off remaining staff.

Spring or Summer 2001 - GCG/Accelrys announces the decision to move all staff in Madison to San Diego in spite of promises earlier in the year to maintain the Madison facility. The move offer is extremely generous, but I'm not interested in moving to San Diego. [Accelrys Logo]

June 1, 2001 - Genetics Computer Group and the other software companies part of Pharmacopeia are rebranded as Accelrys.

January 21, 2002 - Interview at Condor. (Actually my second (third?) interview. I previously interviewed when looking for a new position from Hypercosm. GCG gave me an offer first and I couldn't delay that decision long enough for Condor to decide.)

February 18, 2002 - Condor offers me a position.

March 29, 2002 - Last day at Accelrys.

April 1, 2002 - First day at the Condor Project

Summer 2002 - Accelrys moves to San Diego.

November 2012 - The "Condor" name is retired; the software is now known as HTCondor, while the people are simply part of Center for High Throughput Computing, which absorbed the Condor Project some time earlier.

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