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Dungeon World - Joe's Game


Player Characters

Delwyn the human skald (bard). (Alan) From Frael's homeland.

Dukat the human druid (Matt).

Frael the Triumphant the human barbarian (Ben). His homeland was destroyed.

Herin the elven wizard (Eva). Was born in Faerie, but only Delwyn knows.

Masie Ashworthy the halfling thief. (Viv)

Nobby Nobbs the human cleric of Ventinari, god of knowledge and hidden things (Ruth).

Sabathiel the human paladin of Merxis, god of commerce, honesty, and wine. (Aaron)

Töq the halfling fighter. (Jeff) Wears vicious bladed gloves he wields as weapons. Is an escaped slave from the dwarf mines in the desert.

Non-Player Characters

Ashley Ashworthy - A child gifted by a strange Fae man. Was given a box that with her father's bones creates a portal to Faerie.

King Brycious - King of Terina.

Prince Bryce - Brycious's grandfather's brother's son. At the time, he was heir apparent to the throne. About 100 years ago, he went on a quest to solve the mystery of children disappearing in Lemuria; he disappeared. The party found him in a section of Faerie connected to Lemuria's well. For Bryce, only a week has passed.

Jack - A child gifted by the strange Fae man. Was given a "fairy godmother" plant which created magical beans when fed animals. Terrorized Innsville as a giant before stopped by the party. Now Masie's apprentice.

Ogma - A friendly witch living in the forest near Innsville.

Spritle - A girl from Innsville. Her mother is a seamstress. Spritle asked Herin to be her fairy godmother. Instead, Herin took Spritle on as an apprentice.

Ventinari - God of knowledge and hidden things. Nobby worships.


Faerie - The wondrous and terrifying land of the Fae. Portals to Faerie exist across the world, opening at varying times. During the fall the Fae can most easily travel between the worlds.

Innsville - A town in Terina along a trade route. Notable for having a number of inns.

Lemuria - A village in the Dark Forest. Was plagued with children disappearing. Prince Bryce went on a quest to investigate, but disappeared himself. The village was abandoned many years ago.

Terina - The kingdom, ruled by King Brycious. There is a central walled city surrounded by farming villages. To the west is the Dark Forest. To the east is a sea that connects to the ocean.


The Frog Prince: Wherein the party investigated an abandoned village and found a portal to Faerie in a well. Through the portal the party found a lamia's caverns, and her victims who had been transformed into frogs. The party slew the lamia, freeing her victims of the curse, and lead the victims back to the mortal world. The victims had all been captured hundreds of years earlier, and Bryce, the crown prince at the time. November 22nd, 2013, November 29nd, 2013

Jack and the Beanstalk, The Singing Bone: Wherein the party returned to find Innsville threatened by a giant. Investigation revealed that a local boy, Jack, had been gifted with a "fairy godmother" by a small Fae man. The "godmother" was actually a magical carnivorous plant, a meanstalk. The plant produced magical beans when fed animals. Jack used the beans to grow into a giant, to take over the local lord's manor, and to acquire a Fae-touched goose that laid gold-flecked eggs and a magical harp made of bone and hair. The party slew the meanstalk, and a newly planted one, then relieved Jack of the dangerous items. Masie deemed Jack, now an orphan after the meanstalk ate his mother, an inadequate thief and took him on as an apprentice. A village girl asked Herin to be her fairy godmother; instead Herin took her on as an apprentice. The group headed onward to the capital city. December 6th, 2013

Cinderella: Wherein the party investigated two strange fires that burned a single building but nothing else in the capital city. The party followed a trail from one fire to the sea; whatever had done it left glass footprints in the sand. The party tracked down Ashley Ashworthy, a teenaged girl who was wronged in her father's death and burial and now felt unjustly forced to care for her little step-sisters. A small Fae man had given her a box and told her to rebury her father's bones in the box at the base of the ash tree in their backyard. Doing so caused a wood nymph to arrive. The nymph taught Ashley how to create a pumpkin headed man to care for her step-sisters, and gave her a girdle that allowed Ashley to turn into a being of fire. Ashley used the girdle to take vengeance on those who wronged her. The party confronted her, convinced her to not escalate to murder, and took the girdle. December 13th, 2013, January 3rd, 2013

Childe Rowland: January 10th, 2013

Rapunzel: January 17th, 2013

The Red Ettin: January 24, 2013

Delwyn's Journal

The Frog Prince

November 22nd, 2013

Present: Delwyn (Alan), Dukat (Matt), Frael (Ben), Herin (Eva), Nobby Nobbs (Ruth), Sabathial (Aaron)

Day One

We had been heading through the Dark Forest toward Lemuria. The village had been abandoned many years ago after children started disappearing. It was rumored there might have been valuables left behind.

