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Hobby Games: The 100 Best

I've been reading Green Ronin's excellent Hobby Games: The 100 Best. The editor, James Lowder, has done a great job. It's a great book. 100 notable game designers have been asked to write about the game they feel is "best," for just about any definition of best. To eliminate duplicate entries, some writers wrote about their second or third picks. The result is full of fascinating insights, gaming history, and a lot of temptations to buy games you've never heard of.

While reading, I noticed that the same names came up again and again. Avalon Hill published a lot of the games. Steve Jackson seems to have been a popular designer. I became curious about the actual counts. I also became curious about the chain of writers respect. Forunately there is no problem too trivial to attack with some Perl. I've assembled the following information about the games, authors, and designers in the book:

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