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Email - 2003-11-13

From Michael:

I'm going to move the game-world up by about two weeks, taking care of payment for the last run. From my perspective I really enjoy roleplaying you folks with a Johnson, but it's something that can be taken care of quickly so we can move on.

Game end on Sunday was ~1pm on Tuesday morning, the 19th of July 2061.

Tuesday evening Ref gets in contact with Gabel to arrange a meet with the Johnson. A meet is set up for Friday evening, once again at the Big Rhino. The team lays low at Bert's flat, everyone except Lady Jane enjoying the trid. She appears to be systematically working through some of Descartes thicker works. Friday evening rolls around and the team heads to the Rhino. Ref and Jane once again man the van while the rest of the team meets with the Johnson. She arrives, looking as spiffy as ever. Aside from confusion about the explosion on the 13th floor, she is very impressed. She makes a call on her phone and speaks quietly into it, and then asks that you tell your compatriots in the van to open the side door. They do, and find a large orc standing there. Ref hands out the case and slides the door shut before the orc can say a word. After a few more minutes of discussion on the phone, she appears to be satisfied. She gives you the remainder of the fee owed to you, with a bonus of 2k nuyen for keeping the case intact. She then takes your leave, complimenting you as she does so.

The team disperses on Saturday morning to your homes. Gabel sends a message to each of you stating his pleasure with the work you've done, and arranges a meeting for 5pm at the Buffalo Jump for the following weekend. The meet will take place on Sunday the 31st of July.

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