There was a blood chilling howl, clearly supernatural. A howl like like the one on the Legend of Lenna, in which all of Lenna's companions were slain. Only Lenna survived, having found shelter before the third howl. I warned my companions, we needed to find shelter, any shelter, and soon.

Dukat connected to the very land itself and transformed into a seagull. Changed, Dukat flew through the forest's canopy to seek the village.

Meanwhile Herin drew ancient magics to herself and called a spirit from the village to guide us. The summoned spirit was a sobbing peasant which kept its face hidden at all times. It simply silently pointed, keeping its face covered with its arm, then faded away.

Then the second howl. Our time was short. We ran through the forest as the spirit had directed, following the magical light Herin had summoned. Something attempted to split us with a false light, perhaps a will-o-the-wisp, but we held together, coming to the abandoned village.

The walls of the cottages stood, but the thatched roofs had collapsed, rotted, or blown away; there was no shelter there. Stables were in better shape, but could not be sealed. So we fled to the rickety barn, topped with rooster weathervane that reminded us of call we dreaded. Dukat the seagull swooped in and we closed the doors just as the third howl sounded.

Peering through the slats, outside we saw three enormous hounds, each with unnatural green fur, glowing yellow eyes, demonically pointed ears. One had a braided tail; these were kept monsters, not wild creatures. Despite the barn's flimsy latch, something about the closed space constituted sanctuary, and the hounds waited outside.

I was reminded of the tales of Prince Bryce, who had taken a company to Lemuria to investigate the disappearances. Bryce and his retinue had disappeared, stories suggested some sort of unnatural hounds had taken them. Would our own stories end as Bryce's had?

Herin consulted one of her ancient tomes and determined that we faced elven cu-sith (koo-she), or Fae hounds. Their nature means they cannot go indoors, nor stand the purity of day's light. But once the cu-sith had the scent, they would pursue them evermore.

Dukat added to our worries; as a bird he had scouted the area. No animals, not even insects, were alive in or nearby the village. What could drive away everything from birds to bugs?

Having temporary respite, we waited through the night.

Day Two

The morning's chill cut into our bones. It was spring, but winter held on as long as it could. As dawn had approached, our jailers retreated.

Under probation, we explored the village. Little of value was left in the cottages. However, at the center of village was a covered well in good shape. Peering in, strange magics caused the well reflected a bright sun, a sun not visible through the well's covering.

Herin again summoned beings from beyond this world, calling the spirit of a young child from down the well. The child pleaded for us to come and rescue them.

Testing the water, it was full of pond scum and several waterlilies, inexplicable given the lack of light.

Sabathiel was certain some sort of great evil waited below. He was equally certain that it was his god's charge that he should defeat the evil. He was as bold as his stories claimed.

Dukat took the form of an otter and dove into the well. When he returned, we could scarcely believe what he said: by swimming deep enough, one resurfaced in some upside-down land, teeming with life.

Herin, experienced with the workings of the Fae, identified the well as a portal to Faerie. Fall is when portals are more active, but some were always open. Any portal to Faerie is a place of great danger, with the malevolent Faerie beyond.

I tied a chain I found in the barn to a rope I brought, then tied the pair to the well. Dukat swam back through the portal, taking the rope to simplify travel. Set up, we traveled through.

Beyond was a pond in a small grotto, open to the sky, filled with plants and frogs. The seeming idyllic scene was false; charged with divine purpose, Sabathiel could see through the illusion of a sky. We were trapped in a cave system.

Scattered around the pond were broken spears, tipped with small forks for spearfishing. We likely weren't alone in the caves.

