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Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple Journal

by Alan De Smet

This is an actual journal from a play session of Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple. A group of 5 of us played. The letter requesting help is from a girl whose world has been eaten by a whale. We played August 3rd, 2011 in the lobby of the Omni Severin hotel in Indianapolis the evening before Gen Con Indy 2011 formally opened.

The pilgrims:

Pushrod Thrustmaster leaps forward to dismantle the robot whale. It loses propulsion and falls toward a nearby planet. Pilgrim Quickly rushes to the doomed planet to warn the inhabitants of the house about to be crushed, causing a panic. The panicking inhabitants suspend their usual consensus based decision making process and flee the impact site. Pushing everyone out of the whale, I(?) frantically fixes the woks enough to bring Melanie's whale-bound planet into a safe orbit around its larger cousin.

Using her scarf Cat wraps Melanie's planet, making a large avant garde dress, astounding the whale by the beauty emanating within. Melanie's cat is trapped under the scarf and panics; when Cat investigates the angry cat chases her away. Pilgrim Helpful rushes in to help and summarily is chased up a tree. Helpful recovers his wits, turns invisible, and flies away from the riled cat.

Pilgrim Pushrod Thrustmaster desperately tries to repair the whale, but accidentally pushes the self destruct button. Pilgrim Quick, erroneously believing the problem solved, flies down to the tiny planet to claim the cookie reward. Pilgrim Flame offers the whale a huge strawberry field to eat, hoping it will make itself sick and vomit up the tiny planet. After removing the planet, which was the cause of the upset tummy, the whale falls madly in love with its healer.

Helpful sheepishly heads back, but no one notices he had run away and so Melanie thanked him. Pushrod quickly flew out of the broken whale. Quickly Leaf calms Melanie's whale shaken nerves by helping her make more cookies to replace the ones he ate. Despite the delicious cookies and fireworks show put on by the girl's grateful extended family, Pilgrim Flame remains morose at the thought of being separated from his beautiful space whale. After being vomited out by the whale, Pilgrim Cat is now inspired to create a new fashion line based on ambergris.

The End