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Deadlands: Epitaph #2

Author: Various
Pages: 64
MSRP: $15.00
Product Number: 3002
ISBN: 1-889546-88-7
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Supporting material for all Deadlands lines.

Includes overview "The Big Picture" by John Goff and John Hopler. Includes Hell on Earth adventure "Biodome 2" by Jay Kyle. Includes Weird West weapons information "The Armory: Guns o' the South" by John Goff. Includes questions and Answer for all lines "According to Hoyle" by John Hopler & John Goff. Includes Hell on Earth Junker information "The Medicine Bag" by John Hopler. Includes Weird West short story "A Little Knoweldge..." by John Goff. Includes Weird West short story "Varmints!: Spirits & Ships" by Brian Leybourne & John Goff. Includes Hell on Earth full color comic "Hellhole" by Clay & Susan Griffith, Richard Pollard, Chris Libey, Chuck Croft, and Zeke Sparkes.

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