Passages lead in many directions. Fortunately Sabathiel could sense the great evil, and lead us through the maze of passages. As we traveled, a pair of man-frogs armed with spearfishing spears threatened us. My companions were prone to violence, but I could tell that these weird creatures did not seek a fight. I tried to convey to them that we meant them no harm, but the slow nature of such discussions ill suited Frael, who struck the first blow. After a moment, one was dead, and the other fleeing. Frael is a great warrior, but needs to learn when to hold his blade.

Sabathiel continued to track the great evil, eventually leading us into a tropical garden, alive with butterflies, dragonflies, and frogs. Unseen birds provided a backdrop of song. In a gazebo sat a red-hair elf maiden of unworldly beauty holding a small bundle.

Sabathiel was not fooled and strode forward to face this elf maiden, this great evil. The elf maiden stood and threw the bundle, an infant, at Sabathiel! The infant struck Sabathiel, knocking him to the ground. The blow shatters the illusion on the infant; it was a giant frog!

The maiden's clothes fell away, revealing that her lower half was that of a great serpent! No innocent maiden, she was a lamia! The monster ordered a swarm of frogs to attack me; their skin was coated with some vile poison that drove me to madness.

Moments later, my mind returned, only to find that the monster was kissing me, striking me with a curse me that transformed me into a frog. The monster ordered me to attack my companions, using some sort of magical control over frogs, but my will was stronger. Instead I leaped into her, knocking her over.

The monster was reinforced by four more of the frog men. Dukat, Nobby, and Frael easily held them off while Sabathiel and Herin went after the monster, striking it several times with blade and magic.

The monster knew it could not stand against them and fled, with Sabathiel and Herin in pursuit. They followed it through long, dark, and winding passages, coming to large cave full of bones. The monster had used its lead to recover, but Sabathiel and Herin set upon it.

"Hack and Slash!"

"You know they could be transformed children, right?"


Ben and Eva

Back in the tropical cave, Frael beheaded one of the frogman with a vicious blow, ignoring the possibility that it was a transformed stolen child. Another was battered into unconsciousness. Dukat, as an otter, broke one of the last two's legs as an otter might crack a shellfish. The last two cowered in the corner, wordlessly pleading for mercy.

Sabathiel and Herin engaged in an epic battle with the monster, Sabathiel relying on his raw strength to cut grievous wounds into its hide. Herin summoned magical bolts which stuck the monster unerringly. Eventually it succumbed to their combined assault and fell, lifeless.

The death of the monster broke all of its curses. I was again a man. The surviving frog-men turned into adult men: Prince Bryce and his retinue, unaged over the last century. They believed they had been cursed for merely a week. As the old stories say, time moves differently in the Fae lands.

Sabathiel and Herin return with the spoils from the monster's lair: a decorated box full of jewelry and a small golden sphere. Herin determined that it was magical, but the nature of the magic was unclear. They also carried Prince Bryce's coronet, which they restored to him.

With Prince Bryce, we headed back to the portal. The illusion of the sky had also vanished. The frogs in the pond had become young children, gleefully splashing about, unaware that they had been missing for generations. We collected them and swam back through the portal.

There was one problem. When we returned, it was night. As we swam through, the portal closed. There was no way but up, where the cu-sith almost certainly waited.

November 29nd, 2013

Present: Delwyn (Alan), Herin (Eva), Sabathial (Aaron), Töq (Jeff), Masie (Viv)

"So you're Tiny Vin Diesel."

"No. That would be weird."

Joe and Jeff

Not everyone had come through. Frael, Dukat, and Nobby were missing. But trapped in the well with the hounds certainly approaching, we had to move.

We scrambled back up the rope to the howl of a cu-sith. At the top, we discovered two halflings running into the village, fleeing a great white hound. I drew my bow and stared it down. We all ran toward the safety of the barn; the halflings made it in, but the rest of us didn't as two green cu-sith intercepted us. One of the halflings, male and wearing armor, laid into one of the cu-sith with his bladed gauntlets, slaying it. The other halfling, female, popped out from the barn and threw a dagger at the remaining cu-sith, but it immediately pounced on her.

Bryce called for a weapon. I lowered my bow to hand him my shortsword; the white cu-sith used the opportunity to step back into the darkness of the forest.

Herin summoned a magical bolt flickering purple fire wrapped in green, striking the remaining green cu-sith. The green flame caught on the cu-sith's fur and it rolled off the halfling. The halfling took the opportunity to run the cu-sith through with a rapier.

Meanwhile the white hound had sneaked up on Herin and issued an soul shaking howl. Fortunately Herin had the mental fortitude to stand firm. Sabathiel ran to defend Herin, but a third green cu-sith rushed to block him. The armored halfling attacked the white cu-sith, but it stepped behind Herin and disappeared. Clearly the white cu-sith was toying with us. "Ignore the white one!" I warned the others. The last green one bit deep into Sabathiel's leg and the two began falling into an unnatural shadow. I dove into it in an attempt to free Sabathiel, but the cu-sith was too large to dislodge. The armored halfling tried to attack, but suddenly Sabathiel and the cu-sith were at the edge of the forest. The halfling with daggers threw one into the cu-sith, slaying it.

Seemingly quiet, Sabathiel and the armored halfling went into the forest to recover the other halfing's dagger. The white cu-sith reappeared and howled, leaving Sabathiel and the halfling shaken. The cu-sith made a sound like laugh. Battered, we retreated into the barn.

We introduced themselves. The halflings were the warrior Töq and the more nimble Masie Ashworthy. They were traveling to the ocean. Several of my companions had never met a halfling before, and briefly took them to be human children.

Prince Bryce had been considering his own situation. He wisely concluded that publicly reappearing might create political uncertainty. At his request, I crafted a new story for him: Hob, a merchant who had lost his caravan.

Day Three

Rested, we began our trip back to civilization. The forest was a twisty and confusing as our trip inward, almost as though some magic sought to thwart us. Herin had us pause and summoned a spirit of the forest, a glowing orb of light, perhaps the same one that had try to misdirect us two days earlier. Herin commanded the spirit to lead us to the nearby town of Innsville. The spirit led us through the forest.

As we walked, Töq expressed concerns about the ethics of binding spirits. He may be a fearsome warrior, but he is inherently compassionate. Herin noted that Fae creatures frequently have multiple forms, and perhaps the white cu-sith has a human form.

As we considered on the ramifications of this, we smelled something baked. The spirit wanted to lead us away, but it seemed worth investigating. The smell led us a small clearing. In the middle was a small cottage, surrounded by a low wall, with a chicken hut adjacent. The cottage stood on wooden stilts, a foot or so above the ground. A pie cooled in the window.

I called out to the cottage, and an old woman came forth. She introduced herself as Ogma, the local witch. She had been expecting us, but we were early. We were unsure of what to make of this, but accepted her invitation to come inside. The wall's gate opened on its own, giving a hint of Ogma's power.

I told Ogma our story, glossing over our discovery of the prince. She was excited to hear that we had defeated a lamia, and offered to buy any parts of it that we had. Herin had kept a tooth, and traded it for several scrolls of mystical knowledge.

Ogma knew of the cu-sith. They would drag people into Faerie for other creatures, often elves. The white cu-sith can summon other cu-sith directly from Faerie.

Ogma occasionally serves people who seek her our from Innsmouth. Otherwise, she said, she bakes, divines the future, and talks to animals. By way of example, she called over "Mab", a raven. She asked Mab to lead us to Innsville. Ogma gave us some food for the trip and invited us to visit her again.

We followed Mab out into the forest. The glowing orb was waiting, somehow seeming sheepish. The two lead us to a path. The smell of manure told us that we were close. I thanked Mab, who said "Goodbye" and took wing back into the forest. The disappeared back into the forest as well.

As we entered Innsville, it seemed noticeably more chill than when we had left. It was spring, but clearly winter was not ready to yield. The villagers were clearly worried and on edge. Innsville was a small town, the largest businesses two inns and a blacksmith. Herin quickly arranged for clothing for Bryce and his men.

Innsville has a church to the gods, where we went with the children we rescued from the lamia. We met the Vicar Welsey and his wife Elise. The Vicar agreed to take in the children and to find farming families that would be happy to take them in.

We settled in at one of the inns. As part of the understanding a skald has, I provide the inn with some entertainment, featuring the tale of the brave village that organized and stopped a band of goblins. Herin supported with small magical effects that dazzled the villagers. The combination earned us a few spare coin.

Jack and the Beanstalk

(Also, the Singing Bone.)

Day Four

In the very early hours of the morning, we were awoken by pots being banged together outside. A panicked mob was forming, armed with farm implements. We headed out to investigate. It was extremely cold, the ground covered in frost. The villagers were organizing because a giant was in the fields, eating the cows! The giant had been around for several weeks.

Sabathiel was concerned that against a giant the villagers would just get themselves killed, so he convinced them to wait and let us handle it.

We headed to the fields, and a giant was there. It was dressed well, for a peasant, and carrying a giant sack. Nearby was a giant pair of boots. It drank some milk directly from a cow. Masie ordered the giant to put down the cows and leave. The giant began putting on the boots, clearly with some sort of ill intent. We moved quickly to try and thwart it. Masie and Töq charged. I shot an arrow into the giant's hand to try and get it to drop the boot. Herin launched another one of her mystical flaming bolts at the other hand, causing the giant to drop the sack. Töq lept onto the giant and grabbed on. The giant finished putting his boots on. It took a single step and was gone, taking Töq with it!

I had heard tales of such things. Not the traditional stories, but fairy tales. They were 7 league boots, magicked so that each step the wearer took transported them 7 leagues. Their magic allowed them to resize to fit anyone, including, apparently, giants.

Sabathiel sought guidance from his god. Light appeared in the direction the giant had gone. Sabathiel arranged to borrow some horses, and we set off.

December 6th, 2013

Present: Delwyn (Alan), Dukat (Matt), Herin (Eva), Masie (Viv) Nobby Nobbs (Ruth), Töq (Jeff),

As we set off, we noticed that the giant's enormous sack has disappeared. While we investigated, Sabathiel road ahead to try and track the giant. The sack had shrunk to the size of a mundane apple sack. Herin's keen magical senses determined that whatever had happened, the sack was not inherently magical.

The giant's massive steps proved difficult to track. To aid us, Herin summoned forth the essence of the very clouds themselves, her ears briefly becoming more pointed, her hair flowing in a ethereal wind, and her form illuminated by shifting lights of unknown origin. A wispy humanoid form coalesced. Herin bade the essence of cloud to direct us to the giant. The wisps of cloud stretched into a path leading away.

"I knew you were a fairy!"

"I beg your pardon."

"Will you be my fairy godmother?."

Spritle and Herin

As we saddled up to head into the wood, a girl from the village approached. The girl, Spritle, had seen Herin's spell and realized that Herin was Fae. Spritle petitioned Herin to be Spritle's fairy godmother. It seemed her friend Jack had a fairy godmother. Herin declined, but brought the girl along as we investigated.

The wisps lead us not in the direction the giant had gone, but back toward and through the village, ultimately stopping at a cottage on the edge of town. Spritle identifies it as the home of Jack.

"I should draw something."

"With two point perspective?"

It's pre-renaissance, perspective hasn't been invented yet."

Joe and Alan

The cottage had a large, overgrown garden in front. As Masie investigated it, vines lashed out and grabbed her. Masie cut herself free and escaped, but not before a vine grabbed her rapier. We fought back with swords and magic, but the mass of vines was too strong. Herin was grabbed! Fortunately Dukat, Nobby, and Töq arrived. Töq leaped onto the vine and cut Herin free. Hearing something further in, Töq charged deeper, but was grabbed himself.

I lit a torch and advanced on the plants, which retreated. Unfortunately it was only a lure, and as I entered the garden proper, the vines grabbed at the torch. Fortunately Herin's bolts of purple fire drove the vines back before I lost my grip.

Töq, emboldened with Ventinari's blessing channeled through Nobby, broke free and fought his way to the center of the garden. In the middle lay a massive pod with a mouth full of teeth. It was surrounded by five spiky tentacles. It sang in some sort of Fae language.

"As a gull you have an unerring sense of direction."

"And the ability to be a dick."

Joe and Eva

Herin blasted the pod with bolts of purple flame. Dukat's form shifted into that of a sea gull. He flew to the center and began tearing into the pod with his beak. Sensing that that would not be enough, Töq leaped into the freakish plan. All was quiet for a moment, it seems Töq was doomed, when suddenly the side of the pod tore open. Töq tore a hole in the side with his bladed gauntlets, freeing himself and slaying the plant.

As we recovered, Herin told us of the plant. As she spoke, she cut the pod at the base with a blade of cold iron. It was a "mean stalk." Mean stalks produced magical beans of five different colors, each color with a unique magical effect. Herin pulled out a book and showed us an illustration of the plant and its beans: red, green, white, and black. The meanstalk would create beans of different colors when fed bones of different creatures.

"No hairy feet."

"He might shave and wax his entire body."

Joe and Jeff

"Trust me on this, I'm a cleric!"

Nobby, after putting the bloody head of a cu-sith onto Töq's head

Dukat and Nobby told us what had happened since we had last seen them. They had climbed out of the well, but we were nowhere to be found. They found our note telling them that we were heading back to Innsville and made there way there. As they made their way back, they were set upon by more cu-sith. After defeating the last one, out of nowhere a small man, perhaps eight inches tall, appeared and landed on Nobby's face, the disappeared. As they regrouped, they noticed that Töq had appeared. Töq had ridden the giant, but then the giant had disappeared! Töq fell and found himself back in the forest near Dukat and Nobby. The three had made their way back to town in time to rescue us.

We explored the cottage, which proved to be unoccupied. For a small peasant's cottage, it was well furnished, with a wardrobe, a nice bed covered in a down comforter, and boards on the floor. There was an ample supplied of dried meat, cheeses, and bread. The bread and cheese was still fresh; the owner had not been gone long.

In the corner of the cottage there was a large cage; perhaps sized for a single bird? The cage was lined with bird filth and large, iridescent feathers. Herin told us that animals from our world which were taken to Faerie would sometimes change over the generations, and that these iridescent feathers may be from a Fae-touched bird.

Examining the floorboards we found that they covered a hole in part of the cottages floor. Lifting the boards revealed a cache. Atop the cache was a cloth bundle with opened to reveal a stunning harp. The harp was formed from a shoulder blade, the strings were golden. Herin warned that the harp bore a powerful enchantment.

Knowing something of musical instruments, I commanded the harp to sing, and sing it did. It sang a sad song of a poor girl whose sister's fiancé loved her. The wife, in jealously, drowned the girl. The husband to be, a bard, unaware of the murder, made the hard of the girl's bone and hair. At their wedding the harp sang on its own, unbidden, telling the story of the girl's murder. I tried asking the harp for more details, but it answered none of my questions.

Clearly the owner of the cottage had answers, so we lay in wait. Eventually the door opened, revealing someone behind a tall stack of apple baskets. Herin shut the door behind them and Töq grabbed them. It was a boy, perhaps 14 years of age, wearing red boots. The boy wrestled an arm free to tried to eat something from a pouch. Masie grabbed the boy as well, but he slipped out of her grasp as he shrunk to just eight inches tall. Unfortunately for the boy, Töq held on and lifted him up. Töq grabbed the boy's boots and tossed them aside; they returned to normal size before they landed.

After some struggling, we relieved the boy of his pouch; it contained some red and green beans as well as a solitary black bean. He eventually returned to normal size and we interrogated him.

The boy was Jack. He had been crying over the family's cow, which had died, when a little man with large, pointy ears arrived. The little man gave him a potted plant that sings to be his fairy godmother. Jack transplanted the plant into his family's garden when it grew large. Around this time his sole surviving parent, his mother disappeared. He refused to admit it, but I could tell that he knew in his heart that the plant had eaten his mother.

"So you murdered your mom with a singing plant?"

"That's the weirdest game of Clue ever."

Masie and Alan

Jack had been feeding the plant animals. When he fed it birds, it produced a red bean. When he fed it cows or pigs, it produced a green bean. The black bean had appeared when his mother disappeared.

Jack had only returned to gather his things. He had moved, by force, into the local lord's manor. As a giant with the 7 league boots, he picked up the lord, walked for a while, then set him down. Jack had planted one of the seeds in the gardens of lord's manor.

Realizing the danger, we headed straight to the manor. We told the servants that the giant will not return, that the lord would probably not, and that they should send word to whomever their lord owed fealty to.

Jack led us to the flower garden. Another meanstalk, this one the size of a halfling, waited. Nobby and Töq cut it down. I threw it into a fireplace to burn.

Jack had acquired a magical goose. We headed down to the lord's pond to find it. It's iridescent feathers made it stand out among the others. Its wings have been clipped. Dukat spoke the language of the birds to the goose and determined that it would be willing to accompany us. Nobby calls upon Ventinari to heal the Fae-touched goose; Ventinari's power was so potent that all of the geese were healed, with all but the Fae-touched one flying away.

"It's funny. I made this character, and now I feel like I'm in trouble."


Masie decided that Jack was a thief, and was offended that he wasn't a very good thief. She forcibly took Jack on as an apprentice.

Herin sought out Spritle and tested her intelligence. Spritle proved able to learn, so Herin offered to take her on as an apprentice. Spritle as eager to accept. Herin notified Spritle's mother that Spritle would be picked up in the morning.

We headed back to the inn to rest. We told Prince Bryce of our adventures. Nobby used the time to start teaching Jack how to read using pamphlets about Ventinari.


December 13th, 2013

Present: Delwyn (Alan), Frael (Ben), Herin (Eva), Masie (Viv), Nobby Nobbs (Ruth), Töq (Jeff),

Super short summary: we get to the capital city. There are strange fires and glass footprints in the sand by the beach. We track it to a teenaged girl angry about how her stepmother abuses her: making her cook, and clean, and care for her stepsisters (ages 3 and 4). Her father is dead under the care of a surgeon. His body was moved without permission by gravedigger. So she burned down the surgeon's house and the gravedigger's. A little man gave her a box, said to put her fathers bones in it and bury them under the ash tree in her backyard. A "godmother" (dryad) came and taught her to create a pumpkin headed man to care for her sisters and how to turn into fire.

"I dunno. Some sort of lake effect?"

Guard, explaining the odd weather

"No. No."

"It's too late."

"I hate you guys."

Viv and Ruth, on the inn named by her fellow players, "The Wretched Pony"

"You're gonna get kidnapped in a panel van."

"And they're gonna get shanked! It'll be great!"

Eva and Viv, on Masie and Töq being repeatedly misidentified as children.

"We're looking for something to drink, not an experience."


"It's on the way to the church, even if it's not."


"X.P. Shit."


"What the squeak?"

Ruth, after Nobby was turned into a mouse

"You guys are having a tense situation in a 15-year-old's bedroom."


January 3rd, 2013

Super short summary: Fake a divine response to get stuff fixed. Surprise; the god actually appears! Bones are moved back. In the same box. Because we aren't very clever ponies. We (and some priests, and the gravedigger, and the church) get sucked into Faerie. Doh!

"This is like a brick through the window. You don't expect the brick to come back."


"Wait, are you a box nymph? Because that would be creepy."

"Wouldn't be if she was a box elder nymph."

Jeff and Alan

"Being a girl must be super creepy."


"♪ Ventinari is so awesome! Don't tell anyone! ♪"

Joe, on the difficultly of proselytizing for a secretive cult

Childe Rowland

January 10th, 2013

Present: Delwyn (Alan), Herin (Eva), Masie (Viv), Sabathial (Aaron), Töq (Jeff),

Super short summary: We wander around Faerie for a while. Rescue an elf from a persuer who proves to be an ensorcelled Sabathiel. Learn of potential nearby destinations: a citadel controlled by the person who ensorcelled Sabathiel, or the Red Ettin's domain.

"There's a sudden gust of gravity, so my mass is, like, quadrupled."


"Punchy the Hobbit"

Proposed nickname for Töq

"It's okay as long as Fae is moving close to the speed of light."


"Reddit's going to eat us?"

Aaron, hearing that the Red Ettin might eat us.

"About 50% of all movies are based on Stephen King stories. The rest are Shakespeare. Ironically the Taming of the Shrew is based on Stephen King."


"Are they human-gnome hybrids?"

"They're halflings"

"Half what?"


Reynard, Herin, Reynard, and Töq & Masie

"I think there are more experience points that way."



January 17th, 2013

Present: Delwyn (Alan), Dukat (Matt), Frael (Ben), Herin (Eva), Sabathial (Aaron), Töq (Jeff),

Super short summary: We save an elf from a living tower with hair tentacles. We dither about where to go.

"Second degree burns count as clothing, right?"



Janury 24, 2014